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Welcome to our Erotic Product & Services Listings section which includes valuable websites we use in our work, plus other sex-positive and helpful sites that support what we're doing with Supreme Bliss Tantra and Kama Sutra Tantra.

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Erotic Products & Services - Character Photo References for 3D Artists and Game Developers - Figure Drawing and Pose Resource for
Artists - Figure Drawing and Pose Resource for
Artists - Environment Textures for 3D Artists and Game
Developers - The World's Biggest CG Tutorials Website

Erotic Hypnosis: Designed to stimulate the core of your desires. Utilize the power of your subconscious mind to stimulate your sexual senses!

Charm Health: Your Wellness is Our Priority. We have best herbs, minerals, vitamins, liquid vitamin, food supplements, sports nutrition products and beauty care products. We carry full line of CELLFOOD, Sea Silver, Herbalife and Vitamin Power. Erotic books, photography, reviews, contests, and videos for the both of you.

Bodypainting Studio and Gallery: We do Erotic Shooting, Bodypainting and Bodyart, Model-Casting, Setcards and much more. CASTING and MODELS.

All Things Divine: Erotic Tantra and Kama Sutra Batiks. The workmanship and quality is superb. Each batik is done individually by hand in a village from South India.

L'Autre Femme: We strongly recommend this web Lingerie Costuming site. They've put together a whimsical reservoir of helpful suggestions and costumes to tickle your fancy (and his).  Dip your toes a little at a time, or jump in with a splash.  We offer ideas to fit you, whatever your personality or mood.  A seductive spy? An arresting cop? A naughty nurse? Your imagination is the only limit. At your service anytime, L'Autre Femme is here to provide you with ideas for variation; whimsical, spicy, groovy and anything else you want it to be. Spice and groove for every mood.

Siren's Secrets: Your ultimate resource for Exotic Fashion, Sexy Beauty & Hot Fun. Ancient times tell of Sirens whose voices would make a man forget all else - and at last their song would steal his life away. Begin your journey here and discover the power of attraction through sexy, romantic, exotic lingerie, dancewear & costumes. Siren's Secrets makes it easy for people with busy lifestyles to heighten the allure with Cool Exotic Wear, Sexy Beauty & Hot Fun, all in one place. At Siren's Secrets you can take your feelings, thoughts, visions and/or moods and turn it to your sexual advantage for more passionate exciting experiences. Have fun shopping and tell all your friends about Siren's Secrets - the World's most unique Exotic Fashion & Romance Etailer.

YoniArt: Tantric sculptures, divine erotic art and yoni products hand sculpted by Leonard Leinow. These unique sacred objects can be used on a Tantric altar or as special gifts. The ceramic products include yoni shaped pipes, incense and candle holders. His Tantric sculptures include the balanced blend of spirituality with sexuality together with the merging of the masculine and feminine energies.

Exotic India: The one stop shop for all Indian arts. This is a great, huge site of all sorts of paintings, wall hangings, sculpture, jewelry, textiles, and more from India. Prices are extremely reasonable and delivery amazingly quick. We've purchased beautiful erotic pictures from them and trust them implicitly.

Igniters of the Heart

Lifedance Center: Welcome to a Joyous Journey into the Passionate Dance of Life For Women & Men. We are committed to creating beautiful, nurturing, safe/sacred and fun environments that provide transformation in Life Purpose, Relationships, Sensuality, and Self-image/awareness/movement. Enticing, enlightening & educational Resources, Articles, Photos, and Guestbook.

Total-Well-Being: Harmony of body, mind, and spirit - mental and physical health and fitness through diet, exercise, nutritional supplements, and information to enhance personal vitality and self esteem.

Malessentials & Femalessentials: Millions of Hits, 50 States, 30 Countries and Now 6 Languages! Hair Loss, Supplement, Relationships. Get our FREE Digital Catalog! 

Obvious Intentions: Lingerie for all occasions, from Fine to Risque.We endeavor to bring you a wide selection of fine to risque lingerie for all occasions: thongs, panties, kama sutra products, bras, sexy lingerie, fantasy costumes, leather lingerie, corsets, plus size lingerie, baby dolls, garter belts, men's lingerie, bridal lingerie, bustiers, Tatiana Fashions and much more! Our mission is to provide you excellent customer service, a large selection of quality products and affordable prices. Last, but not least, to help you make your intentions obvious!

Sexual New Zealand: Health Care Products & Unisex Education Guide to Sexuality: Sexual Products, Articles and Remedies for a Better Sex Life. Sex Positions Techniques, Sex Enhancers & Stimulants to Heighten Sexual Activity. Sex Toys, Lingerie, Videos, DVD's, Adult Dating and Health Care Articles.

Polyamory: An Unconditional Love