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Your Tantra Newsletter: Sexual Energy Fireworks
How to Mobilize your Erotic Charge and What Sensational Things Happen Inside your Body 
Any consensual, pleasurable sex is better than no sex, don’t you think? 
In our Tantric view of life where feeling good is paramount, regular sexual pleasure, whether with a partner or by yourself, is essential. So we study and practice how to make it feel better. 
But few lovers enter into the rapture zone where the ecstasy is mind-blowing and the spirit is transformed. You know, where you can’t help but screaming “Oh, my God!” even if you’re not religious. 
I’m talking about physical play that’s so intense that all kinds of sensational fireworks are shooting off inside your body. By sensational I mean that the sensations are so strong that they make you shout, shake, and levitate.
In Tantra we aim to make life in general - and frequent sex - a spiritual experience. That’s why Tantric Sex is often called Spiritual Sex. You know you’re making the most of lovemaking when every second feels like you’re orgasming. Which is why Orgasmic Sex is another synonym for all of this. 
"Sacred Sexual Secrets" Newsletter #287 published 9/29/2017
Published by Somraj Pokras & Jeffre TallTrees 
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How Do You Make Sex More Spiritual and Continuously Orgasmic?
If you want to play frequently and continuously in the rarefied atmosphere of sexual ecstasy, you may want to study and practice how to make sex more orgasmic, like we do. Which is why we wrote our latest ebook, Long Hot Tantric Love Making. It’s a complete do-it-yourself program to enjoy orgasmic sex every time you do it.
Here I want to introduce you to some evolving research about the inner fireworks that orgasmic sex produces in your body. By research I’m talking about experimenting in our sexual escapades with all sorts of moves, strokes, positions, roles, toys, etc.
But most of all when we make love we play with sexual energy. That’s what we’ve mastered to a large degree in our 20 years of Tantric practice. Undoubtedly, we have lots more to discover and learn. That’s good news since applying spiritual consciousness to physical pleasure is so much fun.
Learning how to sense, summon, harness, and exchange sexual energy is the crux of our joint research. If you’re not super clear on what sexual energy is, here’s the definition from Long Hot Tantric Love Making…
The electromagnetic life force in the human body responsible for attraction, sexual desire, libido, sex drive, turn-on, and orgasm. Lovers experience it as a flow of nervous stimulation, physical excitation, and moving sensations.
Some sexologists call it erotic charge. Others refer to it as sexual electricity. Whatever you call it, you CAN can feel it. The more energy you generate, the more intense your sensations become.
It’s what makes your breathing heavy, your muscles tense, and your body vibrate when you get turned on. It’s what makes your skin flush and chills or goosebumps spread up your body. It’s what makes you moan, groan, and cry out as you approach coming. 
To make sex more orgasmic, there are three main things we do with sexual energy: generating more, making it last, and spreading it. 
Generating More Sexual Energy
Sexual energy is the life force that animates every one of your cells. So feeling vitality everywhere is natural. But few of us are raised to recognize it, welcome it, and cherish it. Instead too many lovers are distracted, embarrassed, and inhibited when they should just be letting go and having fun.
One of the primary lessons of Tantra training is how to feel more pleasure which lets your sexual energy expand and flow. If you learn how to get out of your head, into your body, and revel in all your senses, you’ll build more erotic charge. This can happen anywhere and everywhere around your body. That’s why some lovers, most often women, report having orgasms from kissing, sensual touch, and nipple play. 
Since our aim is to generate and contain as much sexual energy as we can handle, we suggest concentrating on those body parts that naturally create erotic charge. I’m referring to the jewels here, our sweeter name for genitals. Sexologists call them erogenous zones, places that are particularly sensitive to sexual stimulation. I like to simply call them sweet spots. 
Since we’re so horny and do so much conscious “research,” we’ve become aware of 30 such spots in and around the jewels. We’ve identified 20 of these sensitive pleasure zones in women’s bodies, and 10 in men’s. Many of these aren’t widely understood but you can read about them in our previous newsletter Women’s Erogenous Zones. Too many lovers don’t know how to find them all and titillate them. 
So if you want sex to be more orgasmic, your first assignment is to learn to use all 30 erogenous zones to induce more sexual energy.
