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Supreme Bliss Tantra Guide To The Ecstasy Of Spiritual Sex by Somraj Pokras & Jeffre TallTrees
Our ebook, "The Supreme Bliss Tantra Guide To The Ecstasy Of Spiritual Sex," is a rich, easy-to-follow, how-to guide that you can use to teach yourself the joys of Spiritual Sex. Though it's designed for those who don't know much about Tantra, many of the 101 exercises in our richly-illustrated lovemaking manual are great for lovers of all ages. "Supreme Bliss Tantra" teaches you how to merge sex and spirit, make loveplay sacred, deepen your love and connection, and unleash your dormant passion to soar in awesome ecstasy. It will open your eyes and senses to a completely new way to approach intimacy, sex, and life in general. With the Tantric Attitude, you'll find every sexual encounter will be fun, fresh, and exciting. Our sex love guide is much more action-oriented than just ideas that can change your life. It contains step-by-step instructions for 36 journalling/discussion exercises, 34 solo practices, and 31 partner trainings. You can download your copy right now by clicking here.

Tantric G-Spot Orgasm & Female Ejaculation: Awakening Her Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss by Somraj Pokras & Jeffre TallTrees
Here's the complete guidebook to supercharge your sexual play with Female Ejaculation and Tantric G-Spot Orgasms of incredible power and emotional sweetness. No longer will your or your lover's G-Spot be mysterious and elusive. Read our latest ebook to know exactly how to awaken it, find it, and touch it for supreme pleasure. With frank language, step-by-step instructions, real pictures, and clear charts, you'll learn how to excite the G-Spot with fingers, tongues, and sexual intercourse. Our new how-to sex manual guides you to expand your capacity for pleasure by giving and receiving the amazing ecstasy of Female Ejaculation. And it comes with a 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee! You can download your copy right now by clicking here.

Tantric Male Multiple G-Spot Orgasm: Awakening His Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss by Somraj Pokras & Jeffre TallTrees
Become every man's dream lover and have unlimited male multiple orgasms with our new Tantric Sex ebook. Tantric Male Multiple G-Spot Orgasm teaches how to give and receive the ecstatic pleasure of male prostate massage. It's chock full of frank, accurate, detailed, up-to-date information and 49 graphic color photos and charts about male sexual anatomy. Our male G-Spot ebook includes 47 exciting solo and hands-on partner practices that will show you exactly how to find, excite, and create incredible pleasure from your own or your partner's G-Spot. Tantric Male Multiple G-Spot Orgasm is for both givers and receivers of male erotic massage who crave enormous confidence in giving their male partners exquisite ecstasy only imagined in the most erotic dreams. Only $19.99 and we're so sure you'll love it that it comes with a 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee!.

Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery: The Ultimate Ecstatic Solution to Premature Ejaculation by Somraj Pokras.
The long name of Somraj's new electronic Tantra book is How to Make Love For As Long As Your Partner Wants, While You Experience More Ecstasy Than You Ever Imagined Possible. Not only is it his story of using sacred sexuality to transform his orgasmic response, but it includes 50 exercises that will teach you to cure premature ejaculation and become an orgasm master yourself. Instead of being a dry medical manual, it's a pull-no-punches, down-to-earth, tell-it-like-it-is workable program that anyone can put into practice. And being a Tantric story, it's not about controlling and restricting your natural excitement, but rather it's about you enjoying undreamed of pleasure for amazingly long periods of time. You can download your copy right now by clicking here.

Hotter Sex Deeper Love: A Couples Guide For Ultimate Intimacy by Orv. Fry and Jeffre TallTrees
A practical couples manual for hotter sex and deeper connection with never-ending intimacy, partnership, and passion based on the 13 Essential Keys for happy love and juicy sex. Its 254-pages include practical relationship tools, step-by-step sexual techniques, and real stories of actual lovers breakthroughs. It's 25 short chapters, 41 step-by-step exercises, and extensive appendix covers the whole spectrum from talking and touching, to kissing and lovemaking, to oral sex and anal play. This clear, user-friendly lovemaking guide will teach you to be a better, more confident lover with a richer sex life rooted in ever-growing emotional sweetness and sexual intimacy. If you want a fulfilling marriage with great sex or a long-term relationship with lightning-charged passion, you need this breakthrough how-to guide with its dozens of better sex tips and joyful relationship tools for deeper love and hotter passion. You can download your copy right now by clicking here.

