Tantra is holistic. Western society separated the mind from the body from the spirit a long time ago. The philosopher and scientist, Descartes, during the Renaissance, is usually given the primary responsibility for society viewing the mind and body as distinct and disconnected.

He said "I think therefore I am." If he had been a Tantrika, he would have said instead "I feel therefore I am."

Spirit has long been seen as separate from the body, basically due to the Judeo-Christian foundation of most of our teachings. This separation has spurred the industrial revolution and scientific research. Which of course has yielded some wonderful improvements in our physical standard of living. But what about the impact on our quality of life, the spiritual side?

Fortunately, Tantra can bring us back together as holistic humans as it's been doing this for over 7000 years.

Humankind separated the mind, body and spirit so we could "scientifically" examine each. What we keep learning over and over again, we have to consider all three in order to understand one part. To understand what affects the body, you must understand the psychology of the individual. To grasp the depth of a human, you must look at spirituality.

It's become clear that your spiritual life dramatically affects your mind and your body. The reverse is just as true. Your thoughts and feelings are so powerful they can affect all aspects of your being, including your financial situation, your love situation, and the joy you get out sex.

How we live our lives allows us to open, or not, to pleasure, joy, and bliss. Our lifestyle choices affect our mind, our health, and our spirit.

In Supreme Bliss Tantra, we believe that opening to the heartbeat of the universe which is love and joy can only be good for our health, our outlook, and our relationships.

In her ground breaking book, The Healing Power of Sex, Judith Sachs reveals much research to support how healthy good sex can be. Jeffre's Shamanic training is revealing how intricately our spiritual, energetic body is related to our health. Most of you can personally relate to the awareness that when you are physically ill, your mental state diminishes and might even sink into the depressed range. And, of course, vice versa.

Tantra is the ultimate holistic health treatment. By focusing on your inner self, your personal growth, and your sensual pleasure, Tantra allows you to experience yourself as a complete being, divine in every respect. By addressing all of who you are, Tantric life force energy can cleanse and heal multiple aspects: physical, mental, and spiritual.

We are all connected, energetically. We are connected to all the plants, animals, rocks too. Through Tantra practice, you can feel this connection every time you allow sexual, orgasmic, Kundalini energy to flood your body. Through repeated practice it becomes very easy to feel connected with everything that is and with your lover as well.

Tantra believes that every aspect of creation is sacred. This includes all of existence that many would label, "evil or sinful." This doesn't mean you have to choose those aspects, but Tantra says be conscious, be aware, and foremost, love yourself as a divine, sacred being. Tantra says dive in to life fully, don't wobble. Life is yours for the enjoyment, similar to a huge buffet. Take what you like and leave the rest.

Want to understand why it is essential to love your humanness? Well, then, as you probably already guessed, click continue.

Learn Supreme Bliss Tantra to improve your sex life

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