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Sacred Sexual Secrets Newsletter
March, 2002

Published by Dhyan Jeffre TallTrees
and Dhyan Somraj Pokras
(c) Copyright 2002 by Tantra At Tahoe


Sacred Sexual Secrets is a free publication
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It provides practical sex tips derived from the
ancient wisdom of Tantra and the Kama Sutra
plus modern sex research to help readers
transform their love lives into an
ever-expanding ecstatic journey.
Tantra At Tahoe is dedicated to helping
everyone who desires better love, sex, and
intimate relationships with both long-distance
learning and hands-on training. We offer
email courses, telephone coaching, live
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Initiations to help you reach astounding
heights of sexual ecstasy.

Our motto: Deeper Into The Heart Of Sex
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"No woman can call herself free who does not
own and control her own body."
----- Margaret Sanger
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Tantric Poem "SOFTLY"

Her eyes slid closed
Emeralds. Slowly and softly
And her form unclothed
T'was bathed with light. Softly
She smiled and posed
Her lids easing softly
Open then shut, and dozed
Dreaming slowly. Softly
Her legs, lithe and hosed
My hands caressing softly
With desire prosed
In tender words. Softly
With moistened lips I trothed
Kissing her throat softly
Thighs parting she glowed
Mystery and pleasure. Softly
Her scented petals flowed
My tongue to taste her softly
She to me bestowed
The jewel of her love. Softly
Her lips. Her scent. Her taste. Her touch.
On this deepest of nights proposed. Softly
The union of lips, scent, taste and touch. Softly
Her warm embrace held me enclosed. Softly
And gave to her my soul

Eric L. Ashley
May 31, 1999

Welcome From The Editors...


Welcome subscribers, new and old. We
barely made this a March newsletter, sending
it out on the 31. But, you know, overall,
everything keeps getting better and better.

But the bad news first: Somraj keeps writing
things down while we're making ecstatic
Tantric love. The good news is that we're
turning these brainstorms of pleasure into
new articles, ebooks, email courses, and
giveaways. We've decided to make our next
one a FREE Bonus to ebook buyers, "Dozens
of Delicious Things You Can Do With Food
While Making Love." We've got to remember to
add some low calorie ones otherwise you
might just get too chunky trying out every one.

Congratulations to Michael, the lucky
participant in our March oral sex poll, who won
a copy of Dhyan Jeffre's new ebook "Hotter Sex, Deeper Love."
Join in our next poll and maybe you'll
be our next winner. Before you do, see below
for the fascinating results of your opinions
about oral pleasuring. After lots of technical
problems with the March poll, we've uploaded
our questions to a website specializing in
polls. Hopefully, we'll all get quick and easy
answers more reliably this way.

We're celebrating the most Tantric of ski
seasons in years, except for the minor black
and blue marks nearly healed. Funny, Somraj
has one on his face, Jeffre on her thigh.
Guess that shows you which end each gender
leads with.

By the way, to celebrate the end of winter,
we're going to Florida in April. We've been
asked to do three presentations at a major
sexuality conference. If you find any gaps in
hearing from us, remain calm, and trust we'll
be back soon. Know we'll be enjoying scuba,
sun, and sex as only Tantrikas can.

Love from Tantra At Tahoe who is...
Dhyan Jeffre and Dhyan

P.S. Thanks to one of our readers, Eric L.
Ashley, for his beautiful poem. If you've written
beautiful sentiments like this, please send
them. We'd love to include more messages
like this from our readers.
Please, forward this newsletter to all your
friends, family, and lovers who might be
You may quote anything included with the
following attribution: "Reprinted from Sacred
Sexual Secrets Newsletter ©2002"


Doc," said the young man lying down on the
couch, "You've got to help me! Every night I
have the same horrible dream. I'm lying in bed
when All of a sudden five drop dead gorgeous
women rush in and start tearing off my

The psychiatrist nodded, "And what do you

"I push them away!"

"I see. And what can I do to help you with

The patient implored, "Please, break my


Our featured article which follows goes into
the mechanics of our private Tantric Initiations.
Watch at the end for the special offer
exclusively for newsletter subscribers.


