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Everyone has different personal preferences about how to make love. And though much of the sexual wisdom in this book applies to all lovers at least in part, each person has their own unique pathways to each of the 12 types of orgasm. The book is designed as a lifelong manual for sexual improvement and experimentation. Our intention is not to be prescriptive and define the right way or the perfect method of having sex. Though we give step-by-step instructions for many techniques, our overall aim is to expose lovers to new approaches they can try in their own bedrooms. Our emphasis is on showing people different ways of doing things and new things they haven’t tried yet.

That’s why the following chapter outline includes both modern research results and useful techniques from past cultures. Instead of offering pat agendas, we put forward 17 principles of Tantric Love Making that lovers can use as guidelines to create their own unique style. As well, our approach is conversational with many examples from our own and other’s sex lives. Since we want to relate to real lovers, we’ve tried to strike a balance between medical/scientific language and vulgar street talk. As part of this effort, we’ve chosen to use a few new terms. Here are some examples which will make the details that follow more clear. We’ve borrowed the expression “family jewels” so we can apply the term “jewels” to both genders’ genitals. That allows us to refer to sexual intercourse as “jewel union.” We’ve replaced the word penis with the Indian term “vajra.” And we use the Indian name “yoni” in place of vulva and vagina. As we do in the book, we’ll remind you a few times until these new terms become more familiar.

Part 1: Preparing For Tantric Love Making

Part 1 gives the big picture of where this book is going. In these four short chapters, we not only contrast Tantric Love Making with ordinary sex, but present the principles and skills to enjoy it happen every time. That includes an introduction to the sex-positive attitude, the partnering process, communication skills, harnessing sexual energy, and connecting hearts.

Chapter 1: Welcome To Tantric Love Making
The Welcome Chapter defines the primary purpose of the book, transforming ordinary sex into Tantric Love Making. To support that we carefully offer a much broader definition of orgasm than commonly understood. Plus Chapter 1 begins a continuing theme of the book: the process of orgasm. That includes what goes on in the body before, during, and after climax and why it feels so good. Most importantly, here we sketch out the four categories of orgasm, the 12 types, and the five phases of lovemaking to get there. Chapter 1 also introduces the reader to a pivotal component of the book, stimulating the primary 28 sexual erogenous zones and how to transform them into orgasmic triggers. Here we share the first of many actual stories of our lovemaking that gives a real example of how all this plays out in practice. Mastering the fourth category of orgasm is based on a new set of skills to many readers that we initiate here, namely sexual energy. This is the electromagnetic life force in the human body responsible for attraction, desire, turn-on, and orgasm. As well, Chapter 1 presents the first of 17 principles of Tantric Love Making, the Moving Target Principle, which guides lovers to expect everything sexual to change at any given moment. Finally, we begin describing the Kaleidoscopic Rhythm, the ever-changing style of foreplay and sexual stroking that’s fundamental to Tantric Love Making.

Chapter 2: Preparing To Make Love Orgasmically
Chapter 2 unveils another critical anchor of Tantric Love Making, the sex-positive attitude. This is the mindset of lovers who accept, celebrate, and actively pursue a better sex life. Here we show the reader how to relax, approach sex in part as a meditation, and be in the body instead of the head. These are the first tools we offer to help lovers release body armoring, negative memories in the tissues that block the flow of pleasure. As well, we present the Goalless Principle which recommends being in the moment by dropping goals and expectations especially about orgasm. An exercise that teaches that principle is based on the Last Stroke Technique, savoring every thrust and sensation as if it were the last.
This chapter presents exercises about taking responsibility for one’s own pleasure in various ways. That includes how important self-pleasuring is to improving orgasms and how lovers can guide their partners to give them exactly what they need and want. We also introduce the first of several communication skills in Chapter 2, Sweet Everythings. Those are like sweet nothings but much more valuable. We conclude with an initial discussion about extending sexual stamina.