Sacred Sexuality For Ecstatic Pleasure, Tantric Orgasm, & Personal Transformation by Somraj Pokras & Jeffre TallTrees

The best way to begin learning Tantra is by reading our mini-ebook, Tantric Sex Life. In it we've collected the essence of how you can begin using ancient Tantric secrets right now in your own home. It's richly illustrated, clearly explained, and answers questions like what is Tantra, how is Tantric LovePlay different from average sex, what is sexual energy, and how can Tantra deepen relationship intimacy. It's a great summary you can read and enjoy in less than an hour.

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Recommended Tantric Books

Dating Insider: The Ultimate Guide To Meeting, Attracting, & Seducing Women

This new book eliminates the hard road of dating and shows men exactly how to connect with the women they desire. Why do thousands of men around the world swear by this amazing book written FOR men ABOUT women? Because it's changed their love lives so dramatically! And it can change yours by giving you amazing romance and sex with women you never thought you'd have any hope with. Dating Insider is the first and only guide of this magnitude ever compiled. The information contained within this 452-page printed book provides more impact than any book ever. Dating Insider is packed with strategy after proven strategy, including over 1,000 "inside success secrets." You can download your copy right now by clicking here.

Soul Sex: Tantra for Two by Pala Copeland & Al Link

Soul Sex: Tantra for Two, shows couples how they can practically combine the two powerful forces of soul and sex to create a long-term, loving relationship. Through our mix of ancient Eastern sexual practices and modern western approaches to communication and intimacy lovers learn to connect in ways that are respectful, nourishing and lusty. Our emphasis in Soul Sex is on ardent monogamous relationship, why it is a spiritual practice, and how through it we can know God and serve the world. Thought-provoking discussions, personal anecdotes and precise but simple techniques inspire readers to apply these concepts in their daily lives. The observations and exercises we include are drawn from our own heady partnership and from the hundreds of couples we have had the privilege to teach at our Tantra sacred sex workshops. Detailed references to books, videos, music and online resources provide readers with opportunities to further explore relationship, sexuality and spirituality.

Tantric Books

The Art Of Sexual Ecstasy: The Path of Sacred Sexuality for Western Lovers by Margot Anand.
The landmark book on human sexuality makes the sacred lovemaking techniques of the East fully understandable to Western readers. It teaches a wide range of methods to enhance pleasure and deepen intimacy. This is the primer on which our Tantric training is based.

The Art Of Everyday Ecstasy: The Seven Tantric Keys for Bringing Passion, Spirit and Joy into Every Part of Your Life by Margot Anand.
In her latest book, Margot expands our definition of ecstasy and shows how we can harness its energy to help us live, work, and love more passionately, joyfully, and with true spiritual focus. Based on the spiritual path of Tantra, she shows how to use the natural energy system of our bodies -- the seven chakras -- as a map to ecstasy. With personal anecdotes, exercises, meditations, and rituals, The Art of Everyday Ecstasy shows us how to bring ecstatic energy into the body, mind, heart, and spirit -- "to embrace every moment in our totality, to respond bodily, feel from the heart, perceive with clarity, and be fully present to others and to life."

The Art Of Sexual Magic by Margot Anand.
The hardcover version of an advanced course in erotic enchantment and the magic of extended orgasm from the best-selling author of The Art of Sexual Ecstasy. This book takes the power of sexuality beyond mere lovemaking by showing readers how to generate intense sexual energy and use it as fuel for realizing personal and spiritual goals. Illustrated throughout with beautiful line drawings.

The Art Of Sexual Magic by Margot Anand.
The paperback edition of Margot's book.

The Art Of Sexual Magic: Cultivating Sexual Energy to Transform Your Life by Margot Anand.
The audio cassette edition of Margot's book.

The Heart Of Tantric Sex: A Unique Guide to Love and Sexual Fulfillment
This may be Somraj's favorite Tantric book of all time. It's a perfect blend of the Tantric weaving of heart, spirit, lust, ritual., and practicality. Diana is quite opinionated about many unique practices which all bear experimentation.

