Friends & Lovers...

Please use this form to register for our next Tahoe Players Dinner Party.
The registration fee is $20 per person.

PLEASE NOTE: We're not trying to make any money on these fun get-togethers with the likes of you. We just want to make sure that whoever hosts each party is reimbursed for their out-of-pocket costs. The following fee covers basic expenses for appetizers, snacks, beverages, household supplies, etc.

Depending on how we all agree to handle dinner (pot-luck, catered, etc.), there might be an additional cost at the door, but you'll know about it beforehand.

By registering using the link below, you're agreeing that you're consenting adults who...

  1. Are interested in full-swap sexual play with other mature consenting adults,
  2. Are OK that others around you may be doings things beyond your comfort zone,
  3. Agree not to do anything you don't want to,
  4. Agree to play according to Tahoe Players Etiquette guidelines (please click to review),
  5. Are disease-free and willing to be tested regularly for HIV,
  6. Agree to let us post your pictures and questionnaire answers on a password protected section of our website (with first names only without emails addresses or phone numbers).

Click on the REGISTER button to pay $20 per person using your credit card on our website's state-of-the-art safe encrypted shopping cart. The quantity defaults to 2 for a couple attending. If you're a single, threesome, or family who's been invited, please change the quantity as appropriate.


To Refer Your Friends...

If you have friends and lovers you'd like to see invited, that's wonderful. We just want them to go through the simple screening that we all did to insure total compatibility. So please don't just give them the address to this page. Give them the URL for this page...

How To Get Invited To Tahoe Players Dinner Parties

which is

Or you could give them the TahoePlayers email ( or use the email form on this page...

Tahoe Players



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