Would you like to attend a classy party where you were sure everyone was carefully selected to be age, physically, and sexually compatible? If you like fun and frolic with sexy friends, then we hope you'll join Tahoe Players. We're a small circle of compatible mature adults who enjoy each other's company at small, intimate monthly dinner parties in Northern California and Nevada followed by free consensual sensual play. Don't you believe life is fuller when we can safely give free reign to all of our desires in a safe environment? We invite you to share the finer things of life with us: food, wine, conversation, nature, and pleasuring each other's bodies.


We're looking for other adventuresome, responsible, compatible, hedonistic adults (40 +) who want to make friends for outdoor and indoor fun. You don't have to be real experienced to join us, just open-minded, willing, healthy, fit (reasonably HWP = height-weight proportionate), active, and playful. We screen new members to insure everyone wants what we want: to laugh, play, and enjoy life fully together while sharing sexual partners in a safe circle of like-minded, conscious, consenting adults. To balance the sexes, we prefer couples but sometimes welcome singles. We've done this for years, so we know what works for us and how to engage others in the most delightful fun and games.


Just a few couples (maximum 10 people) meet every month or so at our beautiful mountain home in Truckee, California or elsewhere around the Reno Tahoe area. We dress casually but sensually for our quality but relaxed dinners where participation is key. We like to get to know new members first so that we're all comfortable and start building chemistry. You'll be asked to be responsible for one small part of the celebration, like hors d'oeuvres, snacks, or mixer activities. Our social hour, dinner, and intimate ice-breakers help everyone get comfortable, get real, and get turned on to others. After the warm-ups, you can start slow, start fast, or go for anything with anyone with mutual consent. If you only want to watch and never go for full swap, our parties aren't for you. Often we combine our evening events with skiing, biking, hiking, concerts, and other entertainments that the paradise of Lake Tahoe has to offer.


To be invited to our parties by email, we ask that you first...

  • Answer a few questions by email so we're both sure you fit in.
  • Send us head-to-toe photos of both of you (as dressed or undressed as you like).
  • Talk with us by phone.
  • Agree that you want to play our way.


Read How To Get Invited To Tahoe Players Dinner Parties and email us answers to the questions at the end.

You can also contact us at our private, discreet Tahoe Players email.



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