Tantra and Heaven are close cousins.

Much of our traditional religious practices say that you must behave a certain way, you must suffer now, because your reward will be after you die. And we all want to go to heaven, right?

In Supreme Bliss Tantra, we believe that heaven is here, now. You can choose to create it in every moment or not. Tantrikas choose to experience heaven on earth. They learn to expand their capacity for pleasure not just for sex but for all of life. Too many of us are zombies chained to our jobs and responsibilities. You probably don't know it, but you are limiting your pleasure right now.

You don't have to wait for heaven. You can have it all now. You are creating your life in every moment. Why not choose to create an ecstatic life? We're not suggesting an irresponsible life, simply a more pleasureful one.

Imagine for a moment that your capacity for pleasure is like a balloon. As you become more adept in Tantra Practice, you are literally breathing pleasure into your pleasure balloon. As your balloon gets bigger and bigger, you will find yourself smiling a lot more, feeling joy a lot more and wanting intimate contact with your beloved a lot more.

The more you fill your pleasure balloon, the more Tantra Ecstasy you can feel everyday. Ecstasy and bliss are your birthright. You were born ecstatic. You know how to do it. Tantra helps you to remember how.

When you and your lover float together in an altered state of bliss, ecstatic energy circling through and between your bodies, then you reach a still timeless place where you feel totally connected. There's nothing to seek, no place to go.

To more about how you can create your own personal or relationship Tantra Heaven, we recommend our mini-ebook Tantric Sex Life which you can get for less than $5 by clicking here.

Some have the mistaken belief that the goal of Tantra Heaven is having multiple lovers. The modern word for this open conscious lifestyle is polyamory. The next page clarifies the difference.

Tantra and Polyamory are different things. Being involved in one doesn't require embracing the other.

But those who practice both Find out how they relate to one another, click continue.

Learn Supreme Bliss Tantra to improve your sex life

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