Tantra uses your chakras, the energy vortexes that are at the heart of your being. They connect you to your soul energy and serve to energize you at all levels.

Ancient peoples and most cultures on the planet know about the chakras. Only Westerners have chosen to not believe they are there.

The system of seven chakras is the most common, although many believe there are more than that.

The chakras all work together but each is responsible for different organs, different aspects of the physical and psychological self. When one or more chakras are congested due to trauma of some sort, energy congeals or congests and that particular chakra is diminished in its ability to do its job. This also impacts the energy available to the other chakras. This can lead to physical as well as psychological illness.

Tantra is a powerful healer because it trains you to generate strong Tantra Energy to move through the chakras, cleansing them.

Although we tend to think of these energies as subtle, they are actually very powerful. It is our awareness of them that is subtle. By holding a pendulum over each chakra, you can find out if it is blocked and you can see the incredible energy that is there.

Each chakra is shaped like a cone with the small part connected to the inner flute. The larger part of the energy cone extend out both the front and back of your body. It can be sensed close to the body or further away. The energy is more subtle further away because the cone is bigger at that distance.

Here are the most common locations of the seven chakras...

1st Base of spine

2nd 2 inches below your navel

3rd Solar plexus just below your rib cage

4th Heart in the center of the chest.

5th Throat chakra.

6th Third eye, between the eyebrows

7th Top of the head

Energy is constantly moving in and out through both your 1st and your 7th chakras.

A powerful way to awaken, cleanse, and open your energy centers is through Osho's Chakra Breathing Meditation. It's an hour-long active exercise guided by stimulating rhythms and music on a CD of that name. During this dynamic process, we focus our attention and intention on each chakra separately, using our breath to cleanse and charge them in the process. More than anything, we attribute our expanded ability to experience extended whole- body Tantric Orgasm to Chakra Breathing Meditation. Click here for more information and to get your personal CD.

If you're ready to learn more about how to practice Tantra, click continue.

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