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Your Tantra Newsletter: 5 Secrets Of Longer LoveMaking From Ancient Traditions & One From Victorian America: Introducing Our New Ecourse, The Flagship Of Our 33% OFF Total Longer LoveMaking Package

"Sacred Sexual Secrets" Newsletter 11/22/06


Published by Somraj Pokras and Jeffre TallTrees

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This free ezine offers practical sex tips derived from the ancient wisdom of Tantra and the Kama Sutra coupled with modern sex research. We teach Supreme Bliss Tantra which is spiritual sex that helps you deepen relationship intimacy and reach astounding heights of sexual ecstasy through long-distance learning and hands-on training.

Our Motto: Deeper Into The Heart Of Sex


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* Thanksgiving Message: "Thoughts For Giving Thanks"

* Featured Ecourse: "Get Our New Longer Sex Ecourse For FREE!"

* Featured Article: "5 Secrets Of Longer LoveMaking From Ancient 

                    Traditions Plus One From Victorian America"
* Tantric Quote: "Going To The Deepest Core Of The Other"

* Tantric Quote: "Sex As A Gateway To Richer Deeper Experience"

* Featured Ebook: "Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery"

* Featured DVD: "Lover's Guide to Extended Orgasm Ejaculation Control"

* Juicy Joke: "A Make-Up Gift For The Wife"

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Thanksgiving Message: "Thoughts For Giving Thanks"

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The most destructive habit ..................................Worry

The greatest joy ............................................Giving

The greatest loss......................................Self-respect

The most satisfying work.............................Helping Others

The ugliest personality trait.........................Selfishness

The most endangered species.........................Dedicated Leaders

Our greatest natural resource..............................Our youth

The greatest "shot in the arm".......................Encouragement

The greatest problem to overcome.........................Fear

The most effective sleeping pill.......................Peace of mind

The most crippling failure disease..........................Excuses

The most powerful force in life .............................Love

The most dangerous pariah..................................A gossiper

The worlds most incredible computer....................The brain

The worst thing to be without...............................Hope

The deadliest weapon ......................................The Tongue

The two most power-filled words .........................."I Can"

The greatest asset ............................................Faith

The most worthless emotion.................................Self-pity

The most beautiful attire.....................................SMILE!

The most prized possession................................Self esteem

The most powerful communication channel................Prayer 

The most contagious spirit................................Enthusiasm


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How To Get Our New Longer Sex Ecourse For FREE!-

Our new "Longer Lasting LoveMaking Ecourse" is a richly-illustrated step-by-step program in 9 online lessons that teaches couples together how to enjoy hours of ecstatic sexual intercourse with multiple orgasms for both.

To offer you our new ecourse -- a series of a few short online lessons -- we've extracted the most vital explanations and the most potent exercises from our best-selling "Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery Ebook." Plus we've added key practices and graphic photos. In this streamlined and updated format, in just a few hours of delightful practice with erotic massage and Kama Sutra sexual positions, the two of you will master longer sexual intercourse and the ultimate solution for couples Orgasm Mastery and premature ejaculation.

The 9 half-hour lessons about Kama Sutra love, sex, and intercourse includes 13 step-by-step sex practices, 25 erotic exercises, and 28 guided sexual discussions that you and your honey do together. They teach you 9 ways to reach pleasure peaks and orgasmic plateaus, 3 ways to interrupt premature ejaculation, and 7 primary Kama Sutra sex positions plus multiple techniques for longer lasting lovemaking during erotic massage and sexual intercourse.

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Featured Article: "Our New Ecourse, The Flagship Of Our Total Package"
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            - How To Use 5 Secrets Of Longer LoveMaking From -

           - Ancient Traditions Plus One From Victorian America -

We're excited to announce our latest and greatest Tantric Sex teaching tool, the "Longer Lasting LoveMaking Ecourse." Right, it's just before Thanksgiving Day in the U.S., and we're feeling great gratitude that we've finally completed this last step in our "Total Longer LoveMaking Package" of 3 ecourses and our best-selling, comprehensive "Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery Ebook" which started it all.

