Tantra can be practiced for one, with a partner, and in larger groups. Though the vast majority of Tantrikas are monogamous singles and couples, some do engage in Tantra Polyamory with multiple lovers. This page is included so you can rest assured that you can benefit from Supreme Bliss Tantra without changing your attitude or values about monogamy.

As an individual spiritual path, Tantra was never conceived to replace psychology or compete with couples' counseling. But fortunately, the sacred sexual practices make Tantra Therapy startlingly effective. The mechanics of this works is explained in greater depth on our Tantra Healing page. Hopefully, you're getting the idea that much of this work is done individually. If not, read Tantra Solo.

Your guided tour continues with pages devoted to unique aspects of Supreme Bliss Tantra for men, women, and couples. First is Somraj's Tantra Story, a testimony to how Tantra changed his life, which extends to the Tantra Performance page. Tantra Men makes explicit the deep learning about the differences of men's and women's sexuality and what to do about it.

The next three pages bridge the gap between men's and women's desires beginning with Tantric Sex which clears up any confusion you might still have about how Tantra can make your sex life better and better. Tantra Comparison charts how Tantric Sex differs from normal lovemaking, and Tantric LovePlay presents a whole new mindset about foreplay.

Yes, men and women may begin with different Tantra Desires as we begin to address the emotions and energies of sexuality with the woman in mind. Once she knows who she is, the great and perfect sexual goddess, she can lead her beloved into Tantra Ecstasy, if she so chooses. Tantra Women explains how sacred sex is fundamentally female driven and why so many women find true peace and joy within its hallowed dimensions.

To be cherished romantically, honored spiritually, and fulfilled sexually is a Tantra Feminine ideal. Women truly have special needs and can teach men who are open to Goddess worship an enormous amount about life, love, and sex. Tread this path and you will both find yourselves melting into Tantra Love with yourself and with your beloved.

Tantra Couples puts everything that's come before in the context of relationship, strong, juicy, evolving, intimate connection. Which is why Tantra Intimacy follows to add this powerful force in personal and partnership growth.

Our Supreme Bliss Tantra guided tour draws to a close with some practical advice about what you can do to extend your Tantra Learning on your own, with a partner, or with a teacher. Those who are motivated and inspired to act now will want to consider studying with someone who has practiced Tantra for years, like us, as the Tantra Options page describes. If you're interested in working with Tantra At Tahoe, we suggest you look at Tantra Testimonials to find out what some of our clients say about their experience with us.

We invite you to dive with us into the pulse of the Universe.

Supreme Bliss can be yours today.

It's closer than you might think, in your sacred body.

Continue on by reading what Tantra Is. We hope you enjoy your tour and, when you're done, let us know how it moved you.

Enjoy the journey.

Learn Supreme Bliss Tantra to improve your sex life
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