„The awakening of this energy...causes the
central nervous system to throw off stress. As
the energy rises through the body, it
encounters blocks in the form of armored or
tense muscle and tissues. Rather like an
electrical current, the friction created by the
resistance of the armoring to the rising energy
produces heat, and this burns away the
tension, cleaning and purifying the channels
to allow a freer flow - or streaming - of
energy...It is an intense sensation of joy, a
feeling of being cleansed and relaxed.‰
------ MARGOT ANAND in
"The Art of Sexual Ecstasy"

Six Tantric Essentials That Can Transform
Every Woman's Love Life

Early sex researchers claimed that 75% of
women don't orgasm during intercourse.
Some even proposed that women can only
experience sexual climax through clitoral

It's true, many women get involved in our
Tantra training because they believe their
orgasmic potential falls short. But because
we've seen so many women free their
orgasmic response through Tantric practice,
we don't think the situation is that dire.

How about you (or your female partner)...
&Mac240; Do you orgasm easily?
&Mac240; When you want to?
&Mac240; With the kinds of stimulation you prefer?
&Mac240; As intensely as you'd like?
&Mac240; As many times as you'd like during
&Mac240; With your whole body involved?
&Mac240; As a divine connection with your beloved?
&Mac240; With fireworks and shooting stars?
Here we'd like to share with you our decades
of experience about why so many female
orgasms seem restrained, how we free them
during our private Tantric Initiations, and what
you can do at home to begin the opening


Why do women seemingly have more trouble
with orgasms than the average man? The
easy answer is timing.

As we're sure you're aware, men heat up
faster than women. The average man
ejaculates after 7 minutes of stroking. The
average woman orgasms after 40 minutes. If
male-dominated sex is the norm, too many
women are still waiting on the platform after
the train has left.

A deeper answer has to do with conditioning.
Many of us were raised with the Puritan
mindset that sex is dirty or bad. So instead of
being playful, spontaneous, and creative, we
tend to be shy, embarrassed, and ashamed in
bed. Even in these more sexually open times,
this still applies.

Since traditionally it's been socially
unacceptable for women to be openly sexual,
too many women haven't even discovered all
the triggers that bring them maximum
pleasure. When talking and learning about
sex is awkward, both genders lack an in-depth
understanding of sexual anatomy and

How could a woman be expected to reach
ecstatic peaks when neither she nor her lover
have mastered her operator's manual?


Would you agree with most women that good
sex is more than intercourse?

When men are in the driver's seat determining
the agenda, timing, and outcome of sexual
play, women's unique needs often go unmet.
If you're too restrained in bed to experiment
with other things, like manual and oral genital
stimulation, how can you find the unique keys
to each woman's personal orgasmic

Add to that the modern findings (which women
have known since the beginning of time), that
men and women have vastly different sexual
responses. While the average man follows
the common sequence of foreplay,
excitement, explosion, and relaxation, women
experience different kinds of pleasure as well
as different kinds of orgasms.

Female sensual needs include heart and
spirit more profoundly than those of men. If
lovers don't know how to bring these
dimensions of communion into their physical
antics, other vital stimulators are left out. If
loveplay follows the male linear sexual
pattern, women (and men) frequently miss
these other kinds of "orgasms."


One of the most powerful of those other kinds
we call "Tantric Orgasm."

If you've read any of our Tantra books or
articles, you probably realize that Tantric
Orgasm is a mind-boggling energy
experience. Few people naturally feel their
Kundalini rising, the inner sexual fire
percolating, the titillating electrical field
surging through their nervous system.

In Tantra, we routinely reach unheard of peaks
of pleasure by channeling subtle sexual
energies. We call this orgasmic energy
because the gentle tinglings of desire inside,
if recognized and amplified, become tidal
waves of engulfing pleasures. When sex
relies on friction only, many women are left
feeling unsatisfied.

Finally, many women carry sexual and
emotional wounding that blocks the flow of
their natural sexual energies. When they
attempt to engage in uninhibited love play and
summon these dormant forces, it often
restimulates shame, pain, and guilt instead of
pleasure. Not understanding the healing
power of Tantra, women often succumb to the
social morality that sex is dirty and should be
avoided. No wonder their orgasms suffer.


