We're excited that you're interested in joining one of our small, classy Tahoe Players Dinner Parties. Are we right in assuming that you want to have some juicy intimate fun in a comfortable, cozy setting with enough time to get to know other compatible mature people where all your desires can be satisfied while your boundaries are respected?

This email explains how we like to do things so you can decide if you want to be a Tahoe Player. We're not a gambling club, just a few upbeat, positive folks (mostly couples) in charge of our lives who choose to play full-out indoors and outdoors. We're a discriminating group of uninhibited open-lifestyle friends who enjoy the finer things of life which includes laughing, frolicking, eating, licking, drinking, sucking, skiing, music, fucking, watching sports, nature, dancing, and the outdoors.


We're Jeffre and Somraj, a long-time semi-retired-professional married couple that lives near Lake Tahoe. Through experience in past lifestyle groups and a couple of our own clubs, we've learned what turns us on and what doesn't. So now we organize some friendly, no-pressure, hedonistic dinner parties in our home, or sometimes at other venues. We take the initiative and ask others to do their part so we can party together our way. Though we'll ask you to share some small costs, rest assured that Tahoe Players isn't a business.

What's our way?

  • We want everyone to feel welcome with no pressure to be other than you really are.
  • We look for the good in people and overlook the rest.
  • We respect the rights, desires, and fantasies of others even if they're a bit different.
  • We are honest and direct without games or drama.
  • We go for the gusto without caring what "they" might think.
  • We always strive to maximize the pleasure in everything we do.

So leave your baggage at home and bring your party shoes.

Though we're discerning, we think we're realistic. We don't expect you'll be willing to do everything with anyone at first glance. No, our way is to find out who we like, make clear what we enjoy, and then go for whatever we agree on. That's what we call quality friendship with erotic benefits.

We're creating what everyone tells us they've always searched for in the swinging scene. So not "just anyone" can attend our small dinners. If you don't mind, we want to check out if you'll fit in before inviting you to our parties. Don't worry, our purpose isn't to rate your looks or qualities. We want everyone to feel that we're well enough matched to have fun together. Basically, we're looking for mature, active, fit, responsible adults with some experience in the lifestyle. Isn't that what you're looking for?


Our intimate dinner parties for 10 or less star earlier in the evening than swing clubs. We ask that you dress well, meaning shirt and slacks for guys and evening cocktail wear for gals. Later, you can change into your sexy outfits or birthday suits. Our first aim is to all get relaxed and acquainted over wine and hors d'oeuvres. With polite but open, warm but respectful conversation, you'll be able to easily relate to others who've also been pre-screened. As friendships grow, we sit down to a candlelit dinner where the conversation is relaxed, intimate, and sexy. The laughter and flirting builds everyone's erotic anticipation.
After dinner, we adjourn to the play area for a sexy mixer game that further breaks the ice. With a little titillating fun, we guide the preliminaries so no one feels pressured or left out. Once everyone is ready for play time, we let nature take its course. Of course, we insist that you always ask before touching, honor "no, thank you," play safely, protect the furniture, and clean up after yourselves. By being adult, conscious, and responsible, everyone's fondest desires and wildest fantasies are more likely to be fulfilled in a free and easy, no-pressure, relaxed atmosphere.

Since Tahoe Players Dinner Parties are full-participation events, we'll ask you to…

  • Bring some food, drink, futons, and towels (plus bedding if you hope to stay over),
  • Enjoy yourself fully and include others wherever possible,
  • Do your part to keep the room clean and the play safe and respectful,
  • Take an active role in helping others to have a good time,
  • Help us make sure that everybody gets what they want without inappropriate behavior, drunkenness, or unwanted pressure.

If you only want to watch, our parties probably aren't for you. But that doesn't mean you have to super-experienced or do anything that doesn't float your cork. We just want you to know that anything can happen at our parties, including oral, anal, toys, hand jobs, group massage, 3somes, 4somes, daisy chains, same-sex play, swapping, squirting, bondage, domination, double penetration, etc. Even kissing! Or not if you say no.


If you're ready to join us, please do a few things to become eligible for invitations…

  • First, decide if you qualify. Are you friendly, fun-loving, fit, sexually open, mature, fastidiously clean, responsible about safe sex, completely healthy down there, and reasonably HWP (Height Weight Proportional)?
  • Second, we ask that each of you answer the questions at the end of this email completely honestly so we can truly find out about you.
  • Finally, let's talk by phone to check out our mutual chemistry.

If you click with us and we click with you, then we'll email you an invitation a few weeks before each party. (No barrage of spam, we promise.) Your prompt response will help us plan and make sure there's room for you.

We hope you to get your reply soon. The friendships we've formed this way has made all our lives so much richer. Now we have many friends to go out with for camping, dining, dancing, concerts, and other social events. And to stay in with on cold nights!

Jeffre and Somraj
Tahoe Players (530) 587-1317

P.S. Feel free to call us if you have questions or just want to chat.
P.P.S. We invite you to check out the Tahoe Players web page here http://www.tantraattahoe.com/tahoe-players/ at our big website.


Please, both of you, email us answers to the following questions so we can get to know you. Be honest as there are no wrong answers. Use your first initial before each answer so we learn what you each want. We promise to keep everything strictly confidential.

  1. What are your first names and ages?

  2. What city do you live in?

  3. What are your profile names in SwingLifeStyle.com, AdultFriendFinders.com, or other dating sites?

  4. How long have you been together, lived together, and been swinging together?

  5. How much swinging have you done and what kind of open-lifestyle experience do you have (totally new, watching, same-room sex, full-swap, hooking up at clubs, same-sex play, MFM or FMF 3somes, large groups, BDSM, etc.)

  6. What do you like? What are your sexual preferences? What desires do you want more of? What new experiences and wild fantasies would you like to try (i.e. oral, anal, vaginal, fluids, fisting, bondage, domination, pain, double penetration, group size, age preferences, racial issues, body or genital size, etc.)?

  7. What critical dislikes, playing limits, or swinging boundaries would you like others to honor sometimes or always (i.e. oral, anal, vaginal, fluids, fisting, bondage, domination, pain, double penetration, group size, age preferences, racial issues, others' body or genital size, etc.)?

  8. Men and women, if you have the "right chemistry" with someone, are you open to having a bisexual experience? If so, how comfortable would you be at what level (i.e. watching or don't want to even see it, incidental contact, massaging, caressing, genital touching, sex toy play, oral sex, anal sex, joining a trio, etc.)?

  9. What are your usual safe sex practices and latest STD test results?

  10. What are you hoping will happen and what would you like to experience at the perfect Tahoe Players evening?

  11. What are both of your home and cell phone numbers and email addresses (we promise discretion at all times)?

  12. What questions and concerns do you have that would help you feel more comfortable and excited if they were answered? And what suggestions do you have so far?

Please send your answers by email to TahoePlayers (at gmail dot com) as soon as you can with attached current photos that include both of you from head to toe showing at least your faces and as much other skin as you want. We'll share some of your responses with just a few core group members with utmost discretion to protect your confidentiality. And we'll get back to you as soon as we can to set up a time to talk by phone or in person.

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