Tantra is transformative. Here are just a few of things our clients say...

"The transformation has been so deep that no part of my life has not been positively affected. Over the last 12 months every belief about my sexuality has been overturned (for the better of course). I have learned to turn my sensitivity into long periods of ecstasy. My confidence level has exponentially increased. I don't have premature ejaculation anymore. I am comfortable enough with my body that I do the sexual and energy practices with other people looking. I would never have imagined that before." -- M. T. from Providence

"We want to thank you both for a truly wonderful weekend and a very enlightening experience. Both Mary and myself were somewhat apprehensive not knowing who you were or how you ran your program. In no time at all your gentle ways and easy manner made us feel comfortable and relaxed. You provided an atmosphere that made it easy for us to move forward into new and, in some ways, uncharted waters. Both of you are wonderful guides and teachers. With love and respect." -- Harvey & Mary from New Mexico

"I've been wanting to tell you for some time now about my blessed tantric union and what tantra has meant to us. I am blessed and thrilled with the excruciatingly joyful contribution that the tantra has made to my life. Due to my tantric practice, I have been able to bring a level of sexual and spiritual expression never experienced before. And it has brought me immense gifts as we plumb the depths and complexities of life." -- Michael from Tulsa
"I am sitting here on Saturday night in such bliss! This is my attempt to describe how intensely my life has changed since the workshop. Originally my hopes for the weekend were to get a foundation for Supreme Bliss Tantra, fill the gap from what was missing in every sexual experience up to this point, and touch on moving energy within me and between me & another person. These were in hindsight extremely low expectations. Tears come to my eyes as I think how priceless the experience was for me. My life has changed forever. I am not the same person I was a week ago. What I am now is more me. I am still integrating and processing the healing that happened to me on all levels: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. With the assistance of two excellent teachers and a brand new dear friend, I was able to overcome some major fears, blocks and resistance that have plagued me for my whole life. I have such immense gratitude that words seem inadequate to express. The energy of my home has fundamentally changed. The whole house feels lighter, brighter and livelier. My daughter has gotten involved also. Several people during the week asked me why I am so happy. It is just what I am feeling inside. My personal energy level has doubled at the very least. I am more efficient in my daily living and I am finding that I actually have more time than before. How can that be? Along with the energy level increase my stress level has dramatically decreased. Somraj and Jeffre - Thank you! I bow in respect to the road you have helped me start traveling, the patience and compassion you exhibited and your dedication in helping others. Of course I have to mention how much fun this was and will be." -- Michael from Rio Linda, California "My time with Somraj and Jeffre ended a long quest to find wholeness as a fully functioning orgasmic woman. Early childhood sexual trauma and ignorance about my own normal female sexual responses had convinced me I needed more healing in order to be a fully alive, confident, satisfying, satisfied sexual partner. Thanks to Somraj and Jeffre’s gentle coaching I discovered that not only am I sexually healthy, I am, in fact, vibrantly alive sexually. At last I can allow myself to be the responsible lover who does not need to depend on her partner to bring her to wholeness – to ecstasy. I have learned that I am the only one who is in control of my experience with myself and my Beloved. Six weeks after leaving Somraj and Jeffre, I have in my personal tool belt a deeper understanding about my own body ecstatic. I have also diligently practiced, both alone and with my partner, using the valuable tools I gained. Somraj and Jeffre's generosity of spirit has deeply touched us both - over and over. I am noticing significant changes. Making love with my Beloved is steadily evolving into a mutual dance of sharing ecstasy that is taking us ever deeper into intimacy and higher into the spiritual realm of Oneness with All That Is." -- Fritha from Vermont "My one hour phone consultation with Somraj today was a major event in my sexual development. For the past 10 years I have been intermittently experimenting with and reading about Tantric sex and Tantric techniques for enhancing pleasure. For the past two years I have been working diligently on my own practicing the things that I have read and learned about in order to achieve this long promised bliss. I thought that I had been largely unsuccessful and was feeling very frustrated. Somraj helped me to realize that I was actually already having some success but was not recognizing it as such. Some of the sensations I was experiencing were precursors to having strong Tantric orgasms, they just needed to be nurtured and developed. He also explained some concepts that I had been exposed to for years but just couldn't quite grasp. I've been a voracious reader and I've really attempted to seek out the writings of those people who have developed practical and functional ideas and philosophies geared towards allowing us to become all that we are capable of becoming. In one hour of personal contact today many of those seemingly disconnected ideas were linked and clarified in my mind. I'm looking forward to taking my new found information into the bedroom with me and continuing to work to achieve my goal of a stronger and more powerful sexuality and an ability to share that wi
