Long Hot Tantric Love Making EbookHow To Trigger All 28 Erogenous Zones

Did you know there are over two dozen pleasure spots that can easily activate a sexual climax? You’re probably intimately familiar with quite a few, but few people know about all of them. You don't need a book to tell you that men and women are physically different. Some types of orgasm that you'll read about in our new erotic manual target erogenous zones inside a woman's body. And three in the male body. We share dozens of ways to titillate these and many other pleasure spots for both with hands, mouths, and sex toys. Some ways to orgasm blend two or more of these triggers. Others fill your whole body with bio-electric energy that make you want to float away. And some are so advanced that only obscure mystics know their secrets. Until now.

If you want to fully understand how orgasms work in your body and mind, and between you and your partner, this book is for you. It contains literally hundreds of tips, tools, and techniques that you can try out tonight. If you want to know how to reach peaks and pinnacles of pleasure so you can find new and better ways to come, this book is for you. By the time you’re done reading it, you’ll know how to choose the type, timing, and number of orgasms that you give and receive. Yes, you can enjoy multiples if you don’t already.

Every part of Long Hot Tantric Love Making guides you to be conscious of what's going inside while you're getting turned-on and having sex. It will give you simple tools to talk about sex so you can fix problems and try more exciting moves. It answers questions like how can relate more intimately when you’re not having sex? How can you identify what you want in each intimate moment, connect at a heart level, and share it with your partner? How can you expand your passion, fill your whole body with sexual energy, and link it with your partner? How can you tune in more deeply so you get clear on what your partner desires in each moment? Tantric Love Making engages your minds, emotions, and spirits as well as your bodies.

Long Hot Tantric Love Making is the ultimate guide to the mechanics, dynamics, and energetics of sexual intercourse. In other words, it presents exactly what to do when your genitals are coupled. And what happens to your minds and nervous systems when you make love. And how to intensify and exchange sexual energy when you do.

Wouldn't you like to understand why some orgasms are cosmic while others are little more than a sneeze? Don't you want to know how to make them last longer and feel stronger? Wouldn't it be great to make the intense sensations spread throughout your whole body? Aren't you craving to learn how you can both explode together whenever you choose?
When we say our erotic manual is comprehensive we're not kidding. It shows you how to do sensual massage of the whole body and erotic massage of the genitals. It includes detailed instructions about giving oral sex to both women and men. A whole chapter is devoted to making anal sex easy, fun, and orgasmic. Throughout you'll find useful suggestions about using many kinds of sex toys. And we'll explain how to explore fantasies, role-playing, and the whole spectrum of kinky options that might just turn out to be your favorite thing.

Why settle for ordinary sex when it's so easy to tap into your full orgasmic potential? We firmly believe that long and passionate sex populated with lots of Big Os is the natural birthright of everyone. But lovers today need more realistic role models than they see in internet porn. That’s why, in addition to actual stories from many others, we openly share our actual path to mastering our own orgasms. Instead of being a dry academic text, Long Hot Tantric Love Making is written in part as an uninhibited yet tasteful memoir of our active and evolving 20-year sex life. It contains many stories of what we've tried, what's worked for us, and what hasn't. By including our own struggles and workable solutions, the material is more real and easier to digest.

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