Long Hot Tantric Love Making EbookWhat’s Included In Long Hot Tantric Love Making

We call Long Hot Tantric Love Making a how-to-guide because it’s designed to help you experiment and learn this unique style of orgasmic sex. It concentrates on how you can...

• Have many more kinds of orgasms than you've ever enjoyed.
• Prepare yourself to routinely enjoy more pleasure and more passion.
• Stroke and thrust during jewel union when his vajra is inside her yoni.
• Be a playful, confident, spontaneous, satisfying, magnetic lover.
• Invite higher consciousness into your sexual play.
• Bring your Love Making with your partner more in sync.
• Release and exchange your untapped orgasmic power.
• Make sex last and last and feel better and better.

Here are some highlights about what's included...
• How orgasms work and how you can lengthen and strengthen them.
• Graphic details about men's and women's sexual anatomy.
• What brings the most pleasure to your own and your lover's jewels.
• Actions you can use to take responsibility for your own pleasure.
• Communication tools to help you each get what you want.
• The whole range of sexual positions and how to shift between them.
• Healing methods you can use with each other if your pleasure is blocked.
• Methods of expanding your repertoire of loveplay and orgasms.
• Exercises you can use to build your skills and expand your pleasure.

By reading this book, no doubt you'll find all sorts of new ideas and valuable techniques that you didn't expect. It's organized into five parts which are...

Part 1: Preparing For Orgasmic Sex
Part 1 helps you prepare for orgasmic sex by getting out of your head and into your body. You'll learn how sex positive you really are and how to adjust your attitude if you decide it will help you climax better. We describe the partnering process so you can take responsibility for your own pleasure and then connect your hearts and energy centers.

Part 2: First Touch Outside And In
We start here with loveplay, our name for foreplay, the first touches that arouse the whole body. With illustrations of both male and female sexual anatomy, you'll learn more about the eighteen female and nine male erogenous zones that trigger orgasm. Part 2 details 68 ways to bring a woman pleasure with your hands and 33 for men. What follows are 29 oral sex techniques for women and 28 for men. Already that's over 150 ways to climax. But the centerpiece of this section is a thorough discussion of the best way for a man's vajra (penis) to enter a woman's yoni (vagina). You'll learn about the five cruxes of ecstasy, simple actions which boost your passion. These include strengthening your sexual muscles and filling your bio-energy field so you can tap in to your dormant sexual power. Specific communication tools help you maintain a body, mind, emotion, and soul connection.

Part 3: Jewel Union
The journey into the depths of jewel union (sexual intercourse) begins with studying the five sexual stroking variables and 40 stroking schemes, plus finding and milking sweet spots and sweet rhythms. You'll see the seven primary sexual positions and their 36 sexual postures. In Part 3 we introduce sexual power roles, one of the keys to partnering and equality in lovemaking. This shows how both lovers can lead and follow, dominate and submit, and take charge and surrender. A whole section is devoted to the woman on top during jewel union. Here's where we suggest many ways to dance on the edge of your comfort zone through fantasy role-playing and other kinky practices. This part concludes with an extensive section that presents detailed guidelines and through instructions for making anal sex orgasmic.

Part 4: Longer Hotter Orgasmic Sex
The mechanics of the earlier parts come together here as we explain the whole process of orgasming. In Part 4 you'll learn how to trigger the three types of women's physical orgasms and the three types of men's physical orgasms. We'll show you how to extend your orgasmic sensations to your whole body, how to make your climaxes last minutes or more, and how to come together. The advanced methods here include adding other turn-ons while making love, connecting passion circuits, and navigating peaking cycles. This is where we describe multiple ways to use hands, mouths, and sex toys to forge hot links, energy connections between erogenous zones. Here you'll discover how to stream and share your sexual energy with your partner.

Part 5: Winding Down And Wrapping Up
The closing phase presents the ideal way to wind down and wrap up your lovemaking. After several powerful orgasms, you'll want to shift the passion coursing through your bodies to love and mutual closeness. Not to mention how to enjoy a series of delicious aftershocks. This part also includes little known sexual initiations and secret rites for those who want to take orgasmic sex even further. The book concludes with the appendix and glossary of special terms.

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