"You two are the most genuine, heart-centered people I have met. You both are down to earth, communicate clearly, and the setting is so peaceful and beautiful. Wonderfully inspiring, encouraging, joyful, and alive! My inner being knew what she was doing when she nudged me in this direction. Not easy, but never boring. I found the teachings absolutely relevant not only to my work but to my life overall (and about time!). I chose your training program because the way your books were written, they were down to earth, funny, and clear. Plus you both looked in your online pictures like you were having a good time in life. I liked the bios where it said you both have been practicing Tantra for years, not to mention your cool location! I got from the program more of my physical sensation back and an interest in sensuality and sex again. Since getting back, I have noticed a BIG difference in having sensual/sexual sensitivity again. I will totally recommend your trainings. As the teenagers say, you guys rock! Much appreciation for your work, time, and presence." -- Robyn from Vancouver "When I came back home after spending three days with Somraj and Jeffre, someone had asked me what it was like. I did not know exactly what to say about my experience. Unexpectedly, what I had blurted out that it was a life changing event. Yes... it was intense, immensely engaging, challenging, stretching, and informative. Yes... my knowledge of my sexual responsiveness as well as learning more about my lover's responsiveness was greatly expanded. If this were to stand all by itself, I would unequivocally give this experience an A plus grade. Yet, the real gift was not the content of the experience but recognizing a much deeper realm-- something more priceless and more precious than any ecstatic space could ever offer me." -- Ram from New York "As a young woman who has just recently decided to become an adult erotic educator and intimacy coach, I have found your guidance to be invaluable...the best of it's sort. After months of research and saving so that I can work from home, I was very scared but I was able to get my business off of the ground by using your tools and training. I use what I have learned in life and I demonstrate to men the heartfelt compassion and passion that they crave; I demonstrate the tenderness, the slow, gentle caressing; I coach and guide them to relax and meditate fully in all states of being. I teach them how to have truly intimate, warm connection with another soul. You have given language to the things I have learned in the last few years which has helped me to teach what I know from experience. Thank you again for your hard and great work!" -- Jennifer from the South
“My Supreme Bliss Tantra session did things for me that I didn't think I was still capable of. Even after returning home, you have been the helpful focus of a lot of the enjoyment that I have had. You have given me the added incentive to learn more of the Tantric attitudes and tools. I felt so accepted and understood by you, far more than I was expecting, and the term guru really had some meaning for me. And I really had fun with you, and I was turned on more than I would ever have expected. The new experiences were great, and actually doing so many things really gave me renewed energy for living.” -- Love, Jim W from San Francisco "The healing from our workshop resulted in us attaining a new depth in our relationship as a result of a newfound ability to trust and be honest. I will leave this one to my wife. I am working hard to release and, when I am able, am feeling a new peace and connection to her and the world around me. We have felt a prior-life experience that has included an incredible energy surge for me - I felt the tremors that I saw in you. I have had 4 experiences where I am convinced that our spirits were making love. We are having wonderful sex, our love is deeper than ever and I am really working on letting go. Thanks for your guidance and friendship. Hope that we can do it again soon and maybe even get some skiing in, as well." -- R & L, San Francisco "Yes, Somraj and Jeffre were dedicated, highly personal, unique, unusual, well organized, and well grounded in their experience of Tantra. They were also very knowledgeable and up to date on the most current research on little known sexually ecstatic responses in both men and women. This was a unique opportunity that very few teachers offer. Since we have been on  the Tantra path for many years, Somraj and Jeffre recognized our level and customized their teaching to our needs, issues, and experience. They put so much of themselves into this experience. Not just from preparation but from their willingness, if and where we wished, to allow us to have a direct hands-on transmission of the teaching." -- R & F from Vermont
"Both of us feel greatly enriched by the experience and much calmer most of the time. We are doing the exercises each day and enjoying our new approach to sex." -- C. & M. from London, England "As part of our home play assignment after your workshop, we did a Tantra session. I went from feeling the energy just in my first chakra to feeling it in all my chakras which led to the best sex we've had in our relationship. We were both amazed. Thank you!!!" -- S. & T. from Nevada "Thank you for a wonderful weekend and for helping us realize what a special relationship we have together. We have had some really great sessions and always look forward to the next one! We are setting up our sacred space and having fun doing it!" -- Kathy & CP from Bakersfield

