Long Hot Tantric Love Making EbookAn Example Of Orgasmic Sex

To give you an example of how orgasmic Tantric LoveMaking can be,
here's a story we wrote after a particularly moving encounter.

Though we silently bowed and touched foreheads, we obviously were so hot for each other that we just wanted to rip each other's clothes off and go for it.

As we undressed each other ritually and whispered sweet endearments, the heat sparking between our bodies rose to a fever pitch. The first slow subtle caresses were like the discharges of a powerful electrical storm. Our nerves reacted as if hit by lightning.

While our hands explored everywhere, we were drawn by an irresistible magnetism to our hard and wet spots. Our ping-ponging moans shook the rafters. Every time we expected to explode from the torrent of pent-up sexual energy, we consciously slowed and relaxed. With a moment of silence and a few deep breaths, we surrendered to the spasms reverberating inside.

Penetration, when we couldn't resist any longer, was like being transported to a different reality. The intense sensations were more like an inner hurricane than a warm summer's breeze. To savor every last drop of pleasure, we moved at a snail's pace at first. Then one would speed up, then the other would thrust deeper, then the first would relax into the incandescent heat. Fast, slow, deep, shallow, pausing, side-to-side, up and down our motions smoothly shifted in a kaleidoscopic rhythm of colors and hues.

Finally we understood how scientists harness nuclear power, letting the radiation in the reactor build very gradually to create a steady flow of electricity instead of the detonation of an atomic bomb.

Ever so slowly, the delightful in-and-out strokes created wave after wave of tingling excitement, rush after rush of pulsing heat, and spasm after spasm of cosmic feelings. After each peak of pleasure, we relaxed so that the energy could wash through us and between us.

We were in no hurry, with no place to go, simply absorbing every last calorie of delicious sensation we could glean from each subtle motion.

As our bodies merged with less and less separation, pulsing one inside the other, the plateaus rose higher and higher. We seemed to contain so much sexual energy that just a few minutes earlier would have blown our heads off with an explosive orgasm. But no matter how our animal selves craved release, our higher selves didn't want to end the ascent.
On and on we rode each other, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. Positions morphed, electricity sparked between us, and one's tremblings became the other's quaking. Time seemed to stop as the distance between us melted away. What she felt, he felt. What he felt, she felt. We vibrated as one, joined in divine union.

We felt that we soared together endlessly. And wanted to go on forever. But eventually our bodies needed fresh air, water, and sustenance. Looking into each other's eyes, we knew it was time.

Without so much as a change in our rocking rhythm, the vibration in our groins simultaneously began to grow. It was if an electromagnetic fist embraced our jewels and pulsed deep into our flesh. Sparks arced up, down, and around as our bodies filled with liquid fire, surging with ecstasy.

We felt each other teeter on the precipice at the same instant. Surrendering to the irresistible force, the vast dark empty void reached up to embrace us. All we could do was relax and go with the flow. Floating for an instant that seemed to stretch out for ages, we gave ourselves body and soul to the infinite power of the universe. Bolts of lightning were shooting through and between our bodies. We were falling falling and soaring soaring at the same time.

Convinced that we couldn't ascend any higher, the first orgasmic spasm hit us both at the same instant. Spurting like a tidal wave, clenching like an earthquake, we began to come together. We screamed, laughed, cried, and howled, outdoing each other louder and louder. We soon lost track of how many times we each squirted and showered each other with our divine ambrosias. Each successive convulsion seemed stronger than the last and threw our bodies to and fro across the soaked sheets. We reveled in the sounds, smells, and sensations of our wet work of art.

At last the divine fist stopped shaking us and we collapsed in each other's arms moaning "Oh My Goddess!" over and over.

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