Tantrikas believe that ecstasy is our natural
state. Since our society, religions, and culture
drum healthy sexuality out of our heads and
bodies, we resist the journey to bliss. Why be
surprised at having difficulty reaching peaks of

Our private Tantric Initiations change all that
and return you to your native ecstatic state. In a
series of intensive active sessions with
real-life demonstrations, we teach you
powerful practices that free your innate
orgasmic energies. Tantric Initiations
permanently transform your sexual attitudes,
behaviors, and responses.

Does this mean that you have to go through
some shocking tests, endure painful
challenges, or perform sexually? No,
absolutely not. We call them "initiations"
because we gently introduce you to an entirely
new way of joining your sexual and spiritual
forces at the same time. We guide you
through exercises that you first do by yourself
to open the dormant forces of pleasure inside.
If you attend with a partner, when you're ready
you practice together.


Tantric Initiations target the four cornerstones
of ecstasy: presence, breath, movement, and

Presence, being totally conscious to what is
right now, begins with relaxing. We increase
your presence by teaching you to relax during
high states of arousal. Relaxation is the
essential foundation to opening your channels
to the flow of orgasmic energy. If you're
nervous, embarrassed, stressed, or
distracted, you flows won't be entirely free.

Here's a very practical example. When the
muscles of the pelvic floor are tensed, as
most are during thrusting, the blood flow to the
genitals is reduced. A woman with tightness
in her pelvis will have more difficulty reaching
a climax. Even when she does, her orgasm
will be less powerful than she is capable of.

Learning to relax during sexual play is not
simple, but it is essential. It's a fundamental
part of the transformation of your sexuality to a
spiritual experience. Tantric rituals serve the
purpose of energetically creating a special
space - one we call sacred - dedicated to
pleasure and loveplay. In other words, you
learn to leave your mind at the bedroom door.


In our Tantric Initiations, we help you free your
orgasms by ignoring them.

Does this sound counter-intuitive at first
glance? But consider: Goals work in business
to create tension between where you are and
where you want to go. A future target serves as
a continuous reminder and motivator. But
because tension closes down your energy
channels, focusing on the goal of orgasm by
trying to make yourself or your partner climax
can be the very stress that prevents you from
getting there.

A vital foundation of Tantric practice is to forget
about where you're going and just enjoy the
pleasure of what you're doing.

Going slower is a primary aim of the
massage, breathing, and sensory awakening
we teach during Tantric Initiations. Fortunately,
if you shift your focus from orgasm to
pleasure, you'll automatically slow down. If the
man is rushing headlong to orgasm, chances
are he'll get there sooner than the 40 minutes
the average woman needs. If the woman is
pushing herself or her partner to explode, her
vigorous movements may block her sensing
the delicious sensations along the way. That's
why Jeffre complains of numbing out when
pumping is too fast.


When you can relax, conjure subtle energies,
and savor every little morsel of pleasure, you'll
be amazed at the flood of continuous
orgasming that can result. This conscious
approach to lovemaking we teach in Tantric
Initiation allows each partner to synchronize
with the other's arousal, ramping up slowly
together instead of rushing over the cliff solo.

For an introduction at home to this whole
approach to lovemaking, read Somraj's ebook
"Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery" and learn to
last for hours instead of minutes. Click here...

to see the detailed review of its contents,
approach, and results.

If your orgasms are blocked due to past
trauma or negative emotion, the slow
pleasure-filled no-goal approach of Tantric
Initiations provide an amazing benefit.
Learning to call forth, expand, and spread
sexual energy becomes a natural cleanser of
old bottled-up forces. Because we're innately
ecstatic beings, burgeoning orgasmic
energies wash away the old stifling
memories. Instead of giving attention to past
problems, Tantric healing occurs organically
by simply doing what feels good.


To create a sexual experience more geared to
female sensibilities, Tantric Initiations include
an element of sacred ritual. Far from rote
empty motions, these practices call for
meditative consciousness, honest
communication, and a new kind of respect for
the female.

