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Your Tantra Newsletter: Intimacy (Fore) Play: How To Build Sexual Turn-On Through Sensual And Emotional Connection

"Sacred Sexual Secrets" Newsletter 7/20/06


Published by Dhyan Somraj Pokras and Dhyan Jeffre TallTrees

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This free ezine offers practical sex tips derived from the ancient wisdom of Tantra and the Kama Sutra coupled with modern sex research. We teach Supreme Bliss Tantra which is spiritual sex that helps you deepen relationship intimacy and reach astounding heights of sexual ecstasy through long-distance learning and hands-on training.

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The reason why Supreme Bliss Tantrameans sacred, spiritual sex is that it's more than what old-time campers used do to light a fire (rub two sticks together). You've got to engage the heart and the head for the whole body and mind ignition. That where intimacy comes in and explains the reason for this editions featured article.

We chose a great Juicy Joke about a young couple's first date just to prove the point. Plus don't miss our discounts, links to great products that can boost your sex potential, and one of our hottest training sessions.



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Featured Ebook: "Intimacy, A Green Light for Red Hot Sex"

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Jeffre's ebook is full of practical love advice, sex tips, and practical exercises to help ALL couples make their sex lives red hot and their relationships tighter and deeper. We firmly believe that the juiciness of your sex life is directly related to the level of intimacy and play in your relationship. You can use the practices in "Intimacy " to expand your sex practices while increasing your awareness of the essential elements making for a great relationship with staying power.


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Featured Article: "Intimacy (Fore) Play" ********************************************************************************

- How To Build Sexual Turn-On Through Sensual And Emotional Connection -

                by Jeffre TallTrees, Ph.D.

A number of years ago a very informative book titled "Why Men Don’t Get Enough Sex and Women Don’t Get Enough Love!" explained why men and women often approach the subject of intimacy from different starting points. Sadly, this is often the situation, as least that's how it seems by the parties involved. After all, the only thing that counts to you is your perception. And when you're interested in getting more (emotional intimacy or physical sex, that is), only you know if really feel like you're getting enough.

After making sex 10 times recently in our new trailer at a spectacular weekend music festival in the mountains, we're disappointed to recall that the average couple only does it once or twice a week. In fact, if women got a little more loving attention, the national rate of sex per week would go up dramatically. Hopefully in this article we can shed some light on how men and women often pass like ships in the night without connecting and what you can do about it.

Recently, we were watching the "Sex Inspectors," a pretty explicit reality show from the UK, on HBO. If you haven’t seen it, we suggest you check it out. The co-therapists are cheeky, funny, and informative enough that we concur with most of what they say and do. In this particular episode they were trying to help a young couple who were going in opposite directions emotionally and as a result their sex life was suffering.

The woman had lost her interest is sex and the guy was frustrated and apprehensive about asking for sex directly. One of the primary suggestions the therapists made was for the troubled couple to d about 30 minutes of intimacy practices before lovemaking. Of course, it really worked. Since Supreme Bliss Tantra is such a great tool for adding to your sexual repertoire without or without penetration, I thought here I might explain how you can do this, too.


Tantric Quote: "What Will You Plant?"

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"The heart is like a garden.

It can grow compassion or fear,

resentment or love.

What seeds will you plant there?" -- BUDDHA


Women crave affection, acknowledgment, heartfelt gestures of most any kind. Women, you have to let your man know what feels affectionate and loving to you and what doesn’t. Men, it’s much simpler that you might imagine. For instance, simple Eye-Gazing for a few minutes without any distractions can go a long way to letting your beloved know she is cherished.

Eye-Gazing can feel a little weird at first, so don’t be afraid to laugh at yourselves. Life and lovemaking shouldn't be taken too seriously. So allow yourself to settle in. Focus on your honey's left eye and play around with looking between the eyes and using your peripheral vision to look at both eyes at the same time. The left eye is connected to the right brain, the artistic, dreamy and romantic side of your noggin. Blink when you have to, but try not to blink, blink, blink all the time.

Just sit and feel your thoughts pass through, your feelings come up and float away. It's not that different than silent meditation. Follow your partner's breath by breathing in when she breathes in and exhaling when he exhales. Send love from your heart through your eyes. Another step that can feel really yummy is placing your right hand on her heart, taking her right hand and placing it on your heart, and then each of you covering the hand of your partner over your own heart.

Eye-Gazing with hearts connected and breathing together like this is a surefire way to get a woman turned on.


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Maybe you’d like to end the Eye-Gazing with a Melting Hug. A Melting Hug is a full body standing hug that you move into slowly and hold for several minutes. It is not a bear hug, nor is it a dancing hug or a patting hug.

To enjoy a Melting Hug, find a comfortable and stay close with a gentle, firm embrace for a minimum of 5 minutes. Notice what your mind does. Settle in and let the experience be meditative. Remember with Supreme Bliss Tantra, there is no goal. Stay in the moment, experience the now. You can do this melting hug while lying down but in the standing position it has more of a love feeling than a sex feeling. Many women need to know they are loved for more than their sexual behaviors.

As a Tantrika (an adept in Supreme Bliss Tantra), I have come to know and fully believe that love and sex are inseparable when you really want to be super close with someone. Of course, issues of trust, fear, and insecurity are common inhibitions to great sex. That's why intimacy building makes for great foreplay.