It makes us feel great that we can help lovers like you all over the world.

Do y ou realize that, in this little global village the internet has helped create (the world), we have Supreme Bliss Tantra students in 109 countries, most of them, bless their hearts, wanting to master long lasting lovemaking? Which is why our newest ecourse tickles the cockles of our hearts (are cockles a sex organ?) and hopefully will yours, too, soon.

You know, the estimated 30 million men in the U.S. alone who suffer from premature ejaculation aren't the first social group who wanted to develop longer lasting sex. Which is why our continuing research extends way past the forefronts of the modern sexual sciences into hidden erotic traditions from all around the world. And that's partly why our ecourse's 38 exercises and 7 illustrated sex positions are based on techniques from ancient India, China, and Arabia which you've probably never heard of.

So, since the purpose of this article is to get you as jazzed about our new "Longer Lasting LoveMaking Ecourse" as we are, I'm going to explain 5 sexual stamina methods from foreign countries, as well as one from the Victorian U.S. Before we're done, I hope you'll understand the value of these techniques as well as their limitations. Which is where the real value of our new ecourse comes in, which is teaching permanent mastery of the spiritual life force that's continually percolating inside you to erupt as sexual energy, or what the ancients called "kundalini."


Tantric Quote: "Going To The Deepest Core Of The Other"

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"Tantra is the science of contacting souls, of going to the deepest core of the other. Tantra is one of the most important secrets ever discovered. But it is very delicate because it is the greatest art. To create a communion with the energy of the other, a dancing communion is the greatest and most difficult art to learn."  -- OSHO ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Our journey through the sexual past of the world begins in ancient Rome. Isn't that where the whole idea of orgies was popularized? Like most things, the Romans excelled at enjoying all sorts of pleasures including sex. For example, the common practice at Roman feasts was to eat your fill from a buffet overflowing with mouth-watering treats. And then go out back, stick your finger down your throat, and throw up so you could come back in and gorge yourself again.

OK, that's not exactly a Tantric example. Tantric adepts use pleasure to connect with the divine forces at work inside, making sex a spiritual experience. Why else do so many lovers cry "Oh, God!" while they're coming?

But the Romans did have a similar trick that at least allowed them to extend lovemaking, called "coitus reservatus." I'm not a Latin scholar but I guess that means roughly doing whatever you can to "reserve intercourse."

How do you do this? Well, simple, when a guy gets too close to cuming he just pulls out. He better know his body and his arousal signals because the sudden withdrawal can be kind of exciting itself. So doing coitus reservatus too late can backfire. Or more accurately, spill his seed on the sheet instead of inside yoni (Tantric for vagina).

Plus, my wife hates it when I pull out and interrupt her pleasure so suddenly.

Some believe withdrawing before ejaculating serves as an adequate form of birth control, but it hasn't really been shown to be reliable. Even in skilled hands (or maybe a skilled vajra -- the Tantric word for penis -- fits here better), his timing may not be perfect. Plus there's pre-cum to consider, but that's another story.


Either way, pulling out before cuming isn't what you want to know how to do. It's how to not cum and get back in for more, right? Here's an excerpt from our new "Longer Lasting LoveMaking Ecourse" that explains our second cultural visit to ancient Arabia which explains how their long lovers extended the pull-out method:

"Another ancient long-lovemaking method with value was called Imsak, a Arabic word literally meaning "retention." The term obviously refers to retaining semen while making love. Imsak was apparently developed for sultans and nobles who wanted to satisfy many of the wives in their harem each night and couldn't keep getting it up again and again after cuming with each lover.