The Tantra Experience: Discourses on the Royal Song of Saraha by Osho Rajneesh.
Part 1 of Osho's lectures on the basic approach to life and sexuality that we call Tantra. For anyone who wants to go beyond sexual techniques and understand sacred sexuality, you definitely want to start here.

Tantric Transformation: Discourses on the Royal Song of Saraha by Osho Rajneesh.
Part 2 of Osho's lectures on the basic approach to life and sexuality that we call Tantra. For anyone who wants to go beyond sexual techniques and understand sacred sexuality, you definitely want to start here.

Tantra, The Supreme Understanding: Discourses on the Tantric Way of Tilopa's Song of Mahamudra by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
Osho's discourse on Tilopa's Song of Mahamudra moves beyond mere interpretation. Osho explains the essence of Tantra: "It has no attitude to look at life. It has no concepts, it is not a philosophy. It is not even a religion, it has no theology. It doesn't believe in words, theories, doctrines." Tantra says "yes" to everything, moving beyond dualism - it is acceptance. Osho shatters preconceptions, traditions, and ideas. His discourse is powerful, poetic and illuminating.

From Sex To Superconsciousness by Osho Rajneesh
Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, now known as Osho, present the most amazing discussion of sexuality and consciousness that I have ever seen. He explains why sex is the gateway to spirituality and the destructive effects of condemning sexuality. This is a must read for anyone who is interested in a more healthy and balanced approach to sexuality than most of our current spiritual traditions provide.

Sacred Sex: Ecstatic Techniques for Empowering Relationships by Jwala (Kathleen Bingham), Inner Juice Productions, San Francisco, 1993
A beautiful little book that teaches a 3 hour Tantric ritual including many unique and powerful exercises for individual preparation and couple bonding.

Sexual Energy Ecstasy: A Practical Guide To Lovemaking Secrets Of The East And West by David and Ellen Ramsdale, Bantam Books, New York, 1985
The most practical and technique filled book about creating and maximizing the ecstatic response during lovemaking. Very spiritual and, as you might expect from the title, focused on maximizing sexual energy. This is so complete and intense we don't recommend you start here but save this until you know Tantra basics.

Sexual Secrets: The Alchemy of Ecstasy by Nik Douglas and Penny Slinger, Destiny Books, Rochester, Vermont, 1979
This is an amazing compilation of practices and rituals from ancient texts in language and graphics useful to the modern Tantrika. Nik and Penny have done a great service to the modern world by giving us access to these hidden secrets.

Spiritual Sex: Secrets Of Tantra From The Ice Age To The New Millennium by Nik Douglas, Pocket Books, New York, 1997
A thorough review of the history of Tantra and sacred sexuality including a concise summary of modern Tantric practice.

Spirituality Books

The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle.
Eckhart Tolle's message is simple: living in the now is the truest path to happiness and enlightenment. And while this message may not seem stunningly original or fresh, Tolle's clear writing, supportive voice, and enthusiasm make this an excellent manual for anyone who's ever wondered what exactly "living in the now" means. Foremost, Tolle is a world-class teacher, able to explain complicated concepts in concrete language. More importantly, within a chapter of reading this book, readers are already holding the world in a different container -- more conscious of how thoughts and emotions get in the way of their ability to live in genuine peace and happiness. Tolle packs a lot of information and inspirational ideas into The Power of Now. (Topics include the source of Chi, enlightened relationships, creative use of the mind, impermanence, and the cycle of life.)

Conversations With God: An Uncommon Dialogue Book 1 by Neale Donald Walsch.
After a few pages you'll be convinced as we were that this really is a conversation with God. And this is a God we can all really support: humorous, irreverent, down to earth (well who created the Earth?), and so pro-sex it's almost too good to be true. Want to understand who you really are and what you ultimately want out of life? Read this!

Conversations With God: An Uncommon Dialogue Book 2 by Neale Donald Walsch.
Neale and God continue batting around the world and other reality-shattering subjects.

Conversations With God: An Uncommon Dialogue Book 3 by Neale Donald Walsch.
In continuing their dialogue, Neale and God tackle the most difficult questions about why things are the way they are and what you can do about them. More sex positive and pro-Tantra dialogue is very convincing.

