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Your Tantra Newsletter: Be The Best You Can Possibly Be At Coming

4 Ways To Use Supreme Bliss Tantra For The Most Cosmic Orgasms Imaginable

"Sacred Sexual Secrets" Newsletter 7/6/05


Published by Dhyan Somraj Pokras and Dhyan Jeffre TallTrees

  ISSN 1540-8825   (c) Copyright 2005 by Tantra At Tahoe (530) 587-1317


This free ezine offers practical sex tips derived from the ancient wisdom of Tantra and the Kama Sutra coupled with modern sex research. We teach Supreme Bliss Tantra which is spiritual sex that helps you deepen relationship intimacy and reach astounding heights of sexual ecstasy through long-distance learning and hands-on training.

        Our Motto:  Deeper Into The Heart Of Sex


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Dear Tantra Friend:


We had such a fantastic time over the July 4 holiday at the new-age camp-out High Sierra Music Festival in Quincy, California. Sure, we did a lot of horizontal dancing (Tantric Sex) but we don't restrict our ecstasy to the glories of friction sex. Enjoying life to its hilt is what Supreme Bliss Tantra is all about. We hope you practiced well this last weekend.

Last month we couldn't stop crowing about making love longer and we haven't really stopped here. But since we're continuing to share what we've learned about different kinds of orgasms and different ways to get there, we've decided to make July G-Spot Orgasm month for both him and her.

We promised to finish up our explanation of the four kinds of male orgasms in our last issue with four ways to make them happen. To top it off, we've thrown in special discounts on our favorite G-Spot Stimulators: save $10 with our male ebook and $35 OFF when you get the complete his/hers package.

We'd sure love to hear how you like them. Write and let us know all the glorious details. This issue contains these features and special discount offers:

* Tantric Quote: Not Sex

* Juicy Joke: Autumn of Life

* Featured Ebook: Live Your Fantasies With Male G-Spot Play

* Friend's Feedback: Wholeness And Wellness

* Featured Article: Be The Best You Can Possibly Be At Coming

* Free Stuff: You Could Be Our Next Winner Like Janet

* Juicy Joke: Psalm 129

* Featured Service: Save $35 On Our His/Hers G-Spot Orgasm Package

* Tantric Quote: Have As Much Fun As You Can

* Friend's Feedback: Completely Different Way

* Hot Product Tip: Save $10 On The Male G-Spot Stimulator

* Tantric Sex Videos: Ancient Secrets Of Sexual Ecstasy For Lovers

* Erotic Toy Specials: Top 10 Toys Of 2005

* DVD/Video Specials: Top Ten Pleasure List New Releases

* How To Save $25 On Our Ebooks

             Love from Tantra At Tahoe who is Somraj and Jeffre


Tantric Quote


                - Not Sex -

“It is not sex that gives the pleasure, but the lover.” – MARGE PIERCY


Juicy Joke


         - Autumn of Life –

Three old geezers are sitting on a porch in Miami Beach. Suddenly the first sighs and says, "Gentlemen, isn't life horrible. Here I am at an age that I can afford the best steaks and what? Bad teeth and gums. I have to eat ground or soft foods."

The second answers, "Yeah, life is a real bummer. Why here I am at an age where I can buy the finest wines, champagne but what? Ulcers, I have to drink milk."

The third sighs loudly and adds, "Gentlemen, I know exactly what you mean. Last night at 2 am I nudged my wife and asked her if she's interested. She screams at me, "What is wrong with you Sam?  We just got finished doing it for the second time tonight!"

After a long pause the first man says, "You lucky stiff. I don't see what your problem is?"

The third one grunts and says, "Can't you see?  My memory is going."


Featured Ebook: "Tantric Male Multiple G-Spot Orgasm"


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Our ebook, "Tantric Male Multiple G-Spot Orgasm: Awakening His Sacred Gate To Supreme Bliss," teaches both givers and receivers of male prostate massage who crave enormous confidence in giving the exquisite ecstasy only imagined in the most erotic dreams. Men, you can have unlimited male multiple orgasms with our new Tantric Sex ebook. Givers, you can easily become every man's dream lover with our ebook.

It's designed for both ecstatic solo play as well as partner loveplay, it's the complete 206-page guidebook to supercharge a man's sexual play with Tantric Male G-Spot Orgasms. Not just one, but multiple explosions of incredible power and emotional sweetness. Our how-to Tantric Sex manual shows you how to expand your capacity for pleasure with step-by-step instructions from the ancient secrets of the Kama Sutra and modern sexology.

