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Your Tantra Newsletter: Our Erotic Art Gallery Is Coming To A Computer Screen Near You
Take The Opportunity This Holiday Season To Focus on Celebrating More Of The Life, Love, And Sex You Truly Want


"Sacred Sexual Secrets" Newsletter 12/28/15
Published by Somraj Pokras & Jeffre TallTrees
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This free ezine (scroll to the end if you want to stop them) offers practical sex tips derived from modern sex research and the ancient wisdom of Tantra and the Kama Sutra. We teach Supreme Bliss Tantra to help you deepen relationship intimacy and reach astounding heights of sexual ecstasy through long-distance learning and hands-on training. Our Motto: Deeper Into The Heart Of Sex

Happy Holidays! To celebrate, we’re happy to announce that our free Erotic Art Gallery, full of colorful images that glorify sex, is back on line here… .

It’s our wish that these digital creations will help you imagine hot, juicy, steamy thoughts as you peruse our art gallery. We hope some of these images turn you on and flood your body with sexual energy. And when you get turned on, we hope you’ll have somebody dear to share those life-giving forces.

Where does this gallery come from? One of Somraj’s hobbies is converting graphic pictures of sex acts and jewels (genitals) into works of art using Photoshop. We originally became interested in images like this while attending a workshop about Native America sacred sexuality. One particular filtered photo of a vajra (penis) entering a yoni (vagina) truly intrigued us. At first such a graphic close-up shocked even uninhibited Tantra adepts like us. But the more we saw it, the more we began to see the beauty of the human body engaged in an act of love. After the initial impact wore off, we were left turned-on. And in Supreme Bliss Tantra, that’s a gift we don’t want to ignore. So we bought it and it still adorns our wall.

Though we hope you enjoy our Erotic Art Gallery, it’s clear that what’s interesting and desirable to one person may not be for another. Somraj learned years ago that art is simply a non-verbal form of communication. The quality of the communication determines whether the viewer appreciates it. Quality could be defined by a work’s aesthetic composition and details, but we prefer to believe its emotional impact on the viewer is what determines how “good” it is.

An erotic art piece hopefully stimulates the life-giving flow of desire, turn-on, and kundalini flow. That’s a current of sexual energy in your body. Our belief is that this excitement is just another aspect of the divine at work in our bodies. Here’s what we wrote in our March 16, 2005 newsletter, entitled Debunking Sexual Myths (…

“Myth: Sex Isn't Spiritual. It's Animal, Dirty, Sinful

“Tantric View: Supreme Bliss Tantra teaches that your body is a divine vessel which offers the gift of Spiritual Sex. When you accept that sex and spirit are intimately connected, your loveplay becomes more evolved, healthy, and true. Your divine life force is what generates sexual energy. Isn't that why so many of us scream "Oh My God!" when we come?”

For too many people in today's world, it’s almost incomprehensible to imagine feeling the presence of God when kundalini is running through your body. In contrast, Tantra doesn't divide sex and spirit. We hold them as different aspects of the same divine plan.

Unfortunately, the extended journey to present our own erotic art ran into society’s negative view of sex. We originally posted our growing collection of graphic images on our FaceBook page. They outlawed them because they were too racy. So we moved them to Picasa, Google’s photo sharing site. Same result.

We put them on our site,, just before PayPal banned our account due to the sexual nature of our work. All the alternate credit card processors we contacted wouldn’t accept our business unless we removed these highly suggestive creations which we had to do to stay in business. Now that we’ve put our gallery in the cloud, hopefully we’ll have exclusive rights to choose what’s appropriate in our own space on the web.

This, of course, raises the bigger issue of how society views sex and enforces these norms everywhere. Our view was expressed in our July 18, 2011 newsletter titled Porno Can Be Spiritual (…

“You see, the essence of the life approach of Supreme Bliss Tantra is whatever turns you on is good for you, as long as you enter into it and experience it with consciousness. The transformation comes from learning to say yes to anything you encounter. If you encounter resistance it’s usually stemming from exterior programming or false social taboos.”

A shorthand way to define how much someone is hypnotized by the negativity in our culture linked to sex is to identify where they fall on the the Sex-Positive Spectrum. We explained this in our August 19, 2008 ezine titled Sex, Society, And You: Take A Good Hard Look At How You Really Feel About Sex Being Healthy And Spiritual (…

“To help put some order into this mess, imagine a spectrum of sexual attitudes that extends to totally negative on the far right end, completely positive on the left, and neutral in the middle, something like this…

Positive Neutral Negative

“People with a totally sex-negative attitude on the right side disapprove of, denounce, and avoid any thought, words, or action that might be construed as the least bit sexual. Sounds like the far-right political conservatives, right? Exactly, except for how many of them are found in bed with mistresses or even other guys. It’s pretty hard to totally suppress a natural force of life.