Chapter 3: Playing Together As Partners
A basic concept of orgasmic theory is that lovers don’t “make” their partners come, rather they help and support instead of one being in total control. Therefore, Chapter 3 demonstrates another vital component of Tantric Love Making, playing together as partners. That starts with tips about initiating sex, advance flirting like sexting, negotiating an agreeable time for getting together, and jointly creating an erotic space. We also show readers how to deal with “sex thieves,” aspects of everyday life like kids, work, and errands that get in the way of making love. The cornerstone of collaborating comes next, how to use the three Partnering Questions before the action begins. We guide lovers to discuss their desires, concerns, and strict boundaries before they engage in Tantric Love Making. Of course, this communication practice isn’t very effective without the next section about listening. Chapter 3 wraps up by introducing the Zen concept of the “beginner’s mind.” That’s an attitude of openness without preconceptions when approaching a new situation.

Chapter 4: Connecting Hearts And More
This chapter initiates a basic premise of Tantric Love Making, that it’s more than a physical romp, especially for women. Though most lovers need a heart connection to reach the heights that are possible with all types of orgasm, other energy centers come into play, too. That's why here we introduce the chakras, the seven spinning focal points in the human body that regulate love, power, wisdom, voice, and emotions as well as sexual pleasure. To make this more real, we include another real-life story about all-chakra lovemaking. Chapter 4 concludes with the subject of intimacy, that feeling of closeness, connection, and affinity so essential for orgasmic success. To keep intimacy and sharing all the energies alive, we present the Heart Bonding Exercise which is a part of all subsequent practices.

Part 2: Touching Outside And In

The second part of this book is more about the early stages of a sexual encounter. That begins with arousal and foreplay and goes into great depth about male and female sexual anatomy. It offers dozens of technique for erotic massage and oral sex. A whole chapter explains the best approach to initial sexual penetration. Here we introduce energy lovemaking and maintaining harmony throughout.

Chapter 5: First Touch: Arousal
Chapter 5 is about the first contacts that turn lovers on. Though it’s usually referred to as foreplay, we prefer to call it loveplay because, if done well, that’s all lovers need to reach orgasm. Here we initiate the study of arousal, what excites the brain to stimulate the nerves, tissues and metabolism. Creatively creating excitement is a continuing theme that we build on throughout the book. All kinds of loveplay, including genital massage and oral sex, are best when they follow another orgasmic ground rule, the Spiral Scheme Principle, that we unveil here. This guides lovers to spiral in gradually to build excitement slowly by caressing, making out, petting, and massaging. In this chapter we offer a number of methods of awakening and titillating the whole body starting with kissing. We introduce the first of many techniques from the ancient Hindu love guide, the Kama Sutra, which includes licking, sucking, squeezing, scratching, and biting. Our contribution to awakening all 33 secondary erogenous zones around the body is the technique of “loving touch.” This is another underlying skill that begins with sensual massage and extends to every other aspect of lovemaking that follows.

Chapter 6: Vajra (Penis) LovePlay
Chapter 6 acquaints readers with the triggers to man’s three types of physical orgasms: ejaculatory, dry, and g-spot. It concentrates on all the wonderful things you can do a penis, or what we prefer to call “vajra,” the Sanskrit term for divine thunderbolt. Male anatomy gets an in-depth inspection here so that men and their lovers become thoroughly familiar with their nine primary erogenous zones. Next we explain the two stages of the process of erection. Our detailed review of vajra loveplay begins with the art and science of the handjob, several dozen ways to pleasure a man’s favorite organ by hand. Then we move to the oral sex techniques to do the same to a vajra with mouth, lips, and tongue, commonly called the blowjob. Included are deep throating and combo strokes that involve both hands and mouth at the same time. Our illustrations make it very clear how to touch, massage, lick, and suck a vajra. Since many vajras are super-sensitive, we conclude with proven methods both playmates can use to avoid and prevent premature ejaculation. After reading this chapter, readers will know everything they need to know about the three of the 12 types of orgasm exclusive to men.

