Deeper into the heart of Tantric Sex from Tantra At Tahoe

Informed Consent & Release Form

A. By signing this form, I request that Tantra At Tahoe (TAT) provides me training and coaching services to support my spiritual growth towards enlightenment using sacred sexuality. I understand TAT's Supreme Bliss Tantra services are…

1.   A potentially life-transforming spiritual healing path based on moving divine orgasmic energy within my body derived from the ancient religious practices of Tantra,

2.   Designed to facilitate my conscious growth as a spiritual being and my personal development as a willing mature adult,

3.   A long-term practice dedicated to building my personal skills and not simply a quick fix to cure a problem,

4.   Focused on empowering me to find my own truth and live life my own way, not to become dependent on anyone else or follow their philosophy or beliefs.

B. I understand that TAT's processes are a serious undertaking during which I…

1.   Will need to be fully conscious, open to feedback, sensitive to others, and maintain concentration at length,

2.   Will make strong mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual, physical, and sexual contact with myself and others,

3.   Will be asked to observe sensual ritual demonstrations and engage in frank and open discussions, unique physical exercises, public nudity, and overt sexual activities with myself and others in sacred ceremony.

4.   May be personally challenged by finding some of these activities intense, unsettling, difficult, and stressful,

5.   May be encountering personal resistance in the form of discomfort, frustration, boredom, strong emotions, or desire to leave which I accept as the natural symptoms of the change process I'm willingly entering into, and hereby agree to the best of my ability to stay with the process without withdrawing midstream.

C. I understand that TAT's services are not intended to serve as…

1.   Medical or psychological treatment, psychotherapy, or services best performed by a health professional,

2.   A replacement for my chosen religious practices, or

3.   Sexual services in return for payment.

D. I attest that I am…

1.   A responsible, consenting adult engaging of my own free will who is participating voluntarily and not as a result of coercion, pressure, a condition of employment, or to satisfy anyone other than myself,

2.   Sufficiently physically healthy, emotionally stable, and mentally secure to participate without limitation and stretch my personal comfort zone. I am unaware of any episodes in my past which suggest I have an unresolved or recurring mental or emotional problem or disorder which would prevent me from fully engaging and growing from assigned exercises without a traumatic or damaging reaction,

3.   Not using these services to cure a physical, emotional, or mental problem or illness,

4.   To the best of my knowledge, free of any sexually communicable disease, except for the following conditions which I agree to disclose to anyone I physically engage with, while exercising all possible precautions to prevent spreading this infection during TAT services        

5.   Recently tested for HIV and will provide written proof of my negative result, or if I choose not to provide such test results I understand that my intimate contact with others will be severely limited.

E. I agree at all times during TAT workshops, coaching, and home assignments to…

1.    Always make a conscious, willing, informed choice to participate when asked to engage in activities,

2.    Be responsible for setting my own boundaries, respecting them, and honoring those of others,

3.    Be aware of my emotions and reactions and keep a personal journal of my progress,

4.    Ask questions whenever I need clarification or am confused,

5.    Inform my instructors and coaches regularly of my progress, reactions, and experience of any powerful emotions, unusual physical sensations, or strong mental discomfort,

6.    Be conscious of how I'm assimilating new learning, and regulate the speed of my process by informing my instructors or coaches if I feel things are going too slow, too fast, or getting off track,

7.    Keep the identities, revelations, and reactions of participants confidential and not disclose them to others,

8.    Establish a regular schedule of practice at least two or three times a week to integrate what I learn,

9.    Not possess nor act under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or any other unlawful substance,

10.  Be fully responsible to engage in safe, smart sexual practices that I willingly choose to prevent infection of any sexually transmitted disease or unwanted pregnancy.

F. I understand that applying for TAT services is a commitment to follow through and that there are consequences for rescheduling or postponing my participation.

1.   I've read and accept TAT's current terms at <>.

2.   I understand that I must schedule services within six months of registration ad may reschedule within that period with at least two weeks notice without penalty.

3.   I understand that schedule changes within two weeks of scheduled services will limit my rights to a refund.

G. In giving my informed consent, I…

1.   Understand that TAT services are strictly confidential. TAT will only release information about me with my written consent,

2.   Willingly and knowingly assume for myself and my heirs, family members, executors, administrators, and assigns all risk of physical injury and emotional upset occurring during or as a result of TAT services,

3.   Hereby indemnify and agree to hold SkyDancing Tantra, TAT, its owners, officers, directors, employees, agents, affiliates, volunteers, and participants free and harmless from any and all liability arising out of my participation in TAT's services, including any injury, infection, or fatal disease which I may sustain as a result of engaging in sexual activities of any kind during TAT services.

I have read and understood the above policies and asked any questions which came up until I'm satisfied that I can honor these arrangements and commitments in full.







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