Tahoe Crystal Players
Deeper into the heart of sex

Our Sacred Sex Play Group

Tahoe Crystal Players is a non-smoking consenting adults social club committed to fun activities, discreet sensual pleasures, and open sexual exploration within a safe circle of heartfelt, like-minded souls who are learning to approach life in a Tantric way.

"Crystal" represents the clarity and focus of our members who play in an honest, conscious manner with their significant other's presence or blessing. "Tahoe" is part of our name because that's where the founders live, though we anticipate a wider sphere. And "Players"? Well, if you have to ask, maybe you don't share the joy we generate by giving free rein to our desires.

A circle of intimate friends who...
  • enjoy being together
  • sensually play freely
  • wear few clothes
  • bike, ski, dance, hike
  • share sexual partners
  • party often naturally
  • grow spiritually
  • enjoy life fully

    Our Vision

    Imagine a group of intimate friends who...

    • love to hang out with each other and exchange affection
    • are so comfortable around each other that they don't wear clothes
    • feel enriched by freely playing sensually & sexually together
    • are so trusting that they share partners sexually with each other
    • have great fun whether they camp, ski, dance, bike, hike, or screw
    • seek personal growth and freedom by relating to a wider circle.
    • feel so safe together that they're willing to experiment with finding out who they really are.

    This intimate communion is the vision of Tahoe Crystal Players, a sensual network of open loving people who come together in relationship for pure pleasure to create an extended sexual community. And have great fun playing together.

    We use Tantric practice to help realize this vision. Tantra is an ancient Eastern spiritual practice that uses sexual energy to raise consciousness. Through Tantric exercises like breathing, massage, meditation, and sexual love play we expand our capacity for pleasure, release our internal blocks, and use the resulting flood of life energy to raise our consciousness. Sure beats years of arduous therapy.

    Who's Welcome?

    Tahoe Crystal Players IS for people who...

    • Want an extended intimate community
    • Enjoy group sexual energy
    • Want to merge heart & spirit with sex in a Tantric way
    • Are open to multiple loving sexual partners
    • Value deeper longer lovemaking with full-body multiple orgasms
    • Are conscious, growing, & willling to look at themselves
    • Want to help create a circle of loving playmates
    • Honor their lovers as a divine God/Goddess

    Who's NOT Welcome?

    This group is NOT for people who...

    • Are grasping at a solution to a problem relationship
    • Are so horny all they want is to get laid
    • Smoke or depend on drugs & alcohol to party
    • Primarily are searching for a partner
    • Don't care about smart sex guidelines
    • Sneaking behind their partner's back

    Single Women Are Welcome

    We welcome and support single women who want to explore the open spiritual side of their sexuality. Passion is a divine gift, but there are few places in our repressed society like Tahoe Crystal Players where you can experiment and discover your true sensual self. You'll find we take great strides to create a safe environment for learning and growing any way you choose without pressure or judgement. At our events, you don't have to engage in any practices or with any person you're not comfortable with.

    Our Beliefs

    Aren't you tired of following mindless behavior patterns inherited from your elders? Many of us were taught that sex is dirty, monogamy is genetic, and feeling good is selfish. Yes, our parents, priests, and politicians imposed rigid inhibitions against sexual sharing outside marriage. Of course, what they teach and what they do are often two very different things. Isn't it about time that you ask yourself if these old beliefs serve you? We believe that our natural desires are healthy. We believe that the whole purpose of life is to feel good. We believe that some higher divine power gave us the gifts of bodies, feelings, sensations, and sexual energy to enjoy. We believe that the willing, aware sharing of pleasure is a path to higher awareness. Besides, it feels good and it's great fun.

    By playing freely, we're discovering what we really want sexually. We're learning how to totally relax and receive. We're discovering more about how our bodies awaken and how our partners respond. We're learning to give, welcome, and respond joyously to our lovers' feedback. We're really getting off on the energy of the group playing around us which tremendously boosts our home sex life. We're getting skilled at playing with skin, especially around nipples, cocks, pussies, balls, G-spots, and orgasms. So I guess it's to be expected that we're reaching unheard heights of pure ecstasy. You want a piece of that action, baby?

    Though we have guidelines about the best way to play sensually, we don't accept that anyone must behave in a way that doesn't bring them joy. We believe that intimate communion is the ultimate path to freedom & personal growth, knowing oneself, and getting closer to the divine. So we choose to associate with other like-minded free spirits who are exploring who they really are. We believe by personal experience we'll discover if we're monogamous, multiply-orgasmic, straight, bi-sexual, or who knows what. And we believe when we find our personal sexual truth, we'll know who we are more deeply. Those of us who find the fastest growth and the most pleasure from sexual exploration will hopefully join Tahoe Crystal Players.


    The group chooses what we do based on who wants to host a party or organize an event and who signs up. We do know we'll gender balance events so we have equal masculine and feminine energies. If you join, you'll have a say in what we organize. Check out our current calendar. Here are some options we'll plan future events from...

    • Regular parties at private nests
    • Rotating event planners & hosts
    • Fantasy evenings with theme dress
    • Tantric rituals & pujas
    • Theme parties: touching, kissing, licking, yonis, vajras (Tantric for pussy & cock), or anal play
    • Concerts & sporting events
    • Hot springs or hotel spa suites
    • Charter lake or scuba diving cruises
    • Camping or houseboat trips
    • Festivals like Burning Man, Rainbow Gathering
    • Train rides, bus tours, bike trips
    • Visit out-of-town clubs
    • Conventions like LifeStyles
    • Sexuality & spirituality workshops
    • Recruiting parties
    • Quarterly business meetings


    This is not a group of unconscious beginners, guys cheating on their wives, or swingers just seeking an anonymous wild orgy. If you're just looking for someone to fuck, we applaud you having great fun. But, sorry, look elsewhere, we can't help you. Our members will need to be...

    • Easily & quickly reachable by email
    • A non-smoker
    • Disease free with a health certificate
    • Healthy and fit
    • Willing to pay regular dues
    • Available & financially secure to participate regularly
    • A contributor of food, home, tips, work, or energy
    • Open to group of sharing sensuality & pleasure
    • Comfortable with nudity & open sexual play
    • Willing to taking risks & seek new experiences
    • In tune with our vision, beliefs, event guidelines, & Tantric play principles.
    • Active with partner support or participation
  • If you're interested and qualify, apply and we can invite you to one event even before your application is final.
  • Membership Benefits

    The benefits of membership include...

    • Discount on events
    • Email access to the group
    • Membership list
    • Club pins & T-shirts (when developed)
    • Preferential registration for events
    • A voice in group affairs
    • Right to nominate new members
    • Influence over new member selection
    • Long-term relationships with like-minded souls
    • Learn new sexual & growth techniques
    • A safe place to explore & expand
    • A venue to experience your ultimate fantasies
    • Knowing who you are spiritually & sexually

    Application Process

    To apply for membership in Tahoe Crystal Players...

    • Decide that you agree with our Vision, Beliefs, Tantric Play Principles, & Event Guidelines.
    • Answer screening questions (click apply below).
    • Discuss your answers by phone with a membership committee member.
    • If you both agree this is right for you, ask to join ONE upcoming event.
    • Make application with health certificate.
    • When accepted, pay your initial dues.
    • Attend new member orientation & initiation.
    • Join all events (singles require gender balancing).
    • Enjoy group welcome & membership materials.
    Yes, I agree with the vision and beliefs of Tahoe Crystal Players and I would like to apply for membership...

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