Chapter 7: Yoni (Vulva & Vagina) LovePlay
The graphic illustrations and detailed instructions in Chapter 7 show readers how to bring a woman to orgasm with fingers, hands, tongue, and mouth. This chapter is structured much like the previous one, except that it’s focus is a woman’s “yoni,” the traditional name for the vulva and vagina. The three physically-triggered orgasms introduced here are outer, inner, and ejaculatory. We unveil all the mysteries of feminine sexual anatomy including yoni erection. Though much less obvious than a man’s erection, yonis need to be fully engorged with blood and sexual excitement before penetration. We introduce the concept of the Whole Woman’s Web of interlocking orgasmic triggers that create a snug puffy cuff necessary for the most satisfying sex. Here we detail how to insure that all kinds of loveplay are sufficiently lubricated for maximum pleasure. To teach that, we present dozens of ways to erotically massage a woman’s yoni. That begins with fingers guided by loving touch stimulating the ten outside erogenous zones. A special section is devoted to a woman’s crown jewel, the highly-sensitive and little-understood clitoris. Another of our revealing real-world stories is included here. Next we demonstrate how to find and pleasure the even more elusive G-spot along with a woman’s other eight inner erogenous zones. The final section of Chapter 7 is devoted to oral sex, including both partners giving and receiving at the same time in the demanding 69 position. Similar to the previous chapter, after reading this one, readers will be intimately familiar with the three of the 12 types of orgasm that only women experience.

Chapter 8: Energy Love Making
What’s most unique about this book is the under appreciated method of harnessing dormant sexual lifeforce that gives lovers access to a whole new category of orgasms. Thus this chapter introduces what we call “energy lovemaking.” Though it’s often coupled with erotic massage, oral sex, and jewel union (sexual intercourse), energy lovemaking is more about sensing, amplifying, channeling, and exchanging sexual energy without physical contact. Coupling this ability with exciting sexual practices expands pleasure, strengthens orgasms, and opens new pathways to ecstasy. Necessarily, we carefully define sexual energy and how it fills, pervades, and moves in the biomagnetic forcefield around every body. Next we initiate another underlying theme of the book, “running energy,’ which means consciously directing sexual excitement and passion. There’s also a section about slow lovemaking which is an occasional practice of Tantric Love Making that heightens sensitivity to energy. Chapter 8 includes easy exercises to apply the five cruxes of ecstasy — breath, presence, visualization, sound, and movement — to boost passion during all kinds of sexual play. That includes how to strengthen sexual muscles and pump the “pleasure balloon” full of excitement. Throughout the book we use the concept of this imaginary energy bubble inside the body to encourage lovers to build their arousal to higher and higher levels.

Chapter 9: Initial Entry
Chapter 9 addresses how to make initial entry, when a man’s vajra first enters a woman’s yoni, irresistible. Though this phase of lovemaking may only last a few sexual strokes, its impact on the comfort, pleasure, and orgasms of jewel union is monstrous. To reinforce this point, we share the Prime Directive which guides lovers to wait to be pulled inside instead of forcing their way in. Though the partnering style of Tantric Love Making has been intertwined in everything so far, here we become extra explicit in reinforcing the woman’s role in initial entry. We share readiness cues from ancient traditions and modern sexology to prevent premature penetration. This chapter then details multiple slow and measured first strokes used down through the ages including erotic massage of yoni’s mouth with vajra’s head. We offer an erotic alternative to erectile dysfunction drugs called soft entry. The last part of Chapter 9 show lovers how to deal with body armoring around the yoni. The Yoni Clearing Exercise that’s described gives an easy and effective way to transform uncomfortable or painful intercourse into something much more satisfying.

Chapter 10: Harmonizing
This chapter describes and gives examples of communication tools that lovers need to play together as harmonious partners. Its purpose is to help lovers overcome feeling awkward when talking about sex with their partners. That begins with the Share Everything Style, different types of questions, and check-ins to help lovers get and stay in sync. Though these verbal communication skills appear in many of the practices throughout the book, we emphasize non-verbal communication even more. Here we launch another pivotal behavior of Tantric Love Making that we’ve dubbed “responsiveness.” This simply means to show turn-on by breathing deep, making love sounds, and moving erotically. But since it won’t do much good if partners don’t notice the signals from responsive lovers, next is a section about listening, noticing, and monitoring. The last technique in the Harmonizing Chapter is a three-part dialogue called the Request Sandwich. This provides a diplomatic way to request changes and correct sexual interactions that aren’t working.

