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Affiliate Agreement

Affiliates are independent associates who freely choose to help us promote our products and services.

This page explains how we, Tantra At Tahoe (TAT), and you, our new affiliate, will work together.

We're located at 11200 Donner Pass Road #146, Truckee, CA 96161 USA. You may be located anywhere where this kind of arrangement is legal.


Our purpose is to share the ancient wisdom of Tantra and sacred sexuality. You understand that our content, though far from porn, is adult, graphic, and explicit.

The whole reason for us working together is for...

  1. you to promote TAT products, services, and website so that,
  2. we will pay you commissions in U.S. dollars or give you credit against products and services you buy from us.

When you apply to join our affiliate program, that means you like this idea and accept the guidelines that follow.

Our job is to do everything we can to make you successful as an affiliate of our program.


We'll provide you with promo material - ads, banners, and descriptions - to promote TAT's products and services. By joining this program, you've earned the right to display and distribute the promo material we specifically earmark for affiliates.

Your job is to share this information via email, websites, and word of mouth with others you have contact with. You realize that your job is to contact different people than those we make contact with. I'm sure you understand that all the work to do this promotion, and any costs you decide to incur, are your sole responsibility.

You agree to inform us of the location of any website ads you place for our products and services and send us copies of any print or email advertising you do.

All our promo material, emails, and web pages are copyrighted by TAT. Though we want you to promote us widely with the materials we provide, please recognize that you don't have the right to copy just anything off our site or articles without permission. If you want to use text, graphics, or promo material we haven't supplied, please get our OK first. We'll cooperate as quickly as possible so your efforts can be wildly successful.


We will pay you a commission of 20 to 50% of fees we collect from sales of all our information products (ebooks, ecourses, email and telephone coaching and teleseminars) and 10% of services (Private Tantra Workshops and Advanced Tantric Initiations priced from $120 to $10,000) to new customers that you find on your own and you refer to us through your unique affiliate tracking code.

You can find a list of landing pages you're authorized to send customers to HERE. And you're always free to use the headlines, text ads, banners, and other product graphics on those pages on your site or in your emails to promote our products and services. We also keep adding new ads and images to the pages HERE. And we keep an up-to-date list of our landing pages that include the code that ensures you get credited for sales from your referrls HERE.

Your commissions for information products begin at 20% but we'd be super excited to raise it as high as 50% in return for lots of sales from your referrals.

Without you doing anything else, we'll pay you these commissions for sales made within 120 days following each customer referral to our site.

Or if you prefer, we will happily credit TWICE the amount of your dollar commissions against the full price of any of our products or services. That's a minimum of 40%.

It's our job to track referrals from you, purchases made by those you refer, commissions due you, and to pay you.

We pay commissions on fees but that doesn't include sales tax or shipping. Though you're entitled to special customer discounts on our products and services, we don't pay or credit commissions on your personal purchases. And we don't pay commissions on others' products that may appear on our site for whom we act as affiliates.

We promise to pay you by check within 30 days of the end of any calendar month when we owe you at least $25 in commissions. If you choose to apply twice your dollar commissions against our products and services, we'll credit your commissions immediately. You will have to use these credits within one calendar year or else they'll expire.

We will do everything we can to deliver the products and services which the customers you refer to us purchase. But if we can't satisfy someone and they request a refund, or if we don't think it will help them and we don't accept them as a client, we'll subtract your commissions for these products and services from what we pay you.

We will operate as independent contractors, not partners, nor employer/employee, nor joint venture or franchise associates, nor sales reps of each other. So you don't have any authority to commit us to anything we haven't already published.


You promise you won't do anything unethical, illegal, or take unfair advantage of anyone else while promoting TAT. If you receive any claims, damages, losses, or expenses while doing so, you accept full responsibility for all liability and hold us completely harmless.

We both agree to keep all private information and terms of this deal confidential and private between us, except of course, for telling people that you're our official affiliate.

As hard as we try, we can't always guarantee our site will be functional, our responses to communications will be quick, or that we'll make everybody happy. We both accept that reality and agree to both do the best we can, right?

Please don't spam, meaning sending unsolicited email. By joining, you agree not to spam. If you do, we'll immediately cancel your membership in this program and you'll forfeit any commissions we owe you.

Changes & Termination

We may modify this agreement from time to time and if we do, we promise to notify you. If you don't like our changes, let us know. But if we decide to retain the changes, your only recourse will be to quit.

You can't assign your participation in this program to anyone else without our written consent.

This agreement will stay in force until one of us notifies the other in writing that we want to end it for any reason whatsoever. Once it's over, you will give up your rights to use our material, promote our site, and receive commissions.

Whew! Glad we got all these details out of the way. Now, let us make a strong commitment to work well together so that you, us, and our customers benefit tremendously. And have lots of fun. Amen!

To Join

If you haven't joined our affiliate program as yet, click here.

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