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Sacred Sexual Secrets Newsletter - December, 2001


Published by Dhyan Jeffre TallTrees and Dhyan Somraj
(c) Copyright 2001 by Tantra At Tahoe

Sacred Sexual Secrets is a free publication of Tantra At Tahoe. This newsletter is distributed by private email every month to special souls interested in sacred Eastern sexuality, Tantric orgasms, Kama Sutra lovemaking, and all aspects of sexual health. It provides practical sex tips derived from the ancient wisdom of Tantra and the Kama Sutra plus modern sex research to help readers transform their love lives into an ever-expanding ecstatic journey.

Tantra At Tahoe is dedicated to helping everyone who desires better love, sex, and relationships with both long-distance learning and hands-on training. We offer email courses, telephone coaching, live sensual experiences, and private Tantric Initiations to help you reach astounding heights of sexual ecstasy.

Our motto: Deeper Into The Heart Of Sex

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"Where there is real passion, there is Divine Love." SONG OF BHAVA


In this issue...

WELCOME: Happy Tantric Holidays


FEATURED ARTICLE: "Tantric Secrets To Jump-Starting Waning Desire: Find Greater Pleasure and Sexual Fulfillment Regardless of Your Age"

FEATURED SERVICE: "Getting Everything You Want In Bed"

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Happy Tantric Holidays!

We hope you celebrate fully and deeply and rejoice not only in the season but in the abundance of love and pleasure in your life.

And if don't feel you have enough, we applaud you. Tantra is all about learning how to get more, More, MORE! You can have everything you've every dreamed of.

Somraj had a birthday this month and we certainly celebrated in true Tantric fashion. We rented a spa-equipped hotel room, decorated the place fully with candles, sarongs, and power objects. We created a sacred space and concentrated on our love. And then we made love on and off for hours and hours and hours. The best gift anyone could ever give and receive.

We wish you the same Christmas, Hanukah, or pagan gift, whatever your choice of worship.

Our joy comes even stronger from helping others rise to undreamed of heights of passion, ecstasy, and love. Now doesn't that sound better than turkey and football? Don't get us wrong, we like them too as foreplay. We just live for more, More, MORE. Don't you?

We look forward to receiving your feedback about our newsletter and hearing of your pleasure in using our advice to deepen your intimacy and supercharge your sex life.

Love from Tantra At Tahoe which is...

Dhyan Jeffre and Dhyan Somraj

Please, forward this newsletter to all your friends, family, and lovers who might be interested!
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Tantric Secrets To Jump-Starting Waning Desire
Find Greater Pleasure and Sexual Fulfillment Regardless of Your Age

She sat down in the comfortable chair in my office and tears immediately welled up in her eyes. The words tumbled out, "I don't know what's wrong with me, but I just don't care about sex anymore. My husband thinks I'm having an affair. He's very upset. Maybe I don't love him anymore. I just don't know anything anymore. Please help me."

Jeffre sighed and answered with deep compassion. "You're describing the most common reason that people learn Tantra or see a sex therapist, inhibited sexual desire. Simply, this means you don't feel as interested in sex as you used to be. Don't worry, there's much that can be done about it."

Are you finding that sex just ain't what it used to be? Are you bored with what you're having and don't see any reason to try it again anytime soon? Can you even remember when you last had sex with your beloved? If so, this article was tailored made for you.


Waning sexual desire has multiple causes, some common and some individual. Age, health, relationship situation, life stress, and sex education are pivotal. Although these factors change as you mature, each contributes to the situation.

The good news is that Tantra can solve the vast majority of desire problems. With the right information, intention, and guidance, you easily revitalize your eroding sex life. In fact, you can start long-distance with our help right now.

Of course, the complete solution is to dive deep into Tantra so you can harness sexual energy to permanently stimulate your libido and awaken your soul's passion.


Anything that affects your nervous and circulatory system will affect your sexual responsiveness. Are you overweight? Do you smoke? Do you drink too much? Is your diet healthy? Are you out of shape? We ask because sexual excitement, especially with Tantra, depends on the natural flows of a healthy body.

So here is some advice you can act on yourself. Look after your body better! The effect of your health and physical condition on your sexuality is gradual. You might not notice small changes as they occur until you aren't interested in doing it much anymore, sex, that is.

When Somraj noticed these effects, he started taking natural herbs to dramatically boost his desire. But after losing 15 pounds with a diet change, his arousal erupted more easily, his erections stayed stronger, and his energy bounced back much more quickly after sex, even without these supplements.

By the way, we're quite experienced with natural remedies and aphrodisiacs. If you're interested, we can guide you with a couple hours of sexuality coaching. Click here to sign-up...



The hormone testosterone fuels that thing we call desire. It abounds when we're younger. Typical American sexual encounters, driven by testosterone and ignorance, are very short, typically less than 30 minutes. This pattern often becomes the rule throughout too many lives.