Part 3: Jewel Union (Sexual Intercourse)

Part 3 begins the reader’s journey into the depths of jewel union (sexual intercourse). Its first chapters address ancient and modern mechanics of sexual stroking, stroking schemes, and sexual positions. Chapter 14 raises the issue of power roles during lovemaking and we give practical tools for empowering both partners. This part concludes with an extensive chapter that presents detailed guidelines and through instructions for making anal sex orgasmic.

Chapter 11: Sexual Strokes
Chapter 11 delves deeply into the art of a vajra stroking in and out of a yoni. For our beginning we’re indebted ancient scholars who sought to characterize and document sexual stroking methods. This allows us to do a thorough review of techniques from earlier civilizations in India and China: first, the ten Kama Sutra movements dubbed “forms of virile copulation,” second the Taoist “nine manners of movement,” and retired the Taoist “six styles of penetration.” We pay even more attention in subsequent sections to the five variables of a lover’s thrusts: the depth, length, speed, force, and angle of a sexual stroke. These pages, which are peppered with real examples, are far from academic. They’re devoted to giving readers practical guidance about how to guide a vajra to hit the nine erogenous zones inside the yoni. Our emphasis here, as throughout the book, is not limited to the men who are giving the thrusts, but equally to the women who receive them. For example, we describe the CAT or Clitoral Alignment Technique which allows lovers to shift their sexual position so that the vajra stimulates a woman’s clitoris during jewel union. This chapter concludes with suggestions about “hand assists,” guiding a vajra’s entry with the hand.

Chapter 12: Stroking Schemes
Our study of jewel union (sexual intercourse) continues in this chapter with stroking schemes, various ways of combining the thrusting variables into intoxicating patterns. First we look at the practice of “Karezza,” a nearly still form of lovemaking pioneered by an open group marriage in upstate New York during the nineteenth century. Next, as before, we review some recipes from other cultures such as the Chinese “Tao Of Nine Nines” that one of the yellow emperor’s concubines has left us. We also suggest a half-dozen stroking schemes that we often enjoy. As always these examples are presented as more options readers can experiment with to find what works best for them and their playmates. Chapter 12 is pivotal in the pursuit of orgasmic improvement because it introduces the concept of the “sweet spot.” Like the most powerful spot to hit a ball with a tennis racket, we show lovers how to find the most exciting areas inside the yoni. Sometimes sweet spots are physical erogenous zones, and sometimes they’re other places where sexual energy is concentrated. We explain how targeting sweet spots during jewel union often expands into “sweet rhythms,’ spontaneous stroking schemes that generate unexpected blossoms of excitement. Next this chapter initiates a stroking scheme that we often employ called “short cycles.” This is a style of following waves of passion for a few moments and then pausing before resuming. To heighten awareness of the feelings produced during sex, we include an exercise in identifying the sensations of penetration. The last part of the chapter is about variety. Here we suggest some fun ways to avoid monotony, boredom, and numbing out tissues from too much non-stop pumping. Foremost amongst these techniques we call “whimsy” which teaches readers to follow their intuition while making love.

Chapter 13: Sexual Positions
Chapter 13 begins with a complete survey of seven primary sexual positions inspired by the Kama Sutra: Man-Above, Man-Kneeling, Woman-Above, Rear-Entry, Side-To-Side, Sitting, and Standing. We next sketch out the 36 sexual postures which are variations on the seven main themes. This chapter provides a practical discussion of choosing postures for pleasure, comfort, and maintaining intimacy. What follows is an in-depth review of the lost art from the Kama Sutra of matching differing jewel (genital) dimensions. Though this suggests that size does count, we show readers how to compensate for maximum pleasure. The science of hitting erogenous zones with sexual strokes is a major focus in this chapter which leads to some considerations about choosing positions and postures. We include with recommendations for keeping your jewels, especially the delicate balance of a yoni, in good health. Chapter 13 concludes with a process for deep yoni healing when jewel union remains uncomfortable for the woman.

