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Tantric Massage from Tantra At Tahoe

Tantric Massage Is A Sensual Introduction To Tantric Energy

Tantric Massage Proves That Pleasure Is Your Birthright

Tantric Massage is a sacred ritual celebrating a woman's native affinity for what feels good.

Oh Goddess, accept your innate beauty, wisdom, and power.

Pleasure is your birthright. Supreme Bliss is your destiny. Your body, mind, and spirit know how to soar to ecstatic heights so you can learn to merge totally with your beloved.

If you let it in. With your permission, I can help you let it in.

Tantric Massage teaches your body to sink into the true Goddess essence that is you. Let me help you reclaim your true Shakti. That's what Supreme Bliss Tantra calls the Goddess power within you.

Feel Kundalini Energy Coursing Through Your Physical Temple

Tantric Massage is unique in that your energy (and words where necessary) guide my hands. With your direction, I live to nurture that glorious part of you that is divine.

As you wish, I will teach your body to tune-in to sensual Tantric Energy, what the ancients called Kundalini. We will work with your breath, your pelvic muscles, your voice, and the power of visualization to slowly awaken all your senses.

When you know how to activate the Goddess within, you will have the power to soar in ecstasy with the slightest touch. Then you will have the power to guide any lover to give you want you desire in each moment.

Regale Me With Your Trust So That I May Soar In Gratitude

You will feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed before we take any step in the sacred space we co-create. I will be fully present with you and awed if you choose to share any of your innermost secrets with me.

You are the Goddess I serve, I act only with your blessing. Forget any body issues you're hanging on to. It's your inner beauty that speaks most loudly to me if you choose to show your real self.

My spirituality extends to my full consciousness of preventing STDs. Though our spirits may merge intimately, our fluids won't, as they haven't with other clients.

Let me share a bit of myself with you and  leave something of my heart with you.

Let Me Help You Reach Untold Heights

Tantric Massage may include therapeutic, sensual, and erotic massage as you choose. My Tantric services also include live coaching, phone sessions, and hands-on instruction.

If you desire, I can help you...

  • Fully surrender to higher levels of Supreme Bliss
  • Heal old wounds and traumas blocking your sexual energy flows
  • Free your orgasmic response so you can enjoy extended and expanded, longer and stronger orgasms
  • Become truly multi-orgasmic blending inner and outer, clitoral and G-Spot orgasms
  • Deepen intimacy with yourself and your partner
  • Learn how to teach your male lover ejaculatory control
  • Awaken the ecstatic response hidden in your sacred G-Spot
  • Rekindle your dormant sexual desire
  • Realize the Goddess within

Unbridled, uninhibited pleasure is the essence of your Goddess nature. Sink into the vast empty sky of inner stillness while experiencing torrents of ecstatic passion. All you have to do is reach for it.

Women, let me worship the Goddess in you.


What Is Tantric Massage

Guided, hands-on, sensual bodywork or erotic Tantric touch that helps you awaken your orgasmic responses and open to the vast vistas of pleasure lying dormant inside you. Click HERE for more information and secure on-line sign-up.

Tantric Massage Sign-Up Info from Tantra At Tahoe

Describe Tantric Massage

Welcome to our beautifully decorated Tantric temple, replete with exotic music and titillating scents. Together we'll create a safe space, an energetic bubble, a sacred crucible where your Goddess nature will be honored, revered, and empowered. In each moment, you choose how intimate and explicit the session becomes.

Receive sensual, enriching, and erotic touch. Learn to relax completely. Let me honor your body and spirit. Soak up the adoration you richly deserve. Let me caress you sensuously all over once we establish any off-limits places and boundaries which I'll honor scrupulously.

Feel orgasmic energy coursing through the temple of your physical body. You'll feel so safe and comfortable that you'll experience ecstasy without resistance. Bask deeper and deeper into the pure joy of receiving pleasure. Surrender to your divine nature.

Sexual Healing Massage

Tantric Massage aims to give you as much pleasure as you can absorb and more. If you don't know what turns you on, we can explore some steps of glorious discovery. I can provide sexual healing release of old unwanted energy that blocks the free flow of your kundalini to overcome programmed inhibitions and sexual abuse.

Life stress, lost love, and sexual trauma can block the unfettered flow of your natural sexual energy. Through Tantric Massage, together we can release the barriers to your divine Shakti. If you're unsatisfied with your sexual response, we can include sexual healing within your Tantric Massage. If you have numb, painful, or unresponsive areas that you'd like to awaken, this hands-on work/play is a better place to start.

The emphasis of sexual healing is to release old wounding and open inactive energy channels. The issues stored in your tissues may need multiple gentle sessions to allow you to let go, heal, and unveil your native sensuality. The result is an amazing increase in sensitivity and delight.

Nothing Is More Important Than That You Feel Good

In addition, I can offer Tantric training, relationship coaching, and sexual healing through the sacred pursuit of pleasure.

Whatever you choose, rest assured that our focus will respect your desires, your pace, and your unique needs. Click HERE for more information and secure on-line sign-up.

Tantric Massage Sign-Up Info from Tantra At Tahoe

Who Provides Your Tantric Massage

Somraj is a certified bodyworker, Tantric mentor, and skilled leader of sacred rituals. He has been a coach, trainer, and personal growth facilitator for tens of thousands of people since 1969. Somraj is the author of 7 books, dozens of articles, and countless how-to manuals about Supreme Bliss Tantra and team-building. He is a private pilot, avid skier, mountain bike rider, website designer, and worshipper of the Goddess. Somraj derives great joy from assisting others in releasing sexual inhibitions that block their pleasure so they can make lovemaking last with unlimited ecstasy.

Jeffre is a highly experienced Tantra teacher and shamanic energy healer with over 30 years of clinical experience specializing in relationships and human sexuality. As co-founder of Tantra At Tahoe, she has co-authored three acclaimed books about love, sex, and relationship. Jeffre is an artist, and avid skier who lives in the paradise of California's Sierra Nevada Mountains.

What Clients Say...

"Dear Somraj- You the MAN! And I mean that is the kindest way! (not to be confused with 'the man' of government/institutions/police etc.) In fact, the time I spent with you was EXACTLY the opposite of that! Kind, caring, compassionate, gentle and you helped to opened my intuition even further! I remembered past lives when we were lovers and friends and even Great Worshippers of the Goddess! I know it wasn't 'part of the session' but the 'BFE' I had with you blew my mind in a fantastic way! It was wonderful, warm, sensitive, sweet, soooo sexy and HOT! Something I will NEVER ever forget! Your unconditional love and lack of judgment made me feel so safe, cared for and CHERISHED! The way you touched me reminded of what a precious gift I am to the world. Jeffre is NOT ONLY a beautiful Goddess but also A VERY blessed woman to have YOU as her man. I feel blessed by both of you that I was able to share so intimately with you!" ---Dr. Corynna Clarke, Southern California

"The best thing was the gentle approach that created a safe place to walk through my fears. Now I have feelings and awarenesses in my body that I have seriously longed for."  V.N., Auburn

"I learned to see my own energy moving through my body which increased the energetic connection with my partner."  C.U., Berkeley

"The exercise freed up some very early memories and helped me to let go deeply! I feel sensory and energetically re-awakened. Very profound experience!" C.D., Tuolomne

Sign-Up Now For Your Tantric Massage

Click HERE for more information and secure on-line sign-up.

Tantric Massage Sign-Up Info from Tantra At Tahoe
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