You might say Tantric Initiations teach both
men and women to honor the primal forces of
the Goddess alive deep in all of us.

Worship the divine within us by treating sex as
a revered gift and you'll create an environment
where it's safe for women to explore their
sexual earthiness and erotic nature. When
their unique needs, momentary boundaries,
and unpredictable desires are respected,
repressed women gradually unfold and
flower. In other words, the path to freeing a
woman's orgasms is through her heart and

Ask permission of the Goddess in a reverent
way and you'll be astounded at the gifts she
will bestow.


A Tantric Initiation is a major commitment of
time, money, and lifestyle to transforming your
sexuality. While your contemplating if you're
ready, here's what you can do to begin freeing
your orgasms.

&Mac240; Practice relaxing during lovemaking.
&Mac240; Add heart connection to your love play.
&Mac240; Slow down.
&Mac240; Experiment with what brings you pleasure.
&Mac240; Teach each other what you like.
&Mac240; Remember, sacred sex is more than PIV

Though Tantra is more about attitude and
energy than technique, we're avidly working on
a series of Tantric lovemaking manuals,
starting with Tantric Oral Sex, that teach skills
with the right mindset. Look for future ebooks
and email courses about erotic genital
massage, clitoris and G-spot play, multiple
orgasms, and female ejaculation.

After writing this, we take it back. Women's
orgasms don't need to be freed. Butterflies are
free, and so are orgasms. Women just need
to be loved properly, by themselves and their
partners. If everyone were Tantrically trained,
the world would be a much more orgasmic
place than it is now.

We look forward to that day, all night long.

Love and Goddess Speed Your Journey
Dhyan Jeffre and Dhyan Somraj


Dhyan Jeffre TallTrees is a licensed
SkyDancing Tantra Teacher with over 30 years
of clinical experience specializing in
relationships and human sexuality. Jeffre is
co-author of "Hotter Sex, Deeper Love.". She is a
columnist, healer, counselor, workshop
leader, artist, and avid skier whose advice is
highly sought. As cofounder of Tantra At Tahoe
along with her beloved husband, Somraj,
Jeffre provides the feminine power which
makes Tantric sexuality sacred.

Dhyan Somraj is the author of countless
articles about Tantra, over 50 workshops, and
4 books including Ultimate Ejaculation
Mastery. During his 30 year career as a
counselor, group facilitator, and trainer,
Somraj has guided more that 20,000 people
to lead more effective lives. He derives great
joy from assisting others to release sexual
inhibitions which block their pleasure so they
can make lovemaking last and last and last.
Somraj is a private pilot, avid skier and
mountain bike rider, website designer, and
ecstatic worshipper of the Goddess.

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Each month we ask our readers for their
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Congratulations, Michael. You've already
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To help us finish our latest ebook, Tantric Oral
Sex, our March poll asked readers their views
about oral pleasuring. Here is the summary of

Thanks to the 80 of you who participated in our
March poll. Since 94% of you said you're very
willing to engage in oral sex, we recognize
we're preaching to the choir here. 74% of you
said you engage in oral sex every time or every
other time you have sex.

Half of you answered that oral sex makes you
tingle all over your body when giving or feel
rushes of passion when receiving. Wow! You
folks are naturally Tantric.

Knowing how difficult talking about sex is for
most, we we're impressed that nearly half of
you said that you're communication about oral
sex was open, free, and honest. A quarter said
it was a great way to learn what your partner
likes, which is part of the honesty and
consciousness lesson about Tantric sex.
Interestingly, two and half times more women
found communicating about oral sex titillating
than men.

Nearly half of you were concerned that "I'm not
sure I'm doing it right" or "I can't tell how my
partner is enjoying it." The first was the
greatest concern of both genders, but was
higher for men than women.