Chapter 14: Power Roles In Love Making
Though at first it may seem a departure from sexual mechanics, this chapter introduces how to use sharing and exchanging power to spice up lovemaking and make it more orgasmic. We begin with yin and yang roles, interchanging leading and following, and domination and submission. Next we introduce another major subject of this chapter, playing with extremes. In the spirit of partnership, we explain how, even in what appears from the outside as one-sided control, the receiver actually takes charge. We present the tradition from the East of women training their yoni muscles to hold, grip, and milk a vajra. Then we go into great depth with the sexual postures and sexual strokes of the Woman-Above Position. As you can see, throughout Chapter 14 our concentration is more on what an empowered woman can do to lead the action towards paramount satisfaction. We conclude with an explanation about role-playing sexual fantasies. This includes a list of examples and how partners can work together to make stretching the edges of their comfort zones exciting and safe at the same time.

Chapter 15: Anal Sex
The final chapter in Part 3 is about anal sex which for a growing proportion of lovers is an integral component of Tantric Love Making. Even though it’s popularity is on the rise, we first discuss the risks and benefits to backdoor play. We demonstrate clearly how to make it fun and pleasurable instead of dirty and painful. As we did earlier, we thoroughly review the relevant anatomy so that readers can best prepare for anal lovemaking. We recommend and provide step-by-step instructions for solo exploration. Much of this is based on the graduated insertion method, slowly increasing the size of penetrating objects (fingers, toys, vajras) so that it feels comfortable and doesn’t hurt. Then we adapt these exercises to partner finger and toy play as well as another version of the healing process to be used when armoring blocks pleasure. To begin the transition into vajra penetration, we next present postures that facilitate anal sex. Since Chapter 15 extends everything we covered earlier to jewel union to the backdoor, the final section addresses initial anal entry and stroking rhythms. This tried-and-true method of introducing anal sex into a couple’s lovemaking is far more methodical than impulsive. The good news is the amazing amount of pleasure and the new types of orgasms that readers will enjoy by heeding the advice in these pages.

Part 4: Longer Hotter Orgasmic Sex

The mechanics of the earlier parts come together here as we explain the whole process of orgasming. In Part 4 you'll learn how to trigger the three types of women's physical orgasms and the three types of men's physical orgasms. We'll show you how to extend your orgasmic sensations to your whole body, how to make your climaxes last minutes or more, and how to soar in an altered state together. The advanced methods here include adding other turn-ons while making love, connecting passion circuits, and navigating peaking cycles. This is where we describe multiple ways to use hands, mouths, and sex toys to forge hot links, energy connections between erogenous zones. Here you'll discover how to stream and share your sexual energy with your partner. Though everything so far has been dedicated to maximizing pleasure, what we present in this part puts Tantric Love Making into full-fledged action.

Chapter 16: Peaking In The Valley
Chapter 16 introduces the natural stages that all lovemaking goes through. That begins with a quick review of Masters’ and Johnson’s four-stage model to provide context to the five phases this book is based on: Loveplay, Initial Entry, Valley, Climbing, and Closing. Earlier chapters addressed the first two, but now we move into the Valley Phase before focusing on orgasms directly in the Climbing Phase. The Valley Phase is typically the longest part of Tantric Love Making containing multiple lovemaking sessions characterized by prolonged sexual excitement. This chapter teaches readers how to enter and stay in the valley as long as they want. It’s about sharing intense pleasure and avoiding exploding before they’re ready to enter the Climbing Phase. We explain here the essential role that finding and milking sweet spots and sweet rhythms plays during jewel union in the valley. Next this chapter introduces the concept of energy channels in the body and unveils another unique component of Tantric Love Making, the “passion circuit.” This is a bio-electric connection that lets pleasure flow and exchange between lovers’ nervous systems. We explain how to hook up passion circuits during lovemaking and activate multiple channels at the same time. This is one of the first keys of full-body orgasm. As the title makes clear, a central theme of Chapter 16 is the skill of peaking, how to consciously handle sudden and intense upsurges of excitement. We explain peaking and give readers directions to practice first solo and then with a partner. Now that we’re in the thick of it, we discuss the shifting balance of taking versus giving during peaking cycles. All of this provides the basis for us to teach “edging” or dancing on the verge of orgasm. This chapter concludes with jointly navigating in and out of peaking cycles. We suggest ways to meet each other’s strokes, pump each other’s pleasure balloons to bursting, and leapfrog and bootstrap to higher levels of pleasure. This final section about how lovers can synchronize their peaks lays the groundwork for simultaneous orgasm addressed later.

