Tantric Sex is a totally sex positive way to live.

In spite of the sexual repression by our religions, our society and our general culture, there are pockets of individuals and families that believe sex is truly okay. Tantric Sex goes a step further and says sex is not only okay, it is a divine gift. Sex is a blessing. We have been given bodies and the ability to experience great pleasure. Why not completely enjoy what is yours to enjoy.

Why has religion specifically said sex was to be restricted or in some cases prohibited? Frankly, it is a form of control. The masses shouldn't be too happy, they might not conform. That may sound a bit harsh, but it's the truth. Did you know priestly celibacy was not required until the dark ages?

You can't grow up in this society without conflicts about your sexuality. Even if your parents were very cool about sex. You have schools, teachers, churches, and uptight peers. What to believe?

Ultimately, you can only believe yourself. Exploring your own desires, your own psyche, you place in the grand scheme of things. Tantric Sex practice is a means to that exploration. By confronting one of the most conflicted areas of our life, sexuality, Tantric Sex can give you new ways of seeing and being.

Can you imagine revering all of your sexual urges and fantasies? Can you imagine believing that you are a child of the universe and are therefore very special, very god-like? Supreme Bliss Tantric Sex can help open the door to a new way of relating to life, your sex and your pleasure.

Perhaps even more fundamental than the idea that sex is divine, is the idea that pleasure is a spiritual path or discipline. You were born a blissful being. Tantric Sex Ecstasy is something you deserve to remember.

When our students begin studying Tantric Sex, they often experience programmed, conditioned resistances. Fear, guilt, shame and physical discomfort may arise. We have found over and over that by pursuing pleasure, these negative energies can be cleansed and released. Tantric Sex says, be awake, be conscious of what you do and discover what really feels good, what you really want. Realize your potential for bliss.

Be all you can be, be Tantric. Be Tantric Sex Postiive!

We know that it's difficult for many to imagine themselves so sex positive that lovemaking becomes a meditation. Click continue to try and accept this unique and glorious aspect of Tantric Sex Meditation.

Learn Supreme Bliss Tantra to improve your sex life

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