Tantric Play Principles

  1. Sex is divine spirit at play.
  2. Connect with heart and spirit, not just sex.
  3. Explore your sexual potential, fantasies, & desires with fellow members.
  4. Honor all partner(s) as a reflection of the divine.
  5. Pleasure is paramount (orgasm isn't the goal, but a wonderful gift).
  6. Pleasure begins within (take personal responsibility).
  7. Know & speak your desires & boundaries.
  8. Say yes to whatever you can whenever you can.
  9. Don't do anything you don't want, do everything you do want.
  10. Know your own desires & set boundaries to maximize pleasure & minimize pain.
  11. Ask for 100% of what you want, be willing to hear no, & negotiate.
  12. Always respect and accept others' boundaries.
  13. Equal giving & receiving (one partner isn't always in charge).
  14. Take pleasure from giving & heeding others' wishes & preferences.
  15. Freely give & willingly respond to positive feedback.
  16. Welcome other members in your play so no one feels left out.
  17. Release jealousy & other emotional reactions to grow personally.
  18. Open your inner channels naturally to flow & exchange orgasmic energy.
  19. Enjoy slow Tantric Love Play not just sucking, fucking, & fast pumping.
  20. Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.

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