Chapter 17: Love Making Add-Ons: Erotic Things To Do While Coupling
This chapter is about other erotic things you can add while enjoying jewel union for new and stronger orgasms. We start with “hot links,” which are bio-electric linkages inside the body that connect two erogenous zones or sweet spots. We describe oral add-ons, breaks in the action, stimulating other senses, intoxicants, aphrodisiacs, and other ways of touching. Next we consider digital add-ons. These aren’t computer devices but rather ways of using the digits of the hand to enhance lovemaking. That includes the sometimes sensitive subject of a lover playing with themselves while coupling. We discuss incorporating some of the more intense Kama Sutra embraces as well as making love in public, in nature, and watching porn. The last half of Chapter 17 walks on the wild side by investigating the kinkier side of sex. That begins with suggestions and examples of talking dirty. Then we look into BDSM which stands for Bondage/Discipline, Domination/Submission, and Sadism/Masochism. Even though one section describes how lovers can liberate their wild animals, we still emphasize how to maintain sexual sensitivity while with extremes that dramatically ramp up stimulation. This chapter concludes with a brief introduction to open relationships via threesomes, foursomes, and orgies.

Chapter 18: Running And Streaming Energy
Chapter 8 introduced energy lovemaking which each subsequent chapter added to. The complete technology of consciously harnessing sexual energy is the main focus here. We begin by explaining how expanding ecstasy, the pinnacle of pleasure, contributes to all types of orgasm. We give specific advice about opening sexual energy channels so lovers can consciously run passion throughout their bodies. Again, this is another key step in activating full-body orgasms. Next we explain how to “run energy” which means to consciously direct it to heighten excitement. We briefly describe the role of inner work and how using the five cruxes of ecstasy make these subtle phenomena more tangible. Then we add multiple ways of raising sexual energy out of the jewels (genitals) into the whole body, notably using visualization. Because the breath is such a powerful tool to run energy, we include various breathing exercises here. By following our instructions, readers should be able to consciously direct flows of passion anywhere they want to trigger various types of orgasm. At this point Chapter 18 shifts to the “streaming” response which is the highly-pleasurable spontaneous release of sexual excitement. We provide detailed guidelines about how to relax into and enjoy the involuntary twitches, shudders, and shaking that streaming energy causes. Learning to stream with out RSVP formula, our next topic, is fundamental to extending orgasms to longer and multiple climaxes. Chapter 18 concludes with the Upward Draw exercise which integrates everything so that readers become masters of their own sexual energy.

Chapter 19: Sharing Sexual Energy
Here we extend the art of running energy to sharing it with a partner during jewel union. That begins with the Partner Rising Breath exercise in which lovers draw energy up and exchange it. Next we introduce two types of energy circles that teach readers how to conserve and cycle passion between them. An energy circle is a loop that cycles in and out of each lover’s body through two passion circuits. First we give guidelines for creating physical energy circles including the chakras. We describe how to do this during the ancient Tantric touching ritual called “nyasa.” This section of Chapter 19 shows how adding physical energy circles to jewel union reinforces each lover’s excitement. Then we shift to psychic energy circles, interchanging and cycling passion where there is no physical contact. This begins with instructions for massaging the bio-electric energy field and circling passion through the chakras. We include multiple bonding visualizations and conclude with how to use energy circles during jewel union.

