Tantra is more than sex, more than play, even more than love. But Tantric LovePlay is central to sacred sexuality.

In Supreme Bliss Tantra we prefer to use the term loveplay instead of foreplay. A critical component of Tantra Energy practices is being in the moment fully and deeply. So we don't think ahead to getting in or getting off.

When you're fully present and your channels are wide open, every moment in sensual loveplay is a moment that needs nothing else, nothing more. It's not a prelude, it's complete in and of itself.

If the sensation or experience is highly pleasurable, why does it have to lead to any thing more? It doesn't. Except in our minds.

Explore each other's bodies and exchange a lot of sensuous massage. You'll undoubtedly discover new sensitivities and erogenous zones. Somraj's feet didn't use to be even ticklish, now they're a couple of downright orgasmic stimulators.

In Supreme Bliss Tantra you'll learn to use the four cornerstones of ecstasy to fuel subtle energies of arousal and engage your whole body in waves of passion. When you learn to reach Tantric Orgasm with breath alone, you don't feel the need to have goals, pre-anythings, post-anythings. It's the feeling of not having to go anywhere, because you're already there.

One of the fundamental processes of Tantra is to merge your male energies with your female energies. Yes, both genders have masculine and feminine qualities inside. Sadly, our society conditions us to repress the inner opposite gender so we end up one-sided and unable to connect smoothly with our partner and lover.

It is the feminine, receptive Yin part of each of us that connects to the cosmic source of sexual energy. Sink into her and you will be transformed into someone who feels and sees sex and sexual energy in every moment of existence.

We need the Yang side because it is the explorer, the adventurer, who seeks new experiences and relishes variety. But it is the Yin which fuels the experience.

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Learn Supreme Bliss Tantra to improve your sex life

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