“People who embrace a totally sex-positive attitude, on the other hand, applaud, celebrate, and thoroughly enjoy all forms of sexual play. That means they value, honor, and appreciate the healthy role sex should play in a full, rich life. Not unconscious, immature behaviors like inappropriate dirty jokes, sexual abuse, or violence.

“The healthy, conscious approach is the one we take and encourage in Supreme Bliss Tantra. If you really believe that sex and spirit are one and that making love is a form of prayer, then your mental attitude resides far left on the scale. That explains why we call this form of lovemaking Spiritual or Sacred Sex.

“For the most part, our parents, teachers, and religious leaders drummed into us that playing with yourself or having sex out of wedlock is a sin. So we’ve all grown up programmed with guilt, shame, and embarrassment on the most natural of instincts.

“If your mind is in the gutter -- meaning that you believe that sex is dirty, sinful, and immoral, putting you on the far right of the scale -- you’ll never be able to develop the mastery of the subtle energies that link sex and spirit. It’s one thing to tell yourself or others that you are pro-sex, but quite another to find yourself hearing others talk openly about how they kiss each others jewels or witnessing them making love.”

In our February 10, 2004 article entitled How Sexual Healing Awakens The Goddess (, we wrote…

“Supreme Bliss Tantra teaches that pleasure is your birthright. Feeling good is natural. Love is an urge common to all human beings.

“Yet the vast majority of us were raised to believe that sex was sinful, evil, dirty, immoral, forbidden, or at the very least, must be hidden. How can you grow up in the modern world and not carry the heavy weight of some sexual resistance like fear, guilt, shame, or pain that limit your ability to experience ecstasy?

“We all live in a society that gives contradictory messages about sex: it’s glorious, it's dirty, it's human, it's animal, it's a sacrament, it's a sin. What's the truth?

“Who among us is trained and initiated to revere and master this most basic and powerful of life's drives? Some have even lived through the misfortune of one kind of abuse or another.

“Because no one tells or shows us how to find out for ourselves, we end up conflicted and confused, with beliefs and experiences that block the organic flow of the natural urge to feel pleasure with the self or another.”

Our G-Spot Orgasm & Female Ejaculation E-Book ( sums our position on the scale clearly…

“We want you to enjoy sex. We want you to believe it's good for you. We want you to release your inhibitions, let go of control, and stop holding back. We want you to remember that being alive means feeling desire. We want you to know that sexual play is good for you. We want you to celebrate that your orgasms, especially wet ones, make you healthier, more awake, closer to your beloved, and connect with God/Goddess.

“Unfortunately, most of the so-called civilized world disagrees with the above views. We don't live in cultures that encourage us to explore our bodies, our orgasmic triggers like the G-Spot, and their spiritual connection. Religions frown on it. Few of our parents talked about it. You can't even think about it at work without a lawsuit.

“Even worse, health professionals are as hung up as the rest of the population. We regularly receive referrals from highly trained therapists who are too shy to deal with sexual issues. In fact, too many medical doctors scoff at proven sexual realities like female ejaculation. Partly, this sad story explains why the average lover doesn't know more about their own orgasmic pathways.”

We hope you’ll explore our Erotic Art Gallery and enjoy it. You might get a juicy jolt from some of the images. You might not have any reaction at all. Or some might shock you in a good way or a bad way. Certainly, you’re entitled to you own personal view and your own special tastes.

Some things gross us out and some things turn us on, just like you. But interacting with any presentation of eros reveals how sex positive we are, what’s definitely not our cup of tea, and what we’re passionate about getting more of.

If you have an emotional reaction, we suggest you examine what’s going on inside more closely. That’s the essence of the Tantric path. If you’re turned on, maybe this will help you identify what you want more of in bed or in life. If you have a negative response, see if you can discover where your resistance is coming from.

That’s the gift of any art, if you approach it with the Tantric Attitude which is based in consciousness. Viewing an image of a sex act is designed to push your buttons. Just make sure that you’re viewing any erotic art, any suggestive story, any so-called pornography without any filters programmed by other’s beliefs. Look inside and decide if you like how it makes you feel. And then look deeper and confirm that it’s really you reacting and not your parents, teachers, priests, or cultural critics.

Here’s a great opportunity to make some New Year’s resolutions about getting more love, more sex, and more joy in your life.

We wish you all the happiness you can embrace.

Love, Somraj and Jeffre


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