Chapter 20: Orgasm Mastery
Lovers who are ready to explode consciously choose to leave the valley and enter the Climbing Phase. Chapter 20 brings together all the threads throughout the book and details how to trigger the first nine of the 12 types of orgasm. We begin by looking at the physical and biochemical process of orgasm in the human body. The next section focuses on male ejaculatory orgasms, male dry orgasms, and male g-spot orgasms. Then we shift to different kinds of female physical orgasms. That includes climaxes triggered by the vulva, by the clitoris, the G-spot, the urethral outlet, the womb and cervix, and the anus. This chapter also provides a useful summary of how to trigger and enjoy female ejaculation, taken from our successful book of the same name. For pre-orgasmic women and their partners, the most valuable part of Chapter 20 is entitled “How Women Can Orgasm More Easily.” This is where we directly confront solutions to the orgasm gap between women and men. This section considers mental, emotional, relationship, health, and physical factors that can block a woman’s orgasms. We explain how vital clitoral stimulation is and how few get enough during jewel union. At each stage we offer workable solutions, foremost among them being how to stimulate the clitoris to help a woman get all the way there. The last section of this chapter addresses the third category of orgasm, expanded ones, that both women and men can experience. First, we give readers instructions for enjoying blended orgasms resulting from stimulating two or more orgasmic triggers simultaneously. Second, we offer various ways for lovers to have multiple orgasms which is a series of repeat performances. Third, we discuss simultaneous orgasms and how both partners can come together. This chapter wraps up by advising lovers how to trigger and enjoy aftershocks which are mini-climaxes that often follow a big O.

Chapter 21: Energy Orgasms
Chapter 21 reveals the fourth category of climaxes, energy orgasms, which includes implosive, full-body, and extended climaxes. These are non-physically triggered peaks of pleasure that result from running energy and result in ecstatic streaming. In part, the methods and skills summarized here about the best-kept secret in the world of Tantric Love Making unify everything presented earlier. We begin by showing readers how to extend little peaks into sustained plateaus of passion. Then we explain implosive orgasm and how to implode instead of explode in order to recirculate sexual energy. These tools add a final critical piece to our guidance about how pre-orgasmic women can orgasm more easily. Next we present various forms of “mindgasms,” coming without physical contact, and visualizations that activate them. Next we bring together all the pieces that will allow readers to expand their passion into full-body orgasms. The twelfth type of orgasm we detail in this chapter is the extended one that some label ESO for extended sexual orgasm. Here we reveal what we call the O-Zone, or orgasm zone, where lovers ride continuing waves of sexual ecstasy. Chapter 21 concludes with the most spiritual aspect of energy orgasms, reaching a state of oneness communion and the Shangri-La exercise.

Part 5: Winding Down And Wrapping Up

Part 5 presents suggestions about how to wind down and wrap up your lovemaking. That includes several summary and reference items.

Chapter 22: The Closing Phase
Better than rolling over and falling asleep, the Closing Phase presents how to use the intense experience lovers co-create to further connect their hearts, minds, and souls. We first address many alternatives for afterplay that helps both partners feel complete. Foremost amongst those options is the nearly mandatory exchanging of Sweet Everythings. To leave readers with a sense of further exploration, Chapter 22 also discusses several ancient sexual initiations and secret rites. The summary section also recapitulates primary and secondary erogenous zones, all 17 Tantric Love Making principles in one place, creating kaleidoscopic rhythms, and a review of the five parts of the book.

The appendix provides greater detail about sexual communication and practicing safer, smarter, conscious sex. We provide more information and and examples about the partnering questions: desires, concerns, and boundaries. A major section provides an agenda about a pre-sex interview that all new lovers should engage in. We provide the facts about STDs, sexually transmitted diseases, so readers will appreciate how important it is to be responsible while flexing their wings. A vital chart included is the spectrum of risks for HIV transmission. The appendix concludes with suggestions about creating a “valise d’amour,” a portable kit of condoms, lube, and toys, so readers are always ready for safe fun.

At the end for easy access if our glossary of special terms that are used throughout the book.

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