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Pubic Grooming For Comfort & Smoothness: How To Honor Your Sacred Source Of Pleasure

"Sacred Sexual Secrets" Newsletter 8/25/03
Published by Dhyan Jeffre TallTrees & Dhyan Somraj Pokras
ISSN 1540-8825 (c) Copyright 2003 by Tantra At Tahoe
<> (530) 587-1317
This free ezine offers practical sex tips derived from modern
sex research and the ancient wisdom of Tantra and the Kama
Sutra. We teach Supreme Bliss Tantra to help you deepen
relationship intimacy and reach astounding heights of sexual
ecstasy through long-distance learning and hands-on training.
--- Our Motto: Deeper Into The Heart Of Sex
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Dear Reader:

We had a wonderful time at the international sex conference in Las Vegas. Our workshop "What Every Woman Wants & How To Give It To Her" was a rousing success with a packed house. And we had great fun. Amazing how many sex positive folks don't know everything about the G-Spot, female ejaculation, and sacred sex.

We discovered some fantastic new adult products that can enhance your sexual experience. In coming issues we'll be introducing you to some great things. In this newsletter, you can learn about how to get the smoothest, cleanest, most comfortable shave imaginable and save $15.

No, not your cheeks. We're talking about Personal Pubic Shavers. We now have the smoothest, irritation free jewels (our Tantric word for genitals) anywhere. Amazing new technology. Check it out below.

Our workshop was based on our newest ebook, "Awakening The Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss: Tantric G-Spot Orgasm & Female Ejaculation." To celebrate our shaving discovery, were offering special package deals on the Feather Touch Cleancut Personal Razor and it's accompaniments.

Plus we're offering a $5 savings off our ebook or $20 off all four of our how-to Tantric Sex guides. Add that to the $15 savings on the shaver package and you can save $35.

This issue contains...
* Tantric Quote: "Woman's Gateway"
* Juicy Joke: "I Didn't Say That"
* Featured Product: "Personal Pubic Shavers"
* Friend's Feedback: "Great Multiple Orgasm Education"
* Featured Article: "How To Honor Your Sacred Source Of Pleasure"
* Featured Service: "Save $20 On G-Spot Orgasms & Female Ejaculation"
* Interesting Findings: "Save $2 On The New Sex Museum"
* Juicy Joke: "Citizen Alert"
* Tantric Quote: "Sex And Beauty"
* Friend's Feedback: "Greatly Enriched"
* FREE Stuff: "You Could Be Our Next Winner Like Vikas!"
* Save $15 On Our Ebooks Listings

Love from Tantra At Tahoe who is...
Dhyan Jeffre & Dhyan Somraj

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Tantric Quote

-- Woman's Gateway --

"The valley spirit never dies;
It is the woman, primal mother.
Her gateway is the root of heaven and earth."
--- LAO TSU, Tao Te Ching

Juicy Joke

-- I Didn't Say That --

He was the world's most pious priest. After a long life, his time came and as he approached the pearly gates, a red carpet rolled out. He took one step and found himself transported to a glorious thrown room.

"Welcome, my son," said God. "I wanted personally to thank you for your long years of service."

"Thank you, Lord," said the priest. "At times it was difficult, but I believed every word you said."

"What was most difficult, my son," said God.

"The celibate part, Lord," said the priest.

"Celibate? Celibate? CELIBATE? No, that wasn't my word. NO... I said CELEBRATE!"

----- Thanks to Jeff Marder on HBO Comedy

Featured Product

-- Trim Your Most Sacred Hairs Without Bumps Or Irritation --

Do you like the look and feel of trimmed or clean-shaven genitals? Many sex-positive lovers are so proud of their sexual pleasure that they groom their pubic hair. And they love the incredible slipperiness of loveplay when completely smooth vagina, lips, penis, and testicles meet. So will you if you haven't tried it!

We searched the world to find a shaver that does not "bite" the vaginal lips or testicles. The Feather Touch Cleancut Personal Razor is the only one of many tested that does the job - and does it well! It won't bite or cause red bumps, irritation, discomfort, or ingrown hairs. It's clearly the best dry razor in the world for both men and women.

The Feather Touch Cleancut is designed specifically for shaving sensitive areas. It will shave your pubic area closer, faster, easier and, most importantly, safer than anything else you've ever used...period! This imported battery-operated, ultra-fine-screen, rotary-head dry personal razor will leave your most intimate areas as smooth as a newborn baby's bottom.

