Each Private Tantra Workshop is tailored towards what you're looking for and what you want to concentrate on. The underlying program structure is based on four phases: Sensual, Sexual Healing, Erotic, and Multiple Orgasms.

Each phase typically requires around a full day of training, but may require more or less depending on the specific sexual techniques you want to include and your individual rate of progress.

Later phases are usually part of our yearlong Advanced Tantric Initiation which is built around 14 days of live training and extensive long-distance coaching.

Here's a rough sketch of what each phase concentrates on. Click here for greater details on the Private Tantra Workshop Skills of Phase 1 through 4 at the bottom of this page.



Sexual Healing


Multiple Orgasms

Kama Sutra Love Making

Purpose Learning basic exercises to open the senses and increase feeling throughout the body via the four cornerstones ecstasy: sound, breath, movement, and presence. Opening energy channels and healing physical blockages so the body can relax in high states of sexual arousal. Learning Tantric exercises to stream orgasmic energy, welcome pleasure, and massage erogenous zones. Learning to welcome higher levels of pleasure at higher peaks to extend lovemaking and experience multiple orgasms. Incorporating all Tantric energy tools including massage, manual, oral, anal, and genital stimulation in the myriad varieties of lovemaking positions.

Heart-centered Tantric Love Ritual

Partnering dialogue

How to talk about sex

Chakra Breathing Meditation

Building sexual muscles

Orgasmic breathing

Sensory awakening

Sensual massage

Smart sex

Ritual bathing

Quantum Light Breath Mediation

Merging yin & yang

Jewel communication

Pelvic healing massage

Genital release


Riding the tiger

Ritual undressing

How you like to be loved

Honoring the body ecstatic

Kundalini Meditation

Streaming energy

Erotic massage

Heart wave

Chakra Sounds Meditation

Sexual feedback

Genital massage

Sacred G-Spot massage

MORE Session (multi-orgasmic response with ecstasy)

Chakra merging

Fire Meditation

Tantric oral sex & anal sex

Kama Sutra lovemaking positions

Wave of bliss

(Phases 5 to 10 are usually part of our yearlong Advanced Tantric Initiation.)


Private Tantra Workshop Skills

PHASE 1 ==============================

FOCUS:  Summoning Orgasmic Energy

AIMS:  How to a create ritual sacred space in which you can be completely present, open your senses fully, get into your body, and summon orgasmic energy using Tantric Breathing.



  • Create a sacred space by invoking the energies you want to include in your space and cleansing those you want to exclude.
  • Explain, negotiate, and co-create joint desires and boundaries for lovemaking and Tantric practice together.
  • Routinely activate all your senses (sight, smell, sound, taste, touch) to activate your orgasmic energy flow?
  • Clear and focus your mind while engaging in Tantric practice and loveplay so you're not distracted by outside stresses, past experiences, or unrealistic expectations.
  • Cleanse, energize, and tune into your chakras, your sacred energy centers, so your channels are open.
  • Use the 4 Cornerstones Of Supreme Bliss and the 5 parts of Tantric Breathing to activate your kundalini and expand your passion.
  • Open your voice to express your excitement and supercharge your turn on.
  • Relax and loosen up your body so you're free to move passionately.
  • Build strong and supple Tantric Sex Muscles to amplify your orgasms, extend your sexual stamina, and pump orgasmic energy into your whole body.
  • Give sensual massage so you can feel your partner's energy flow in your body.
  • Channel orgasmic waves of pleasure with the subtlest of stimulation while receiving sensual massage.

PHASE 2 ========================

FOCUS: Sexual Healing

AIMS: Learn how to release energy blockages, armored tissues, and deep-seated inhibitions to pleasure through honoring your erogenous zones, self-pleasuring, and exchanging pelvic massage.

SEXUAL TECHNIQUES: Self-Pleasuring & Anal Massage


  • Use sexual healing to overcome sexual wounding and abuse.
  • Improve your relationship with your jewels (genitals) so that you hear their inner voice and work together for maximum turn-on.
  • Fully accept your body just the way it is so you can get into it fully and feel more.
  • Release anti-ecstatic social taboos, religious conditioning, and deep-seated inhibitions that get in the way of what you want.
  • Use Tantric Breathing to release resistance, dissolve blockages, and transform negative energy.
  • Open your energy channels by cleansing your emotions of shame and guilt.
  • Give deep pelvic massage to release solidified dense energies and loosen your sexual tissues.
  • Find and relax pelvic "hot spots," sensitive or numb areas resulting from sexual armoring.
  • Develop a balance of your Yin (energetic receptivity and surrender) and Yang (dynamic leadership consciousness) roles to blend masculine and feminine energies.

PHASE 3 ========================

FOCUS: Erotic Streaming Kundalini

AIMS:  Learn to identify what you want in each moment, ask for it in a way that inspires your partner, and relax during high states of arousal by surrendering to receiving pleasure so you can stream and direct your kundalini (sacred sexual energy) at will for more and more passion.

SEXUAL TECHNIQUE: Jewel (genital) massage


  • Make a sacred ritual out of simple bonding practices like eye-gazing, bathing, and undressing.
  • Clearly identify what brings you maximum pleasure and what you want sexually in each moment.
  • Self-pleasure with pride in front of your beloved and with confidence while alone so you can give yourself supreme bliss.
  • Use self-pleasuring to discover what feels good and how to create more and more ecstasy.
  • Freely ask for what you want in each moment openly and compassionately.
  • Stream kundalini to spread turn-on between your chakras, throughout your whole body, and with your partner at will.
  • Fill and expand your pleasure balloon, that imaginary flexible container that makes you feel sexual excitement, to expand and extend your capacity to feel passion.
  • Remain fully relaxed while you're super turned on in a high state of arousal.
  • Synchronize Tantric Breathing together so it makes you feel more connected energetically.
  • Massage your partner's jewels (genitals) just they way they want it to bring them to higher and higher states of ecstasy

PHASE 4 =============================

FOCUS: Multiple Orgasms

AIMS: Getting in sync with your own and your partner's mind, body, and spirit by being transparently responsive and intimately connected at all levels in order to strengthen your orgasms and expand your orgasmic repertoire to be able to enter the Tantric O-Zone (continuous expanded Tantric Orgasm Zone) at will.

SEXUAL TECHNIQUES: G-Spot Massage & MORE (Multi-Orgasmic Response with Ecstasy) Session


  • Merge the energy of your chakras with those of your beloved.
  • Peak, direct your excitement to rise sharply and then drop before exploding so you can make love longer and rise higher and higher.
  • Plateau or maintain a peak level of turn-on for an extended period of time.
  • Dance of the verge of orgasmic explosion indefinitely for higher and higher passion and multiple orgasms.
  • Be a responsive passionate lover who shows their turn-on and guide their lover to give them maximum pleasure.
  • Read your lover's signals and respond to them to do the perfect thing in each moment.
  • Learn to surrender to your lover's pleasure needs in each moment.
  • Learn to surrender to your own pleasure needs in each moment.
  • Learn to balance your own and your lover's pleasure needs in each moment.
  • Find and awaken your own Sacred Gate to enjoy G-Spot orgasms.
  • Find and awaken your beloved's Sacred Gate to help them enjoy G-Spot orgasms.
  • Expand your repertoire of orgasms so you can enjoy multiple kinds from a whole range of sources.
  • Strengthen and lengthen your orgasmic response so your climaxes are longer stronger.
  • For him, how to separate ejaculation from orgasm to overcome premature ejaculation and increase sexual stamina.
  • For her, how to be able to ejaculate to enhance pleasure and intensify orgasms.

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