"Unfortunately, historical records are very sketchy about the exact details of the Imsak method. What appears clear is that it used repeated Coitus Reservatus with the man entering and pulling out up to 10 times. Of course, withdrawal when he gets too close to avoid ejaculating resembles our Stop-Start Peaking method (one of the 38 exercises in the "Longer Lasting LoveMaking Ecourse"). During each break while his erection and excitement subside, stroking, caressing, and sensual touching provide an exciting way to build intimacy and connection.

"Apparently, the power of Imsak was that the repeated withdrawal allowed mutual arousal to build higher and higher with each successive penetration. Though lots of teasing can be a big turn-on, this approach employs gentle mutual titillation to boost sexual energy. If done with great sensitivity, the whole body becomes hypersensitive and highly charged. Consequently, the ultimate impact of Imsak is only reached after 10 cycles of entry and departure."


Tantric Quote: "Sex As A Gateway To Richer Deeper Experience"

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"Tantric Buddhism is the much misunderstood practice of using the sexual energy as a way of exploring spirituality -- using sex as a gateway to a richer and deeper spiritual experience, and using spirituality as a means of expanding the sex act into one of erotic symbolism and meditation."  -- Richard Craze in "A Beginner’s Guide To Tantric Sexuality"


Of course, it would be even better if the guy didn't get so excited while thrusting inside yoni. Which is why this new ecourse is a couples program that should be preceded by him mastering sexual stamina exercises to prevent premature ejaculation first. That's the purpose of our "Solo Premature Ejaculation Mastery Ecourse."

Two centuries ago in New York some avant garde new age types had their own solution, as our new ecourse explains:

"Karezza is a still lovemaking technique first published by Alice Bunker Stockham, a pioneering American female physician, in 1883. With Karezza, vajra remains in yoni for an hour or more simply feeling the delightful energy. Whether the members of the revolutionary Oneida community in New England who developed this technique were Tantric or not, I don't know. But they sure had something that we fast-paced, gratification junkies of the modern world could benefit from."

The way Karezza works is simple. You move only enough to keep vajra hard enough to stay inside. And just feel. Now that's one of the bedrock principles of Supreme Bliss Tantra, namely feeling. Heightening your sensitivity is one of the key portals to learning to master your kundalini sexual energy. You know, like Obi Wan Kenobi saying to Luke "Feel the FORCE, Luke!"

Karezza offers a major step in our new ecourse which is a series of exercises we call "Still VIY" which means "Still Vajra-In-Yoni." "Longer Lasting LoveMaking Ecourse" continues:

"Karezza or Still VIY begins in similar fashion to the previous exercise. In this case, however, I suggest you use the woman-on-top position and have her move just enough to maintain his erection. You'll each have a chance to move during this exercise, beginning with 10 minutes and working up to 30 each."


Featured Ebook: "Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Fortunately, our best-selling "last longer in bed" ebook is easy to read and easy to follow. Do you want The Ecstatic Solution To Unlimited Sexual Stamina? Download our best-selling longer sex ebook by clicking here:


Fortunately, our new ecourse continues by teaching both lovers many ways to move while coupled. So our third excursion into an ancient foreign culture takes us to ancient China where the Taoists were renown for their long lovemaking techniques:

"Some say thousands of years ago Tantra migrated from India to China to birth the Taoist school of Spiritual Sex. Of course, the Taoists believe sacred sex originated in China. It doesn’t really matter now if you want to take advantage of some of their unique techniques.

"If you want greater structure, try the Taoist 9 and 1 technique. Taoist sexual texts recommend that men use more shallow strokes than deep ones to retain their semen while exciting their lovers. According to a master of the Han dynasty in China, Wu Hsien, recommended you thrust according to the following regimen:

      3 shallow then 1 deep - repeat 81 times

      5 shallow then 1 deep - repeat 81 times

      9 shallow then 1 deep - repeat 81 times

"As you develop more and more mastery, the Taoists suggest you repeat this sequence with 2 deep thrusts instead of 1, and then with 3 deep thrusts using vajra's entire length instead of 1."