Making It Last Longer
The second thing we do to generate more sexual energy is to take our time and make sex last longer.
In modern life, we’re all increasingly overstimulated and channeled towards seeking instant gratification. In the bedroom this translates into pushing for orgasm as fast as possible. Many surveys substantiate that sex on average only lasts a few minutes. 
I’ve written a lot about the orgasm gap, the situation that men come more quickly and often than women. But my point here is not that sex needs to last longer for women to orgasm.
My point is that rushing headlong to a Big O just doesn’t give you enough time to amass all the sexual energy - and excitement and pleasure - that you need to transform physical sensations into spiritual transformation. And to thoroughly enjoy it for as long as you want. 
Orgasmic sex is a different style than you see in most porn flics. It’s not always hard and fast. It’s more like a dance in response to what each lover needs to get higher and higher each moment. Yes, sometimes there’s vigorous pumping. But there’s lots more slow sex. And alternating who’s on top. And shifting positions. And all sorts of other inventive changes like incorporating oral, toys, fantasies, etc.
If you want to routinely reach the peaks of pleasure you’ve been missing, you need to take your time. Then you can both feel more in more places, more intensely, and climb higher and higher. When even subtle movements or being still while coupled feels orgasmic, you’ll certainly be more willing to go slow and smell the, uh, roses. 
How can you get there? Well, slow down. Communicate more. If you’re not excited enough, ask for what you need. If you’re too excited, switch to finger play or oral sex for a bit. Aim for pleasure, not finishing. 
As the name indicates, our Long Hot Tantric Love Making ebook addresses this in much greater depth. A key technique is one method of delaying orgasm, commonly called edging. That means approaching coming but backing off before you fall over the edge to the point of no return. For years, I’ve referred to it as dancing on the verge. 
Spreading the Erotic Charge
The third element of building erotic charge is learning how to spread it. Most Tantrikas simply call this running energy. 
You see, it’s sexual electricity, and electricity flows in currents. But untrained lovers don’t know how to let it stream.
Learning how to run energy begins with being relaxed. Physical tension blocks the flow of sexual energy. The kind of negative beliefs about sex that we were all raised with often cause this. Abuse, violence, and other traumas imbed blockages in the tissues making them armored against any sensations. 
So the foundation of Tantric practice is learning to accept how to simply feel pleasure. That’s what is meant by being in your body. 
Regular meditation helps. Tantric sex is sometimes referred to as sexual meditation. Being able to clear your mind and focus on your body is essential to spreading erotic charge.
Once you’re willing and able to be fully present in a sexual situation, you can use the basic tools of Tantric practice: deep belly breathing, sensual movement, erotic sounds, and visualization. All these add up to being able to turn yourself on - or at least heighten those delicious subtle sensations - when you first feel them. We call this the art and skill of orgasmic breathing. 
When you’ve mastered the ability of running energy, you might wonder where you should channel it. The first step is out of your jewels to fill your body. That’s the key to full-body orgasm, not to mention that for guys it’s a reliable technique to overcome premature ejaculation.
Plus, moving sexual energy up your body activates higher chakras. A chakra is a concentrated energy vortex where life force circulates. There are seven of them arrayed along your spine from the base of your pelvis to the top of your head. The lower chakras, nearer the jewels, regulate more physical processes like sex as you might expect. The higher ones deal with power, love, voice, wisdom, and divine connection. So the more energy you raise, the more spiritual your sex becomes. 
When you can direct and channel sexual energy anywhere you want in your body, you’ll be able to exchange it with your partner. Not only does it take two to tango, but it takes sex with another energy generator to reach some of the most altered states. And it’s damn good for the health of your relationship.
You might have noticed that during all this talk of orgasmic sex I haven’t mentioned actually having orgasms much. If you thought Tantra was anti-orgasm, think again. We just want to build more and more erotic charge so the eventual explosions are bigger, stronger, and longer. Notice “explosions” is plural. For multiple orgasms you just need lots more energy. 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
Well, that’s all for now. Look for the second half of this article in next month’s Sacred Sexual Secrets email newsletter. There I will what those spectacular sexual fireworks look like and feel like. Or if you can’t wait, I’ve already posted it to my Orgasmic Sex blog which you can access here.
Love, Somraj 
Orgasmic Sex Blog
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