This incredible dry razor is specifically designed for daily touch up, after bushy hair has been trimmed down to stubble. You need to use it in conjunction with a hair trimmer. Our website offers a couple options, the LadyFair or the Femini Trimmer, and $15 savings discount package deals.

Click here for more information...
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Friend's Feedback About "Ultimate Ejaculation Mastery"
-- Great Multiple Orgasm Education --

I just wanted to say thank you. I just purchased your ebook and I am very excited with the new path I am embarking on. I know that it will take time to learn all about this, but that journey is part of what I am looking forward to the most, as well as the multiple orgasms (who wouldn't be excited about that). I think what you guys are doing is great, and the education you are providing is fantastic. If only we had grown up knowing about this. Anyway, I want to thank you again. All the best.
--- BH from California

(BH, thanks for your OK to share. Lots of free advice from Somraj's great ebook by clicking here...
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Featured Article

"How To Honor Your Sacred Source Of Pleasure"

(Excerpted from "Awakening The Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss: Tantric G-Spot Orgasm & Female Ejaculation")

There is a major gender difference in the West regarding loving your body....
85% of women in this country are dissatisfied with their body in some way while only 15% of men feel this way.
Neither of these figures necessarily reflect a healthy attitude nor a healthy behavior pattern.

Too many of us, especially women, internalize the media-driven pressure to have the perfect body. We want you to remember that your body is a special God-given, Goddess-blessed vessel.

We can wax practical and point out it's the only one you've got, learn to love it and take care of it the way it is now. And shortly we will wax poetic about its spiritual value. But pontificating may not be enough.
You just may not be aware how deep the negative body-image programming goes until you begin to worship yourself and each unique yoni (vagina) you meet as a priceless work of art.

Are big breasts more sensitive? No, in fact the surgically enhanced ones often lose sensitivity. Do thin-waisted women have longer or stronger orgasms? No way! Does your weight influence your ability to run orgasmic energy and float non-stop in an extended Tantric Orgasm? No, ma'am, not a bit. It's really about how much you love yourself.

Treat Yourself Well
- - - - - - - - - - - -
To be totally explicit, we want to support you in feeling maximum pleasure with whatever you experience in this world. Which requires you totally accepting who you are mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and, yes, physically.

Your body is the physical expression of who you are in this world. It is an extension of your inner spiritual self. To a Tantrika, we view the body as something God given, so we call it what it really is, your temple. The sanctuary of your soul.

Loving and honoring your physical temple is demonstrated in your life through what you eat, how you exercise, and how fit you maintain your body. Not to mention how much pleasure you feed it regularly.

If you desire to be a world-class lover, you must have the body and the energy to sustain frequent long lovemaking sessions.

If you truly love yourself, which is a high state of spiritual health, then you will treat your body with care, give it the loving attention that is necessary, and not abuse it.

- - - - - - - - - - - -
Some women care for their pubic hairdo just as they do their head hair. Some tidy, some create a heart or other design over their mons, some shave completely naked down to yoni's opening. We honor all manifestations of the Goddess.

Do you have a yoni-do? Have you ever shaved down there? We don't urge one form over another, but we do suggest you consider your preferences.

Begin to take personal pride in the appearance of your most sacred grotto.

This isn't preparation for a sojourn at a nudist camp. It's revering your most sacred of spaces for your own pride.

What would look best to you? What feels best with tight pants and during sex? What does your partner prefer? Experiment and find your pubic hair identity. We know couples who bestow the responsibility for jewel hairdos on their partner. It takes a lot of trust in your partner and yourself to allow another to take razor or trimmer to such a delicate place.

Somraj's vajra (penis) doesn't like the bristle of a growing yoni bush, both on the giving and receiving side. He trims around vajra's base every month or so to keep the wildest hairs at bay and out of the way when open access is desired. Jeffre routinely trims yoni's environs, and through trimming leaves short softer hairs on her outer lips.

That's what works for us. What works best for you?

PRACTICE: Partner Shaving
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Discuss with your partner some of the options you've considered. Find out what she or he might like. Discuss the possibility of your partner shaving you. This can be quite a turn on. If you're willing, go for it.

For lots more practices and insight into ecstatic sacred sexuality, get our ebook, "Awakening The Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss: Tantric G-Spot Orgasm & Female Ejaculation." Click here for details...
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Wishing you love and lots of long ecstatic lovemaking,

Dhyan Jeffre & Somraj

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Dhyan Jeffre TallTrees, Ph.D., cofounder of Supreme Bliss
Tantra, is an author, speaker, workshop leader, and licensed
SkyDancing Tantra Teacher with over 30 years of clinical
experience in relationships and human sexuality. Jeffre is co-
author of "Hotter Sex, Deeper Love."

