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  • Revolutionize how you feel sensations in your body!
  • Transform your intimacy into a spiritual rapture!
  • Open your inner channels to surges of powerful energy!
  • Make each lovemaking session an ecstatic high!

You've decided that you want to include these joys of Tantra in your life path and merge sex with spirit. You're sure you want to heighten the intimacy in your relationship or find one that can transform your life through sacred sexuality. Maybe you've read about the Kama Sutra and Eastern sexuality, but you've discovered rightly that you can only transform your sexuality through practice.

What's the best route for learning the bedrock practices of Tantra? You could read how-to books. But how will you know if you're doing things right? You could attend a group workshop for $600 to $1500. But you may not want to be nude and sexual in public. You could receive private instruction for hundreds of dollars. But you would have to search around for a local instructor that you trust.

At Tantra At Tahoe, we believe the best way, the traditional way, for you to learn Tantra is through private Tantric Initiation - where we personally demonstrate and coach you in person. We offer intensive private two-day sessions for those who are totally committed to incorporate sacred sexual practice into their lovemaking. But what if you're not ready for the total commitment?

As an easy first step to learning Tantra, we've transformed the first stage of our Tantric Initiation into a teleseminar course that you can afford. And you can study and practice in the comfort and privacy of your own bedroom. After you register, we send you materials: books, CDs, emails. Then we schedule three 1-hour telephone sessions in which we teach you and guide your exercises through real-time dialogue. Afterwards, we have a fourth telephone session in which your questions lead the discussion.

What's covered? Charge Your Spirit With Passion teaches our Heart-Centered Tantric Love Ritual, a universal format for all your sacred sexual encounters. You learn how to create a sacred space, honor your beloved, connect energetically, revitalize all your chakras, and much more. The core practice of this personalized curriculum is Sexual Breathing, turning the physical actions of orgasm into tools to heighten your passion consciously and reverently. You learn the four cornerstones of ecstasy - Tantric breath, stimulating sound, energizing movement, and mental focus.

What will you experience by learning to Charge Your Spirit With Passion? How to merge spirit with sex. How to honor the body as a divine temple. How to touch Tantrically. How to open to the unrestricted flow of orgasmic energy.

If you want to incorporate sacred sexuality into your relationship or attract the perfect partner, Charge Your Spirit With Passion is the essential bedrock for your Tantra practice. Start now and in one month you'll be a confident practitioner of Tantra.


4 weekly sessions: 3 one-hour seminars, plus one half-hour personalized follow-up


TeleSeminar with Jeffre & Somraj for singles or couples


$299 Single; $399 Couple

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