Private Tantra Lessons Teach You Tantric Sex, Kama Sutra LoveMaking, or Spiritual Sexuality

Jeffre and Somraj from Tantra At TahoeOur Private Tantra Lessons are half-hour telephone training sessions with Jeffre and Somraj, the founders of and masters of Supreme Bliss Tantra. Your private lesson can be focused on one specific, practical principle, tool, or technique that you're interested in.

Or if your seeking to learn Tantric Sex, Kama Sutra LoveMaking, or Spiritual Sexuality, we'll design a program to take you through a series of short training sessions ultimately getting you where you want to go.

If you're interested in knowing what you'd learn in one of our Private Tantra Workshops, you can ask us to direct your private lesson on one specific workshop.

Your Private Tantra Lessons Can Concentrate On...

  • Unleashing dormant sexual passion
  • Answering questions that have been nagging you forever
  • Teaching you world-class sexual techniques
  • Putting your mind at ease
  • Activating your energy channels and body circuits

Now You Have A Personal Tantra Trainer You Can Trust

Jeffre phoneWhen you were growing up, who did you go to for straight talk about sex? Who can you confide in now? Most of us never had a supportive, knowledgeable coach to deal with one of the most demanding -- and potentially delightful -- aspects of living, your sex life.

Now you do. Jeffre and Somraj, seasoned, sensitive counselors and sacred sex trainers, want to help you.

After decades of writing, counseling, training, researching, and personal practice, it's clear that the answers are out there. Yes, powerful tools do exist to make your sex life totally ecstatic. We know because they've revolutionized our own sex life to amazing new levels. And it keeps getting better and better.

Your Private Tantra Lessons Give You What You Need NOW!

Do you simply want or really need...

  • High-quality advice about your or your lover's bodies and sexual responses,
  • A chance to talk with a trusted confidant about most your personal issues,
  • Solutions to problems you can put into practice tonight,
  • Suggestions about how to try something new or different,
  • Guidance because you're inexperienced and don't know what to do, or
  • Coaching to make your lovemaking more passionate and more sacred.

Frank, Expert Advice You've Craved For Years

Your personalized training sessions will transform, intensify, and supercharge your sex life. Each short telephone presentation will answer all your burning questions about one specific aspect of lovemaking, sacred sex, or intimacy. At last you can receive the frank advice you've craved for years about spirituality, sexuality, and how they work together. At last you'll know exactly how to relate to your beloved and what to do in bed tonight to make your wildest and wettest dreams come true!

Your Private Tantra Lesson with an expert about love, sex, and spirit is just a phone call away. We're available just about anytime you need something. Now, there's no reason to lug your questions, doubts, and worries about sex, love, spirituality, and life around with you.

Do You Need Somebody To Talk To?

Somraj phoneYou can talk openly with us about anything. We're entirely open-minded. Nothing you say or ask can shock us. Supreme Bliss Tantra says yes to whatever you want so we place no limits on your private 30 minutes with us. It's up to you if you feel more comfortable working with a male or female coach for your private, personalized lesson.

If you want input on a sexual question or spiritual challenge, need to improve a specific lovemaking skill, or are interested in exploring a sexual fantasy we're happy to help you. In our decades of experience, we've dealt with more subjects than you could ever imagine. In the unusual case that we don't have an instant answer, we have extensive resources to discover the information you need rapidly.

Getting Started Now Is Only A Safe, Secure Click Away

Email us to register for your Private Tantra Lesson. Please be sure to put the topic or workshop subject you want your lesson focused on in the Special Order Instructions box  near the end of our shopping cart check out pages. Also use this box if you to request a male (Somraj) or female (Jeffre) Supreme Bliss Tantra  expert.

Your Privacy Is Important To Us

We never sell, rent, or release your account information to anyone, ever.

If you have questions, concerns, or worries, please click here to review our Frequently Asked Questions.

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