When you have Oral Sex, how long does it
typically last?
41% 30 minutes
22% A few minutes
18% An hour or more (all men)
14% 15 minutes

What do you want to know more about Oral
60% Bringing my partner to higher and higher
50% Overall approach and techniques
40% 69 (giving and receiving at the same
38% Using my tongue, lips, and mouth
37% Comfortable body positions for giver and
36% Using fingers at the same time

Many more women wanted to know more
about relaxing into receiving than men. You
can bet our new Tantric Oral Sex ebook will
focus on these hot topics.

Which way would you prefer to learn better
Oral Sex?
39% Ebook I can download, read on screen,
and print
24% Multi-week email course with homeplay
23% Live training sessions with real-life
Women preferred the email approaches, men
the live sessions with demos.

We're happy that 96% of you found our
February Tantric Oral Sex newsletter article
helpful. Watch for the complete ebook soon.


Check out our previous articles that might help
you revolutionize your sex, love, and intimacy
in our newsletter archives at...

"Reaching Peak Sexual Ecstasy Every Time"
The secrets of summoning and running
orgasmic energy throughout your body to
achieve Tantric Orgasm at will.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
"Secrets Of Reaching Astounding Heights Of
Why and how to shift your focus from explosive
orgasm to pleasure in the moment.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
"Tantric Secrets To Jump-Starting Waning
How to find greater pleasure and sexual
fulfillment when hormones decrease, health
deteriorates, menopause occurs, or boredom
sets in.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
"No Partner, No Tantra, No Sense! "
5 Tantric practices you need to start right now,
whether you have a partner or not.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
"A Juicy Taste Of Tantra: Divine Oral Sex The
Sacred Way"
How It's Way Different From Anything You've
Experienced Before.


"Sex really is a physical expression of a whole
lot of stuff that has no physical existence: love
and joy, deep emotion, intense closeness,
profound connection, spiritual awareness,
incredibly good feelings, sometimes even

"We free our animal selves by opening our
intellects to awareness of our bodies, and
when we are no longer stuck in our intellects
we become more like spirit: intuitive,
experiencing the joy of life for the sake of
experiencing, in communion with ourselves,
with each other, and beyond."
-------- Dossie Easton & Catherine A.
in "The Ethical Slut"


Though we do our part to make it a reality for
anyone who's willing, we realize that not
everyone molds their lives around pleasure
the way we do. So we teach people
long-distance -- by phone, email, and ebook --
to integrate some Tantra into their normal
lives. As a result, our next featured article will
be "Using Long-Distance Tantra Training To
Make Your Life Everything You've Ever
Dreamed Of." Look for it next month.


A man went into a pharmacy and asked to talk
to a male pharmacist. The woman he was
talking to said that she was the pharmacist
and that she and her sister owned the store,
so there were no males employed there.

She then asked if there was something which
she could help the gentleman with. The man
said that it was something that he would be
much more comfortable discussing with a
male pharmacist. The female pharmacist
assured him that she was completely
professional and whatever it was that he
needed to discuss, he could be confident that
she would treat him with the highest level of

The man agreed and began by saying, "This
is tough for me to discuss, but I have a
permanent erection. It causes me a lot of
problems and severe embarrassment. So I
was wondering what you could give me for it."

The pharmacist said, "Just a minute, I'll go talk
to my sister."

When she returned, she said, "We discussed
it at length and the absolute best we can do is
one-third ownership in the store, a company
car, and $3000 a month living expenses."


The information contained in this document
represents the current view of Tantra At Tahoe
on the issues discussed as of the date of
publication. We provide this free advice in the
hopes that your conscious use will improve
your sexual life. If you have a medical or
psychological condition, please contact your
health professional before acting on this
advice. Our guidance is not intended as
medical or psychological treatment,
psychotherapy, or services best performed by
a health professional. Information provided in
this document is provided "AS IS" without
warranty of any kind, either expressed or
implied. You assume the entire risk as to the
accuracy and the use of suggestions in this
document. Without our personalized services,
your results may vary.


This newsletter is only distributed to
subscribers who have personally requested it.
We respect the privacy of our readers. We will
NEVER provide our subscriber list to
ANYONE. For details about our privacy policy,
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For a complete description of our services,
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Tantra At Tahoe is...
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Dhyan Jeffre
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"Deeper Into The Heart Of Sex"


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