Dhyan Somraj Pokras, cofounder of Supreme Bliss Tantra, is the
author of countless articles about Tantra, over 50 workshops,
and 4 books including "Ultimate Ejaculation Mastery." During his
30 year career as a masseur, speaker, counselor, personal coach, group facilitator, and workshop trainer, Somraj has guided more that 20,000 people to lead more ecstatic and effective lives.

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Interesting Pubic Findings

-- Save $2: At Last Sex Has It's Own Museum --

You can save $2 off the admission price to the world's most stimulating museum! The new Museum of Sex is now open on Fifth Avenue @ 27th Street in New York City. Their first special exhibition is "NYC Sex: How New York City Transformed Sex in America." It investigates the sexual subcultures of the city's past and present, and explores the means by which they have influenced the development of modern attitudes about sex and sexuality.

Delving into the histories of prostitution, burlesque, birth control, obscenity, fetish and more, the inaugural exhibition of the Museum of Sex, NYC Sex, includes never-before exhibited selections from public and private collections, including materials once confiscated and classified as obscene. These primary sources of social history -- letters, photographs, films and newspapers -- reveal how it has been possible in New York, more than in any other American city, to form communities around sex and sexuality.

The museum is open everyday and offers educational programs as well. For information and your $2 coupon, visit...

Featured Service

-- Save $20 On G-Spot Orgasms & Female Ejaculation --

So that you know how to take full advantage of pubic shaving, massaging, and Tantric Sex, we're offering a special $5 discount on our ebook, "Awakening The Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss: Tantric G-Spot Orgasm & Female Ejaculation." Click here for details...
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To get the discount, enter the following code at checkout... ebook5

and to save $20, this code will work with our 4-ebook package which already is discounted by $15.

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-- You Could Be Our Next Winner Like Vikas! --

Congratulation to Vikas from India who won our July CONTEST by entering our on-line poll. Vikas already received his free copy of our latest ebook, "Tantric Sex Life: How To Use Sacred Sexuality For Ecstatic Pleasure, Tantric Orgasm, & Personal Transformation." May your sex life be as awesome as Vikas will be shortly.

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Juicy Joke

-- Citizen Alert! --

Following the approval of Cialis, the Viagra replacement drug, by the UK's health authorities, the first shipment arrived yesterday at Heathrow Airport, but was hijacked on the way to the depot.

Scotland Yard have warned the public to be on the lookout for a gang of hardened criminals.

Tantric Quote

-- Sex And Beauty --

"Sex and beauty are inseparable, like life and consciousness. And the intelligence which goes with sex and beauty, and arises out of sex and beauty, is intuition."
-- David Herbert Lawrence

Friend's Feedback

-- Greatly Enriched --

"After spending four days in our private Tantra Workshop with you, both of us feel greatly enriched by the experience and much calmer (most of the time). We are doing the exercises each day and enjoying our new approach to sex."

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It's amazing how much we've all learned in past 10 years about the body, sex, lovemaking. Yes, the answers are out, Unfortunately, in our repressed society information about sexual education, communication, and pleasure is suppressed and repressed. That's part of our Supreme Bliss Tantra mission, to help you learn all you can about your orgasmic triggers, releasing blockages, extending lovemaking, using all parts of your body, enjoying fantasies, and getting all you've ever dreamed of out of sex.

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* Ultimate Ejaculation Mastery: The Ecstatic Tantric Solution To Premature Ejaculation

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Supreme Bliss Tantra
Supreme Bliss is the zenith of sexual ecstasy which transforms
orgasmic energy into expanded consciousness.

Supreme Bliss Tantra is the modern system of personal
transformation based on the ancient Eastern spiritual path
which uses sexual energy practices to...
- deepen love and intimacy,
- extend lovemaking, and
- create continuous full-body mind-altering Tantric Orgasms.

By opening your senses of the present moment, embracing all of
life and all of your being, and focusing on pleasure as a divine
gift, Supreme Bliss Tantra...
- heals your mind, body, and spirit,
- connects you passionately with your deeper self and your
beloved, and
- immerses you deeply into the untold joys of sacred sexuality to
reach cosmic peaks of pleasure to make life an ecstatic
journey in total communion with all that is.

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