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Your Tantra Newsletter: Sexual Energy Fireworks 2

How to Mobilize your Erotic Charge and What Sensational Things Happen Inside your Body 

Last month I explained how to create sensational sexual fireworks inside your body. In this second installment I detail what those fireworks look like and feel like.
What Happens Inside
What got me started on the whole subject of running energy is my growing awareness of what sexual energy does inside my body. The more I get in my body and feel passion, the more I notice what’s going on. There seems to be four main things happening: waves, rays, bursts, and vibes. Since we’re talking about sexual electricity, it’s interesting to note that they are all somewhat akin to how electricity behaves.
"Sacred Sexual Secrets" Newsletter #288 published 10/27/2017
Published by Somraj Pokras & Jeffre TallTrees 
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The first category of sexual energy manifestations is waves. This is when the erotic charge builds up somewhere, typically your jewels at first, and then spreads. Have you ever felt your turn-on sensations move? Well, then you’ve become aware of the energy running through your body.
It doesn’t always seem to be a steady process like water heating up before it boils. Sometimes it’s more like diffusion, you know the seeping and creeping of heat gradually filling you up. Diffusion is like what happens when you pour a few drops of a colored liquid like strong dark coffee into a glass of water.
When the erotic charge gets stronger, the energy pulses. Other times it feels more like ocean waves lapping back and forth inside. And since we’re using the sea as a metaphor here, we can extend the image to tidal surges. 
The second phenomenon I’ve recognized is rays of sexual energy. This is how I got the analogy of fireworks. Doesn’t it feel like lightning is striking inside you sometimes when you’re super excited? 
When approaching orgasm it feels like powerful bolts of energy discharging like when a shaft of cloud-to-ground lightning hits the earth. Other times it feels like the erotic charge is streaking up, down, and around from one part of the body to another. That’s more like cloud-to-cloud lightning.
These rays aren’t always that strong. At times, instead of diffusing, they feel like electricity flowing through wires inside the body. Have you ever felt currents of sensation as you’re starting to get turned-on? 
Sometimes they are little tendrils of heat, sometimes faster streams that tickle. Whatever their strength, rays of sexual energy resemble currents of electricity.
A Spectacular Fireworks Show Inside
The third manifestation of erotic charge is bursts. If you’ve ever seen a starburst in a fireworks show, you know what I’m referring to. 
Comparing sexual excitement to fire is probably more a reality than just an analogy. As you get turned-on, blood flows into your tissues, your muscles tense, and your nerves fire. When the energy collects  to overflowing in spots like erogenous zones, it has to discharge eventually. 
This can produce all kinds of pyrotechnics inside. They can start as a gleam, glint, glimmer, shimmer, twinkle, flicker, or sparkle. When stronger they can appear as a flash, flare, rocket, blaze, blast, grenade, explosion, detonation, and eruption. These images may not be completely accurate. They’re my attempt to describe the indescribable spectrum of sensations coursing through the body. In spite of my extensive research and study, I’ve read very little about this spectrum anywhere else. 
These explosions sometimes feel like a little flash, sometimes like a flare gun shooting off, and other times like a grenade going off within your sensitive tissues. After lengthy sexual play building huge reservoir of sexual electricity can create an expanding barrage similar to a rocket breaking into a hundred little exploding pieces.
Of course, erupting makes us think of an ejaculatory orgasm. Too often, for men as they age, this discharges so much energy that it’s hard to get it up again. Which is why Tantric sex emphasizes implosion over explosion. 
Instead of releasing energy like lightning hitting the ground, we learn to channel the energy from place to place inside. When the energy discharges in your jewels, it expands your heart. When the electricity sizzles down your arms and legs, you rechannel it upwards to elevate your spirit. And so on. 
The good news is that even men who don’t recover their desire very quickly can have a long series of implosive orgasms. And women can us them to fuel multiple climaxes.
Rocking and Rolling
Vibrations are the last category of sexual energy manifestations. I’m talking about how sexual energy makes your body move involuntarily. These movements are more different than the other three categories because they’re more tangible. I’ve included them because they create such unique and dramatic results when you build and stream erotic charge. 
Body vibrations start with a subtle trembling of muscles. You might feel a twitch, shiver, or jerk. That might cause some quivering, quavering, and quaking. Ancient Tantric texts refer to these as “kriyas” which are the spontaneous involuntary movements that happen when sexual energy jolts your tissues. These tremors can grow into swaying, shimmying, and shuddering. The shaking can make you toss, turn, undulate, and even jackknife. 
Apparently that’s where the term rock and roll originally came from. If you’ve ever had a lover refer to toe-curling sex, you’ve got an idea about how these vibes show up. 
It’s fascinating to note that pelvic contractions are widely accepted as a hallmark of explosive orgasm. Certainly, it’s the spasms of a man’s prostate gland that makes him ejaculate. And any guy who’s made his female partner orgasm wildly while being insider her has probably felt her vaginal convulsions around his member. That often makes me lose control and let go. But in a good way. 
When you take your time, let the erotic charge build, and enjoy a series of implosive orgasms, these vibrations can spread throughout your body. Some Tantric lovers describe feeling like they’re levitating when they float in the O-Zone, the zone of continuous orgasm. Haven’t you ever felt like you’re soaring in outer space when you come?
For sensitive lovers, of energy, though they happen more in the energy body than the physical body, are certainly accompanied by delightful sensations. When these fireworks make you vibrate, the pleasure is enormous.
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
Well, that’s the current status of my personal research into the effects of erotic charge. 
As you’ve read, orgasmic Tantric sex focuses on generating more sexual energy, making it last as long as you can stand such intense feelings, and spreading it throughout your body and back and forth with your partner. Or until you can’t resist exploding in a blaze of glory, hopefully together. 
And we’ve also seen that amassing sexual energy creates waves, rays, bursts, and vibes which can rock your world. 
For sure, my descriptions of what happens when you build a super strong erotic charge is a work in progress. Stay tuned for more research developments. I’d love to hear if you’ve experienced any of these or other sensations. 
Love, Somraj 
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