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Spirituality Listings

Welcome to our Spirituality Listings section which includes valuable websites we use in our work, plus other sex-positive and helpful sites that support what we're doing with Supreme Bliss Tantra and Kama Sutra Tantra.

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Spirituality Listings

Self Improvement from SelfGrowth.com- - SelfGrowth.com is the most complete guide to information about Self Improvement on the Internet.

Osho, the Science of Meditation site based on the works of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh who started so many Americans on the Tantric path and was our teacher's master. We've accepted Osho as our spiritual leader since his books and tapes speak so clearly to our personal evolution.

The Chakras: A simple clear color-coded introduction to the chakras from the Learning Meditation website.

Abraham-Hicks: Happiness, prosperity, and health in abundance! Esther Hicks is a motivational speaker who delivers a message of Joy and Creation through dialogue with a group of spiritually evolved teachers who call themselves Abraham. Abraham's teachings of reality creation help you have, do, or be whatever you want. Abraham-Hicks Publications offers you books, tapes, videos, workshops and transcripts of dialogues with Abraham. Fun, inspiring messages and original processes guide you to a clear connection with your Inner Being, and from there anything you want is possible.

Human Awareness Institute: The Human Awareness Institute (HAI) is all about enhancing people's lives through more effective living and a greater realization of the power of love. Through a series of workshops, HAI invites you to become a potent, loving and fully realized human being.

Awaken Visions is a domain of TRUTH, BEAUTY and INSPIRATION. Visionary Art by Daniel B. Holeman includes dolphins, whales, angels, mandalas, sacred spaces and landscapes of imagination that speak the language of the soul. Quality prints on canvas, web design and graphic services, free art e-postcards, recommended movies and reading. Themes of awakening and coming home to the TRUE SELF.

AstroStar Astrology Free Love Horoscopes, Astrology and Metaphysical articles, discount books, twin souls and astrology messages and chat boards, and more. Guaranteed to have something you haven't seen before.

Exotic India: The Internet's largest Retail Store for Indian Arts and Crafts. On this store you will find the choicest collection of Miniature Paintings, Wood and Stone Sculptures, Exotic Jewelry in Sterling Silver and Gemstones, Brass and Bronze Statues, and the finest Thangkas on the web in our Buddhist Art Section. Also featured on the site are traditional Indian Folk Arts, an online Bookstore for Indian arts, Tanjore art, and an astonishing collection of Batik Art works, all at never before and unbeatable prices.

Spiritual Response Therapy: Experience profound healing through Spiritual Response Therapy! Discover the remarkable freedom from anxiety and stress. At last, higher quality of life and relationships, risk free!

The Family of Light: The Family of Light is an international mobile healing center, offering healing, channeling, and educational forums around the globe.

HowMuchJoy.com: Practical tools for creative dreamers

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