Without conscious initiation into the Eastern secrets of extending multiple Tantric orgasms, biology rules. Consequently, most untrained men finish too quickly for their own pleasure and their lover's orgasm. After a few years, one or both become bored or frustrated. (Tantric love play, in contrast, may go on and on for hours at higher and higher levels of pleasure and bliss regardless of your hormones.)

To compound the problem, both males or females experience hormonal changes as they age. If you're conditioned to depend on biological lust for your sex drive, you have little to fall back on as your bodies change with age.

As women approach menopause, hormones shift, often resoundingly. This may result in confusing biological signals causing less interest in sex and changes in orgasms. Too many women react by just not wanting to be sexual anymore. If you're going through this challenging adjustment, Tantra can be of enormous help. Jeffre has learned through personal and professional experience the profound effect Tantra can have with menopausal women.

Male production of testosterone begins to decrease slowly around the age of 30. Most men don't really notice the decrease until their late 40s. Not wanting to do it, not recovering quickly after doing it, not wanting to bother with anything new is often the result. When you learn through Tantra how to last virtually forever and orgasm without ejaculation, your desire and enjoyment of sex can continue to grow, regardless of your age, as can your partner's.

Somraj's book, Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery, gives you hands-on exercises to extend and enhance lovemaking with the ancient powers of Tantra. Click here for details...



Desire at any age has a lot to do with the family culture you grew up in, your religious indoctrination, and your early sexual experiences. Were you raised with the Tantric belief that sex is a divine gift, that giving pleasure is a way to honor and respect each other, and that receiving all the pleasure you can absorb is healthy?

Or were you conditioned to believe that sex is dirty and sinful so you rushed through it without knowing what you were doing trying to get some relief before you were discovered being naughty?

We live in an anti-ecstatic society. Sex is all around us, but it is carried with the hidden message that it's wrong. The media continuously pounds sex into our awareness while our moral institutions denounce it. Parents don't talk to their kids about sex. Adolescents believe that people over 35 never do it. And older folks think they're unusual if they do and enjoy it.

Most teenagers suffer through the internal struggles between the lust they feel and the cultural conventions enforced on them. As a result, we all grow up with underlying psychological conflicts about sex. We're confused about what we should or shouldn't be doing. We lack knowledge about what's natural, healthy, and right for us.


You can't change your past, but you certainly can change your future sex life. How? By first recognizing that...

The mind is your most powerful sex organ.

The human mind controls much more of your sex drive than any hormone. Positively, you can train your mind to ignore biological urges, to strongly enhance them, or even recreate powerful sensations when hormones decrease. More damaging, you can convince yourself that you don't have time for pleasure or any interest in sex.

When it comes to sex and desire, the uninformed and untrained sexual mind too often wins over the body. When we're younger, sex automatically pops into the mind. When we mature and life intervenes with, heaven forbid, the serious responsibilities of life, we don't have Mother Nature's hormonal juices to remind us of the pleasures of the flesh.

When life stresses and aging biology erode the playful sex you enjoyed early in your relationship, it's too easy to buy in to the "sex is bad" side of the equation. Rediscovering your innate joy in physical and emotional intimacy and redefining your sexual identity is one of the most life-changing outcomes of Tantric Initiation. Click here for details...



To be a successful sexual adult, your psyche, your mind, needs to first visualize the kind of sex you want. With Tantric training, you develop the power to consciously create and channel orgasmic energy to bring you pleasure, joy, and soul renewal.

Here's a great example of the mind working for you in bed. Most of us have the solid notion that maximum pleasure requires PIV sex (penis-in-vagina) and orgasm through intercourse. To be sure, Tantric adepts love the variety of lovemaking positions described in the Kama Sutra. But in Tantra, we learn many other ecstatic practices.

One of the disturbing side effects of decreasing testosterone in males is that their erections often become unreliable. Tantrikas say, big deal. If you reprogram your thinking to welcome everything pleasurable without the stereotypical picture of "good sex", both genders can have great enjoyment with a soft penis. There are so many fun options when you break out of the traditional mold. More about specific techniques in a future article.

At Tantra At Tahoe, we can help you release the psychological blocks to your sexual satisfaction by helping you reprogram your mind to deliberately create what you desire. With Tantra, you do it by concentrating on what you want - sexual pleasure - and using it as a healing force.

Our Tantric Sex Assess is designed specifically to start you on this path...
• To help you see where you're at sexually and where you want to go.
• To help you get clear on what's natural for you and what's in the way.
• To help you focus on what you want and decide what to do about it.
It's an inexpensive one-hour private confidential telephone conference scheduled at your convenience. During the holiday season, don't you deserve to give yourself the gift of sexual freedom and expansion? Click here for details and to sign-up...



We're continually amazed at how little most couples talk about sex in detail.

If you haven't talked, how can you get clear on...
• how you really feel underneath,
• what your partner wants, and
• exactly what you want more of and less of?
In our experience, if you're not getting ever-deepening intimacy and expanding varieties of pleasure, there'll come a time when your whole system will just give up.