Friendship With God: An Uncommon Dialogue by Neale Donald Walsch.
In Friendship with God, Walsch speaks to the struggles he's had learning to see God as a true friend rather than a punishing judge. Like his immensely popular Conversations with God series, Friendship with God is written mostly in dialogue format, modeling how anyone can converse with God. What makes the book especially accessible is Walsch's humble voice that gently addresses most people's confusion and doubts. For example, Walsch talks about feeling squeamish that God knows the shameful secrets of his life. In response, God points out that Walsch has shared his dark secrets with friends and lovers. So why not share these truths with God, who has never judged or punished him, and never will? These types of tender and reassuring conversations give readers the courage to begin their own private dialogues with the divine.

Communion With God, Book 3 by Neale Donald Walsch.
Bestselling author Neale Donald Walsch (Conversations with God) moves beyond showing readers how to develop a friendship with God and instead offers a model for communion. Rather than using the dialog format, where Walsch shares personal conversations he has with God, he chose to write through the narrative voice of God -- as if God were speaking directly to the reader. "I tell you this: You need nothing to survive," says God. "Your survival is guaranteed. I gave you everlasting life, and I never took it away from you." This format can feel a bit jarring, as if this was an attempt at channeling rather than Walsch's usual humble style of dialogue. Using a structure of top-10 illusions, Walsch has God speaking to illusions such as need, judgment, and superiority. At times God sounds scolding: "For I tell you this: Your idea of superiority could be the last mistake you ever make." Yet, the bottom-line message is that of unconditional love and the exhilarating promise of communion -- a gift that is lavishly offered throughout the final chapters.

Radical Honesty: How To Transform Your Life By Telling The Truth by Brad Blanton.
At once shocking, entertaining, and profound, Radical Honesty is revolutionary book that takes a fresh look at how we live, love, and attempt to heal ourselves in modern society. Radical Honesty is not a kinder, gentler self-help book. In it Dr. Brad Blanton shows us how stress comes not from the environment, but from the self-built jail of the mind. What keeps us in our self-built jails is lying. "We all lie like hell," Dr. Blanton says. "It wears us out... it is the major source of all human stress. It kills us." Not telling our friends, lovers, spouses, or bosses about what we do, feel, or think keeps us locked in that jail. The way out is to get good at telling the truth. Dr. Blanton provides the tools we can use to escape the jail of the mind. See his website as well.

The Kundalini Yoga Experience: Bringing Body, Mind, and Spirit Together by Guru Dharam S. Khalsa, Darryl O'Keeffe
It is not often you get to read a book that has been simply written in an authoritative manner by people who clearly walk the walk, as well as walk the talk. Well written, beautifully illustrated there is nothing to stop anyone who is interested beginning to learn the discipline safely and to their benefit with immediate affect. This book has a refreshing approach where self diagnosis made easy and gifted to the reader in a way they can relate to and understand. True at a physical level but also for the emotions and for the intellect. Remedial measures are explained and made simple and then it is up to the reader whether to proceed or not, if they choose to then the remedial measures of today become the preventative means of tomorrow.

Sexuality Books

The Illustrated Kama Sutra, Ananga-Ranga, and Perfumed Garden - The Classic Eastern Love Texts by Sir Richard Burton (Translator), Charles Fowkes (Introduction), F. F. Arbuthnot , Park Street Press, Rochester VT, 1991
Sexual frankness without a hint of guilt or prurience is the great legacy which the Eastern, and in particular Indian, traditions have given us. As an expression of human culture, and as a pillow book for the modern boudoir, the Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana the most famous work on sex ever written the Ananga-Ranga of Kalyana Malla, and Sheikh Nefzai's Perfumed Garden, set forth the principles of sensual pleasure with poetry, wisdom, and humor, celebrating love as an ecstatic expression of life's beauty. Here, for the first time, Sir Richard Burton's translations of the classic Eastern love texts have been published in one volume. The first Kama Sutra to be illustrated in color with a dazzling and unique collection of Indian painting and sculpture. These erotic treatises are not sex manuals in the modern sense clinical collections of coital postures but a broader and more humane exploration of Eastern sexual customs.