"The transformation has been so deep that no part of my life has not been positively affected. Over the last 12 months every belief about my sexuality has been overturned (for the better of course). I have learned to turn my sensitivity into long periods of ecstasy. My confidence level has exponentially increased. I don't have premature ejaculation anymore. I am comfortable enough with my body that I do the sexual and energy practices with other people looking. (I would never have imagined that before " -- Michael from Providence"



We have been searching for Tantra teachers to help us in our learning for several years. The two of you are very good at teaching and inspiring others. Tantra teaches what I have always believed about sex, that it is spiritual, and to be prolonged and deeply enjoyed by both partners. I knew and believed for many years that there was much more than what we westerners "thought" sex was. Thank you so much." AB from Dallas

"I would like to thank you for the Tantra Initiation at Lake Tahoe for my wife. It was a most interesting and rewarding experience for both of us. We combined this new journey with a few days hiking and swimming in one of the most beautiful lakes in the world and our Tantra experience with you certainly enhanced the whole vacation. It seemed to add some color to an already incredible place and definitely added a lot of sexual energy. I realize that it might seem odd that a husband would agree to and attend an initiation for his wife but she wanted it that way. It was a beautiful thing to watch you open doors that wanted to be opened yet had remained closed. The emotional release was a bit of a surprise to both of us and we appreciate so much your tolerance and patience. You assured my wife that there was no rush and to take her time and relax. She continues to use the breathing and muscle control techniques you taught her. Her sexual energy was noticeably increased and we both love that. Interestingly, other people seem to notice it too. We thank you and look forward to our next visit to the lake with you." -- S and R from The Northern Plain

"Much, much thanks for your new manual 'Tantric G-Spot Orgasm & Female Ejaculation.' Doing one exercise has already improved our Tantric Sex life. My only criticism is that it has too much information in it! I think we will just have to make Tantra love more often to try out all the exercises." -- M. T. from Byron Bay Australia

Dear Somraj: You the MAN! And I mean that is the kindest way! (not 2B confused with 'the man' (government, institution, police, etc.) In fact, the time I spent with you was EXACTLY the opposite of that! Kind, caring, compassionate, gentle and you helped to opened my intuition even further! I remembered past lives when we were lovers and friends and even Great Worshippers of the Goddess! I know it wasn't 'part of the session' but the 'BFE' I had with you blew my mind in a fantastic way! It was wonderful, warm, sensitive, sweet, soooo sexy and HOT! Something I will NEVER ever forget! Your unconditional love and lack of judgment made me feel so safe, cared for and CHERISHED! The way you touched me reminded of what a precious gift I am to the world. Jeffere is NOT ONLY a beautiful Goddess but also A VERY blessed woman to have YOU as her man. I feel blessed by both of you that I was able to share so intimately with you! ---Dr. Corynna Clarke, Southern California

"It was safe and inviting. I was supported. You guys were great at modeling the practices and making it FUN!"

M.R., Loomis

"The best thing was learning to see my own energy moving through my body. Also the increased energetic connection with my partner."

C.U., Berkeley

"The hands-on lessons were all excellent for me."

D.W., Arnold

"Tantra was a great big piece of the puzzle for me that got put into practice. A lifetime of work...has come to fruition…with the birth of myself. Thank you!!!"

B.A.M., Truckee

"The exercise…freed up some very early memories, very profound experience! Helped me to let go deeply! I feel sensory and energetically reawakened."

C.D., Tuolomne

"The ceremony was hot. Being the Goddess and God energy was powerful and sensual."

J.D., California

"It was so much fun. It was fantastic. It couldn't have been any better."

S.W., Gardnerville

"The best thing was learning to say YES to life…really cool, inspiringly cool! Getting high without drugs!"

J.G., Berkeley

"Beautiful, enlightening, fun, and sage. It was perfect the way it was!"

D.L., Bridgeport

"Learning about myself, coming face to face with my fears…the acceptance was an incredible feeling. I'm looking forward to incorporating a lot of what I learned and experienced into my daily life and love life. Thank you."

J.G., Loomis

"The "best" thing was the gentle approach that created a safe place to walk through my fears. All the exercises combined to give me what I've been looking for, but didn't know what it would look like. I have feelings and awareness in my body that I've seriously longed for."

V.N., Auburn

"Thanks again for working with me today. As I said before -- our chat really filled in quite a few blanks and lined up a lot of other things that I had been reading and practicing. Thanks also for the summation below. Very clear and lays the program out nicely. I'm going to begin working on the energy flow exercises immediately."

R.A.B., Durham, NC

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