Jeffre shows you how to overcome this kind of relationship stifling communication gap in her new playbook, Intimacy, A Green Light for Red Hot Sex and A Lifetime of Loving. Click here for details...



We don't want to encourage you to resist aging and natural physical changes. In Tantra, we learn to rejoice in going with the flow.

So we offer you the transformation you've been seeking. Shift from ebbing lust to sacred love by learning to summon and run orgasmic life force energy throughout your body. It's a finer subtler frequency, but through Tantric practice, you can learn to open to this virtually unlimited and powerful source of vitality.

Instead of depending on your body's waning and unpredictable signals, learn to conjure up untold amounts of arousal, extend love play as long as you want, and rise to peaks of rapture and spiritual bliss every time you make love. That's exactly what our Tantric Initiations are designed to teach.

If you're interested in pursuing this path but aren't sure when, how, or if it's right for you, contact us anyway with your doubts. With our decades of experience, we're sure to give you the guidance you need.


Want to start revitalizing your sex life right now? Here's a little kinky but proven tip...

Purchase sexy underwear.

As you're choosing, focus on the fantasies you'll enact dressed this way. Welcome the feelings these thoughts create in your body.

And, guys, don't reject this wild idea out of hand. If you pick out some silk thongs or yummy feeling boxers, you'll get turned on too, especially if you follow this advice.

Make it a practice to wear these slinky reminders underneath your clothes on days you have a love date with your beloved. While you're apart, wear the sexy little things that you both know are there but the rest of the world doesn't. Enjoy the feel of them against your skin. Imagine taking them off in a sexy way for your lover. Play with your sexual images. Call each other throughout your work day as juicy little fantasies occur to you.

If you use titillating underwear to remind you to focus on what you want, namely hot sex, you'll be summoning the natural orgasmic forces dormant inside you. You'll have already jumped on the Tantric path.


Was this short article valuable? Did we start you thinking about you want and believing you can get it? Want more detailed how-to's to personally respond to waning desire? Want to use your innate Tantric powers to overcome lessened sexual interest?

We're currently completing an email course on this subject. As a newsletter subscriber, you can buy the complete article in advance of publication for 50% off during December. We expect to deliver the entire article in January 2002. Click here to purchase right away before the deal expires on New Years Eve...


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Love and Goddess Speed Your Journey...

Dhyan Jeffre and Somraj


Dhyan Jeffre TallTrees is a licensed SkyDancing Tantra Teacher with over 30 years of clinical experience specializing in relationships and human sexuality. Jeffre is co-author of "Hotter Sex, Deeper Love.". She is a columnist, healer, counselor, workshop leader, artist, and avid skier whose advice is highly sought after. As cofounder of Tantra At Tahoe along with her beloved husband, Somraj, Jeffre provides the feminine power which makes Tantric sexuality sacred.

Dhyan Somraj is the author of countless articles about Tantra, over 50 workshops, and 4 books including Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery. During his 30 year career as a counselor, group facilitator, and trainer, Somraj has guided more that 20,000 people to lead more effective lives. He derives great joy from assisting others to release sexual inhibitions which block their pleasure so they can make lovemaking last and last and last. Somraj is a private pilot, avid skier and mountain bike rider, website designer, and ecstatic worshipper of the Goddess.

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Getting Everything You Want In Bed TeleSeminar

Communication is a challenging art at the best of times. In bed, it's downright daunting to so many of us. On top of that, what turns many lovers on is a moving target. Consequently, we end up not asking for everything we want and not knowing exactly what our partner desires in each moment. The Getting Everything You Want In Bed Seminar takes you far past these difficulties and propels you to a place of harmony with your lover. Improve your listening, your assertiveness, and your feedback where it counts most. Get verbal and encourage response without destroying the mood. Maximize your pleasure by exploring, experimenting, and getting in sync with your partner. Learn to take responsibility for your sex life with love, respect, and affection.

The "Getting Everything You Want In Bed TeleSeminar" is presented in four weekly sessions of 45 minutes each by Dhyan Jeffre and Dhyan Somraj.

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The featured article in our January issue will be "No Partner, No Tantra, No Sense." Yes, Tantra is about merging energies with your beloved. We often hear interested seekers intend to wait until they find that right someone to practice Tantra. What most don't realize, is how much of basic Tantra practice must be done solo. We'll explain this in depth in our next edition.



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Tahoe is beautiful anytime of the year. Boy, do we have lots of snow for skiing already this year. We'd love for you to come and practice with us. Both Tantra and skiing, that is.

But until you can, we're planning multiple short inexpensive email Tantra courses that you can take at home. And practice and practice and practice.

Help us decide which we should complete first by rating which are most interesting to you...

• A Couples Guide To Making Love Longer
• Sexuality For Older Women
• Kama Sutra Love Play
• Bringing The Sacred Into Your Lovemaking
• Tantric Genital Massage
• Natural Herbs and Tantric Aphrodisiacs
• G-Spot Massage and Female Ejaculation
• Sensual Massage Through Tantric Touch
• Tantric Oral Sex
• Sexual Healing Through Tantra

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