Sex is a good way to begin understanding another culture, just as it is a good way to begin understanding another individual," writes Charles Fowkes in his introduction to Sir Richard Burton's classic translation of the Eastern love texts. As many of the devotees of this popular book can attest, reading about the ancient sexual traditions of India is also a good way for contemporary readers to understand sex. Sir Burton, who is well known as the translator of The 1001 Arabian Nights, condensed the three ancient love manuals of India (Kama Sutra, Ananga-Ranga, and Perfumed Garden) into one book. What makes this a favorite of all the Kama Sutra titles are the unabashedly erotic texts and color illustrations from India, which offer specific suggestions, such as how to "Militia" kiss (the after-fight reconciliation kiss) as well as how to listing a former life into current lovemaking.

The Ethical Slut : A Guide to Infinite Sexual Possibilities by Dossie Easton, Catherine A. Liszt
Achieving sexual abundance with style. Beyond the often unrealistic ideal of lifetime monogamy lies an uncharted jungle of delightful options -- friendly sex, casual sex, group sex and more. In this ground breaking volume, therapist Dossie Easton and sex educator and author Catherine A. Liszt provide a road map for exploring the sometimes difficult, often rewarding territory of non-traditional relationships. Warm, informative details about how to get your needs met, manage your jealousy, make agreements that work for all concerned, talk to your friends and relatives, and build a life full of all the sex and love you want.

ESO: Extended Sexual Orgasm: How You and Your Lover Can Give Each Other Hours of Extended Sexual Orgasm by Alan P. Brauer, Donna Brauer, & Richard Rhodes:
This is a short ground-breaking book with a workable method to separate ejaculation from orgasm and extend love play which really makes clear how much sexual potential the average lover never activates. Though somewhat clinical and non-spiritual as you'd expect from a physician, it gives physical exercises to make both men and women's orgasms reach inconceivable new heights and go on forever.

Divine Sex: The Tantric & Taoist Arts Of Conscious Loving by Caroline Aldred, HarperSanFrancisco, 1996.
A short beautiful glossy illustrated paperback which summarizes the sacred approach to lovemaking.

How To Make Love All Night (and Drive A Woman Wild): Male Multiple Orgasm And Other Secrets For Prolonged Lovemaking by Barbara Keesling, Ph.D., HarperPerrenial, New York, 1994.
A short pragmatic paperback by a female psychologist who explains exactly how she teaches clients to do what her title promises.

The New Male Sexuality: The Truth About Men, Sex, And Pleasure by Bernie Zilbergeld, Ph.D., Bantam Books, New York, 1992
This is the top scientific book by one of the leading sex therapists about male sexuality complete with frank discussion of all benefits and problems, including many practical exercises.

The One Hour Orgasm: The Ultimate Guide To Totally Satisfying Any Man Or Woman Every Time! by Dr. Bob Schwartz, Ph.D. and Leah Schwartz, Breakthrough Publishing, Houston, 1995
This book contains great exercises to deliver on its flagrant promise. It's based on 25 years of research by More University which teaches sensuality and erotic practice, focused primarily on how to satisfy women.

Sexual Solutions: A Guide For Men And The Women Who Love Them by Michael Castleman, Touchstone, New York, 1980
This is a down-to-earth, no nonsense review of male sexual problems and techniques to improve lovemaking. A little dry and devoid of spirit for me, but worthwhile for its helpful exercises.

Tantra: The Art Of Conscious Loving by Charles & Caroline Muir, Mercury House, San Francisco, 1989
A wonderful little book which presents the Muirs' approach to teaching Tantra, weaving Yoga, relationship, and sexual healing into erotic practice.

Taoist Secrets Of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy by Mantak Chia and Michael Winn, Aurora Press, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1984
This is an excellent presentation of the Taoist approach to male sexuality which prescribes and is apparently successful in achieving complete seminal retention for men. It has some powerful exercises, but is too strict and preachy for Tantrikas like me.

The Yin-Yang Butterfly: Ancient Chinese Sexual Secrets For Western Lovers by Valentin Chin, Jeremy P. Tarcher/Putnam, New York, 1994
A decidedly Taoist version of ancient sexual secrets which is more regimented than much Tantric practice, but containing some valuable tools and rituals.

