Long Hot Tantric Love Making EbookIs Good Sex Natural?

Some say that good sex is natural. We agree. As long as you're a rabbit. Of course, the human body, like those of other animals, is programmed to procreate. Maybe this explains why the average time for most human sexual intercourse is five to ten minutes. If you want more pleasure and better orgasms than wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am sex provides, you might consider taking Tantric Love Making for a test run.

Our comprehensive sex guide is specifically designed for lovers who want more. More sex. More satisfying sex. Sex more often. And of course more orgasms.

Are you a lover who wants more in your sex life? Then Long Hot Tantric Love Making is for you. It's for you if you want to feel more sexually satisfied and make sexual intercourse more orgasmic. It's for you if you want to give your honey multiple climaxes every time you make love. It's for you if you want all kinds of orgasms to come to you more easily, more strongly, and last longer. It's for you if you want all kinds of sex to be more orgasmic and more ecstatic. It's for you if you're male or female, straight or gay, young or old.

If you're a beginner at sex, it can help you get started. If you’re single, it can help you become a better lover. If you’re a couple, it can help your lovemaking become less routine, more exciting, and fresh every time. For all of you, it can help you unleash your full sexual power. We firmly believe that this book will help...

• Women and men who want to bridge the orgasm gap so they both easily reach peak pleasure anytime they choose.

• Long-term couples who've lost the interest or zest in their sex life.

• New partners who find they aren't clicking so well in the bedroom.

• Anyone who wants sex to be more loving as well as heart and soul connected.

• Younger lovers who want to understand how to give and receive pleasure better.

• Newlyweds who want their passion to last and grow.

• Older lovers with waning libidos who can't depend on biology to make them rip each other's clothes off any more.

• Feminists who want to exercise equal power with their love partners.

• Singles who are interested in learning a wide range of techniques to be better at sex.

• Gays and lesbians who want to experience the full range of sexual satisfaction.

• Anyone in any relationship who wants more between the sheets.

We realize that a few parts of this book won't be that useful to those of you in same-sex relationships. For example, the anatomy of the other gender’s genitals. But we urge you to give Long Hot Tantric Love Making the benefit of the doubt. The inner preparation, the details about your own sex’s anatomy, and the wide range of foreplay, sexual positions and techniques, oral and anal sex, and kinky play that it provides can be valuable to anyone.

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