Event Guidelines
  1. Act like an owner - help, cooperate, & share the workload.
  2. Protect a party host's home like it was your own.
  3. Contribute your ideas, wisdom, knowhow, mind, heart, body, & spirit.
  4. All sexual activity will be consensual & win-win without pressure.
  5. Have fun with a minimum of rules & structure.
  6. All sexual preferences are equally welcome.
  7. Discuss sexual backgrounds & practice smart sex at all times.
  8. Disclose any health or STD conditions you're aware of before sensual play.
  9. Learn to build passion without depending on drugs or alcohol.
  10. Protect partner identities & confidentiality outside the group.
  11. No photography & videotaping without express permission.
  12. All events will be gender balanced to insure equal energy opportunity.
  13. Smokers are not welcome whether they smoke or not.
  14. Members may nominate new members but may not bring unapproved guests.
  15. Work out any frictions or differences so we can all feel unconditional love.
  16. Members should do whatever they can to protect the group.