Aphrodite's Daughters: Women's Sexual Stories and the Journey of the Soul by Jalaja Bonheim
How does a woman's sexual experience affect her spirituality? Bonheim invited dozens of women from various spiritual backgrounds to tell their stories of their sexual experiences: the result is a collection which reflects upon connections between sexuality, spiritual and social development. In the early 1980s, Bonheim traveled to India to study classical dance and, as it happened, to be introduced to an aging devidasa, a woman who had served as a sexual priestess in the Hindu tradition of Tantra. That meeting sparked in Bonheim a previously unacknowledged interest in discovering the role of sexuality in women's spiritual lives. Now a therapist, Bonheim has interviewed dozens of women for this profound and moving exploration of how body touches soul. Here is a nun who found love with another woman and, eventually, turned back to celibacy. Here is a woman who, raped as a teenager, descended into a personal hell from which truly sensuous love saved her. While these and the other stories are gripping as stories, Bonheim's poetic commentary provides the threads of meaning that bind them together into an excellent, unusual, passionate book.

Women Who Love Sex: An Inquiry into the Expanding Spirit of Women's Erotic Experience by Gina Ogden, Ph.D.
"An affirmative, useful guide for both women and men, enriched by smart clinical insights." "Opinionated, articulate, and uninhibited. Ogden's theme is that sexuality has too long been narrowly defined in male terms. Her celebration of female sexuality places her in the tradition of Lonnie Barbach, Shere Hite, and Betty Dodson." A review by a reader from Eastern Massachusetts: "Gina's book has been a great tool for me in coming from a place of much woundedness around my sexuality. It has helped me to move beyond the pain and shame that has been a part of my entire half century of life. Women Who Love Sex has given me hope . . hope that it is okay, it is healthy to embrace my sexuality in a positive way. Reading Women Who Love Sex has helped me to see that I am not alone in my journey to recapture the beauty and pleasure that is my birthright. This book has given me more faith. It is high time for women to bring our sexuality out of the "closet." Thank you, Gina, for your courage and insight to contribute so richly to a population starving for connection with our sexual wholeness! "

The Sex You Want: A Lovers' Guide to WOMEN'S SEXUAL PLEASURE by Marcia Douglass, Ph.D. & Lisa Douglass, Ph.D.
This powerful straightforward sex guide takes a completely different approach than most other books we recommend. Why do 70% of women NOT orgasm from intercourse? Why do so many women turn off to sex while their male partners keep wanting it? The Douglass sisters explain the Orgasm Gap in graphic terms, how the sex we've learned is organized for quick male gratification. If you want to change all that -- which means take a more Tantric approach to sex of course -- this book can help you change your programming.

For Women Only: A Revolutionary Guide to Overcoming Sexual Dysfunction and Reclaiming Your Sex Life by Jennifer Berman M.D. and Laura Berman, Ph.D.
Although the Bermans readily agree that "the most important sex organ in the human body is the brain," the last thing they want anyone to believe is that all female sexual problems are mental -- quite the contrary. Findings gathered from their own research and clinical practice show that, like men, women often undergo physical changes and challenges that lead to sexual dysfunction; in fact, nearly half of all women in the U.S. experience sexual problems at some point during their lifetime. Through their frank but personable discussion about the female sexual response, sisters Jennifer (a urologist) and Laura (a sex therapist) virtually open their clinic doors to readers; they share client stories, fully describe their clinical patient-assessment process, provide an updated anatomy lesson, and offer practical suggestions for enhancing sexual pleasure.

Anal Pleasure & Health: A Guide for Men and Women by Jack Morin, Ph.D.
The acclaimed standard in what it says, anal pleasure and health. If you're interested in opening your back door to a whole new dimension of pleasure, this is a must read. This book carries a watershed of joyful erotic information. A sensible and compassionate treatise on the too-long neglected area of anal pleasure. This book completely covers the subject of anal eroticism and how to approach it safely and pleasurably.

Relationship Books

Why Men Don't Get Enough Sex and Women Don't Get Enough Love by Jonathan Kramer Ph.D. and Diane Dunaway
A clear description of the evolution of men and women and their differences, biologically, sexually, socially and psychologically. Clear programs for each sex to help partners come closer together and deal with their differences better. Very helpful for couples with sexual desire differences.

Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus: A Practical Guide for Improving Communication and Getting What You Want in Your Relationships by John Gray Ph.D.
Popular marriage counselor and seminar leader John Gray provides a unique, practical and proven way for men and women to communicate and relate better by acknowledging the differences between them. Once upon a time Martians and Venusians met, fell in love, and had happy relationships together because they respected and accepted their differences. Then they came to earth and amnesia set in: they forgot they were from different planets. Using this metaphor to illustrate the commonly occurring conflicts between men and women, Gray explains how these differences can come between the sexes and prohibit mutually fulfilling loving relationships. He gives advice on how to counteract these differences in communication styles, emotional needs and modes of behavior to promote a greater understanding between individual partners. Gray shows how men and women react differently in conversation and how their relationships are affected. He encourages readers to accept the other gender's particular way of expressing love, and helps men and women learn how to fulfill each other's emotional needs.

Sex, Time and Power: How Women's Sexuality Shaped Human Evolution by Leonard Shlain M.D.
An amazing, thoughtful and well researched look at our evolution as a species. Your mind will be blown a number of times as you understand more deeply how our sexuality is driven by biology, physiology and social demands. Highly recommended.

Fiction Books

The Fifth Sacred Thing by Starhawk
This is one of our favorite novels epitomizing the ideals of love, spirituality, and Tantric sex. An epic tale of freedom and slavery, love and war, and the potential futures of humankind tells of a twenty-first century California clan caught between two clashing worlds, one based on tolerance, the other on repression.

The Moon Under Her Feet by Clysta Kinstler
This is a great novel about the last leader of the Goddess Temple at the beginning of Christianity. Narrative weaving the biblical account of Mary and Jesus, the Egyptian myth of Isis and Osiris, and the Sumerian story of Inanna and Dumuzi to create an exotic tale of a strong, sensual woman.

Health Books

The Potency Miracle: Sexual Potency In Minutes, Ecstasy For Hours Uri P. Peles MD
This little paperback describes up to date information on the treatment of sexual dysfunction. The book, additionally, provides important and great tips on how to improve intimacy between couples with some simple Tantric approaches. The author, the founding director of the Beverly Hills Center for Sexual Medicine, draws on his clinical experience of more than 20 years in practice and thousands and thousands of patients.

Prostate Health in 90 Days: Cure Your Prostate Now Without Drugs or Surgery by Larry Clapp
Dr. Larry Clapp was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1990. Given the limited options of surgery and radiation, he began intensive research into self-healing alternatives and developed a treatment for prostate cancer, which he successfully used to cure himself. Today, cancer-free, he continues his research while helping others using nutrition. Teaches you how to stop prostate trouble in it tracks; understand what causes cancer; reverse the cancer-causing effects; cleanse and strengthen vital organs; enhance your sex life, and virtually eliminate your chance for disease. --This text refers to the Audio Cassette edition.

Breathworks for Your Back: Strengthening Your Back From The Inside Out by Nancy L. Swayzee
This is the local exercise therapist who taught me how to belly breath which is so important in Tantra. The exercise system that she taught me and she describes in her book is one of the main reasons I learned to move orgasmic energy in my body. I've always had a weak lower back and the pain used to make it difficult for me to open to ecstasy streaming through my body. Now I do Nancy's exercises regularly and they've strengthened my back to the point where it doesn't go out or hurt continuously anymore.

Triumph Over Hepatitis C: An Alternative Medicine Solution by Lloyd Wight
At last, here is a humanitarian author who isn't afraid to generously give us an effective alternative treatment plan for conquering an insidious illness. It can be done! What's more, I can't praise this book highly enough for the honest and loving concern it offers to Hepatitis C sufferers and their family and friends. Mr. Wright deeply cares about eradicating this disease and helping its victims get back on the right track to good health. For those of us who have been "the doctor route" and become disillusioned with America's money-oriented healthcare system, TRIUMPH OVER HEPATITIS C extends a huge dose of comfort and support. Better still, the book recommends a viable alternative treatment plan for a major viral epidemic, something that has so far stumped our show-and-tell, high-tech medical "experts". Further, Mr. Wright's forthright style of communicating speaks to the reader's heart.

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