Tantra is about opening to universal life force energy, Tantra Energy, Kundalini energy, or orgasmic energy. It's about raising consciousness using the body's energy and connected with this orgasmic energy from Source, thus amplifying the total effect.

Tantra is a spiritual path which means it is an individual's path. A lot of what you learn initially is completely within yourself. Practicing Tantra Solo means meditating, moving, dancing, loving, and enjoying yourself in new ways. Through these practices you can incorporate the knowingness of your divine oneness with source while preparing for lovemaking with another, if that is your choice.

With Solo Tantra, you learn to breathe, move, visualize, be present, feel the energy, etc. These practices open the energy channels, the inner flute. Not only do you not need a partner to learn this fundamental aspect of Tantra, you can't. It's one of those things you've got to do on your own whether you're in partnership or not.

As you begin to generate more Kundalini energy within yourself, you'll feel better and better. Because you'll feel more love for yourself, you'll probably feel the desire to self-pleasure. This is not the masturbation of your early years: secretive, quick, and often guilt ridden. This is the honoring of self as a divine being and exploring the gifts of pleasure the creator has given you.

Self-pleasuring is the best way to learn what your body likes. It is a wonderful and fun way to get to know yourself sexually and energetically. When you know yourself well, you can guide lovers in ways that ensure you get more of what you really want.

Self-pleasuring can also be a source of Tantra Healing. As you move orgasmic Kundalini energy with yourself, you'll bump into to inhibitions, judgments, limits to your pleasure, and maybe even shame. If you persevere, you can begin to heal yourself in profound ways.

We want for our readers to enjoy their bodies fully while accepting the pleasures as their divine right. Supreme Bliss Tantra can show you how, with a partner or without. For more background, see our previous newsletter article by clicking here.

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Though we all need these solo practices to make the most of Tantra, it's common knowledge that many women suffer sexual pressure, harassment, and wounding. But what about men? How can Tantra help men grow sexually and spiritually?

To help, Somraj wrote his story about how Tantra Practice changed his life in ways many men are deeply interested in. Click continue right now to read his Tantra Story for guys page. But beware. You might end up severely titillated while at the same time super motivated to revolutionize your sex life, too.

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