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Every couple can learn to extend their sexual pleasure with the breakthrough, clinically-tested techniques in this DVD or video. This easy-to-learn and scientifically-proven world-class program includes a unique combination of techniques that teach a man a blend of modern and ancient secrets about how to control his breath, how to properly position his body and how to maintain the pace of his lovemaking until the desired moment of orgasm is achieved. Any couple has the key to greater pleasure and longer, more satisfying orgasms with the total ejaculation control techniques featured in this extraordinary guide to extended pleasure for men and women. Find this Lover's Guide here:


Supreme Bliss Tantra began in India thousands of years ago, millennia before the famous Hindu love guide, the Kama Sutra, was written. So our fourth foray into the history of long lasting sex methods comes from Tantra's birthplace.

I'm sure it comes as no surprise to you that the position you make love in strongly influences whether you can have long sex and multiple orgasms or not. Maybe that's why the sex positions section of the Kama Sutra is so popular. And that's partly why one of the 9 lessons of my Longer Lasting LoveMaking Ecourse  teaches you about how to vary your sexual position so you can last longer during sexual intercourse.

Here's what I say in Lesson 6 about Kama Sutra Sexual Positions:

"Though it had a much broader focus, the famous ancient Indian sex manual, the Kama Sutra, is probably best known for its frank presentation of sexual positions. Actually, it wasn’t totally complete and, in keeping with most ancient scriptures, was exceedingly cryptic in most places. Fortunately, we’ve developed our own system of teaching lovemaking postures which will soon appear in an ecourse on a computer near you.

"For your first penis-in-vagina exercises in the last lesson, I suggested which sexual position to use. Now we’re going to experiment with different sexual positions and see how they affect your sensitivity and lasting ability. Then we’ll return to this delightful progression of vajra (penis) visiting yoni (vagina), this time with more aggressive movements. Your primary focus here will be to regulate your excitement using the now familiar Stop-Start Exercise. But we'll do this in stages until you both get to move all you want, or at least all you can without him ejaculating."

Well, that covers the Victorian American and 4 of the 5 ancient longer lovemaking methods. Of course, we've saved the best for last which will appear in our next newsletter. Until then, give thanks for love, sex, and spirit and enjoy yourself.

             Love, Somraj

                     Your Long LoveMaking Tantric Mentor


Juicy Joke: "A Make-Up Gift For The Wife"

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Trying to make up for bad behavior, a man went to the shopping mall to buy his wife a gift.  "I'd like to buy some gloves for my wife," he says eyeing the attractive salesgirl, "but I don't know her size."              


"Will this help?" she asked sweetly, placing her hand in his.         


"Oh, yes," he answered.  "Her hands are just slightly smaller than yours."  


"Will there be anything else?" the salesgirl inquired, as she wrapped the gloves

"Now that you mention it," the man replied, "She also needs a bra and panties."


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To learn how to make long lovemaking the Tantric way, most guys need to master the essential long sex stamina tools first before engaging with a partner. Which is why it's best for them to do the exercises in our "Solo Premature Ejaculation Mastery Ecourse" or "Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery Ebook first." Of course, the 188-page ebook is more extensive, containing more background, more explanation, and more exercises in every section. Our ebook is the preferred choice for male lovers who want to achieve their full sexual stamina and orgasmic potential.

But our ecourses focus on the key essentials so they're the fast track to longer, more orgasmic sexual intercourse. For example, with him perfecting his solo skills, the couple can quickly learn to extend their sexual frolicking with our "Longer Lasting LoveMaking Ecourse." Of course, an essential step in any long lovemaking program is for both lovers to strengthen the sexual muscles in their pelvis which is the focus of our "Tantric Sex Muscle Ecourse."

To make this easier for you, we've packaged them in a deep discount collection. Because each of these 4 online longer sex tools cost less than $25, you could buy them separately for nearly $100. Or you could decide you want to know everything about long lovemaking the Tantric way and get our "Total Longer LoveMaking Package" for only $59.89. Click HERE to get this big savings of 33%!



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