Another great intimacy play practice is a slow, sensual massage. Decide who is going first. Use oil or not. Start with a slow hug and big kiss, then slowly move to the feet. It’s time to go as slowly as you can and then even slower. Ask for feedback. Suggest that receiver moans if it feels good. Do each toe completely separately. This can be incredibly sensual if done with love and respect. Imagine that you are making love to one little toe at a time. Moans and sighs are your reward and your turn on.


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Our favorite tool to help women get more passionate and have stronger, easier orgasms is called the KegelMaster. It's a spring-loaded exerciser you insert in yoni (vagina) and then squeeze against. Here's what one of our clients reported: "When I asked you how to improve my orgasms and deal with my yoni pain, you fortunately turned me on to the KegelMaster. It immediately clicked as a device I could adjust for my own size and shape. I can now open it all the way when I do my daily exercises. It really works for me, plus it feels good inside. What feels so great is that it's like being in the gym with the perfect piece of fabulous gym equipment for my sexual muscles. It also feels good to be in total control of working the muscle to the edge and no farther. The best part is that there's more and more turn-on now when I squeeze the muscle and greater awareness of my sexual life. Thanks so much." -- J. W. from New York. Check it out here:


Now guys, just because she’s moaning doesn’t mean she's ready for penetration. If you're at all a typical guy, all this play is getting you hard which convinces you that you’re ready. But a woman's turn-on follows a different rhythm. If you follow her energy and keep going until she wants it, your reward will be even greater because of her intense pleasure.

If you've read the ebook that I wrote with my beloved Somraj, "Supreme Bliss Tantra Guide To The Ecstasy Of Spiritual Sex: How To Use The Erotic Power of Sexual Energy To Merge Intimacy, Love, & Spirit," you will know how to turn yourself on with the subtlest of stimulation using the basic practice called Orgasmic Breathing. If you haven’t read this powerful and life changing ebook, Orgasmic Breathing is a very special movement you do together that resembles what you do automatically when you get close to climax. By doing this on purpose, you can both get very hot and bothered and ready for penetration. I urge you to check out this fabulous, easy to read and use, and complete ebook on Supreme Bliss Tantra here:


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For women readers, I encourage you to talk with your partner about what turns him on. It can be surprising to learn that this macho guy you’re in love with needs, wants reassurance that he is desired, just as you do. Regardless of what you read, don’t assume that your man is always ready, nor expect him to be. He has his moods, his ups and downs. Although sex can be a real boost for a man, he may have trouble letting go of work, or a problem with his parents, or some other issue. Ask him if he wants to talk about it. Ask him if he’d like a massage. We have found that a 30 minute massage can do wonders for helping someone get out of their head and into their body.

My ebook "Hotter Sex, Deeper Love" is designed with the committed couple is mind to show you how to communicate this way, and more. Each chapter is a separate topic with at least two step-by-step practices. When a couple reads the text and completes the practices, there is no doubt their sex life and their relationship in general is going to move into the terrific range.

As you will see in my ebook, intimacy is about emotional honesty and having the courage to get close, get real,get vulnerable with your lover. "Hotter Sex, Deeper Love" will show you how to get more comfortable, more loving, and more loved so sex stays fresh and new regardless of how long you've been together. You’re changing, your partner is changing and your relationship is changing, but you have to notice the changes and acknowledge them and ride with them.

In, "Hotter Sex, Deeper Love" there are many fabulous practices that can be part of your Intimacy (Fore) Play. One powerful exercise is called Clearing the Decks for Great Sex. This practice is described in detail the chapter about on anger. It is a non-threatening way to get minor irritations out of the way so you can get back to the pleasure at hand.


Featured Ebook: "Hotter Sex, Deeper Love"

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Jeffre's "Hotter Sex, Deeper Love" playbook is the perfect way to couples new and old to comfortably and easily learn to talk about sexual preferences, desires, and fantasies. With these simple, fun, and juicy exercises, together you can blow the roof off while both of you get exactly what you want. Get your copy right this minute by safe, secure, download here: Plus you can save 22% by clicking on the BUY Button and adding the "Supreme Bliss Tantra" ebook as a discount package.


Spending more time talking, playing, touching or just looking at one another, will have an enormous payoff in the level of turn on, the amount of pleasure generated and the level of satisfaction throughout your sexual encounter. It is a small investment for a very large payoff.

At Tantra At Tahoe, we want you to have the very best relationship both in and out of the sack and these are just a few of the ways that our ebooks suggest for you to get there.

Wishing you hot times tonight and every night after you build more intimacy.

Your passionate intimacy mentor,



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Juicy Joke: "The First Date"


It's the Spring of 1957 and Bobby goes to pick up his date.He's

a pretty hip guy with his own car. When he goes to the front door,

the girl's father answers and invites him in.

"Carrie's not ready yet, so why don't you have a seat?," he asks.

"That's cool" says Bobby. Carrie's father asks Bobby what they're

planning to do. Bobby replies politely that they will probably

just go to the soda shop or a movie.

Carrie's father responds, "Why don't you two go out and screw?I hear all the kids are doing it."

Naturally, this comes as a quite a surprise to Bobby, so he asks Carrie's Dad to repeat it. "Yeah," says Carries father, "Carrie really likes to screw; she'll screw all night if we let her."

Well, this just made Bobby's eyes light up, and immediately revised his plans for the evening. A few minutes later, Carrie comes downstairs in her little poodle skirt and announces that she's ready to go.

Almost breathless with anticipation, Bobby escorts his date out the front door.

About 20 minutes later, a thoroughly disheveled Carrie rushes

back into the house, slams the door behind her, screams at her

father, and says...






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