No longer will your or your lover's G-Spot be mysterious and elusive. After reading the hot sex tips in Chapter 4, you'll know exactly how to find your male G-Spot. After doing the exciting G-Spot massage practices in Chapter 5, you'll know exactly how to touch and arouse your man G-Spot. After mastering the 4 solo and 8 partner sexual positions in Chapter 4, you'll know exactly how to trigger explosive pleasure with the male G-Spot.

As we write in our ebook: "The waves of pleasure were enormous, at an entirely new level. The surges of heat and electricity up and down my body made me vibrate all over. It was like I was coming deep inside but without the muscle contractions that usually make me squirt. And it kept going on and on, me writhing, screaming, and shaking until I was spent."

Our male G-Spot ebook includes 47 exciting solo and hands-on partner practices that will show you exactly how to find, excite, and create incredible pleasure from your own or your partner's G-Spot. It's chock full of frank, accurate, detailed, up-to-date information and 49 graphic color photos and charts about male sexual anatomy.

Download it instantly here:

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Friend's Feedback re: "Tantric Male Multiple G-Spot Orgasm"


     - Wholeness And Wellness –

"I would be honored and delighted for you to share my thoughts on endorsing your e-book. I also wanted to say that I think you did an excellent job of utilizing this medium (e-books) incredibly effectively and creatively. Great job! I really think/feel that what you are addressing is of profound importance. And the way and the manner in which you are doing it -- the context-- is damn near equally important to the "what" -- the content. I feel it is absolutely inimical to healing, integration and

transformation. Let alone, the recognition and realization of wholeness and wellness and what it is to be whole and well." – DAVID from Illinois


Featured Article


            - Be The Best You Can Possibly Be At Coming -

               - 4 Ways To Use Supreme Bliss Tantra For –

                  - The Most Cosmic Orgasms Imaginable -

In our last issue of June 29 which you can find here:

we explained the four different types of male multiple orgasms that we've discovered so far. Hopefully you've been experimenting with some of them already.

What we didn't have a chance to go into then -- which we want to now -- is how to fully realize your orgasmic potential. In other words, how to be the best you can be at cuming multiple times and have the most cosmic orgasms imaginable. 

Because we began this climactic odyssey with male orgasms, you might think that this advice from the hallowed annals of Supreme Bliss Tantra is just for men. But no, women, these mechanics are essential for you too if you want to make love longer, give your hunk the best feelings possible, ascend in ecstasy together, and dance with multiple peaks of pleasure yourself. 

Besides, in our next issue we'll extend these same dynamics to the unique and glorious anatomy of the feminine.

How To Maximize Your Orgasmic Potential

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

So, how does the average guy maximize his orgasmic potential?

In a nutshell (oh, there we go again), the secret is to separate orgasm from ejaculation. Yes, bro, these are different processes. For the non-Tantric they usually happen simultaneously. Well, sometimes we want them to happen together even for those of us who are Tantrically trained. 

The Tantric secret is, to use a fancy word, to decouple orgasm and ejaculation. Or in simpler terms, to learn to pry these two physical experiences apart so you can enjoy them separately. In actual practice this means to be able to guide and direct your pleasure to erupt over and over with kundalini vibrations and intense sensations all over your body without squirting. When you know how to do this, you can time your ejaculatory orgasms so that you can explode when and where you choose. 

You do realize that the longer you wait and the longer the intensity builds, the bigger, stronger, and longer the ultimate climax can be, right?

The First Step Of The Six-Step Formula

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

OK, so you've learned what you need to do, but maybe it's not clear how exactly to do it. That's understandable since traditionally the study of Supreme Bliss Tantra culminated in sexual mastery only after many years of intensive spiritual practice. Fortunately, our last-longer ebook, "Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery," breaks down this long program into six simple steps which we can't go into completely here. You can get your own copy and learn more here:

But we can tell you about the most important thing to learn.

The first of the six step formula from "Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery" is to relax, especially when you're most excited. Now maybe that sounds like a contradiction which is good news because it's not the natural thing your body has learned when you get turned on. But it's good news when you switch to the underlying mechanism of of separating orgasm from ejaculation.

Relax when you're most aroused and you'll be able to enjoy the pleasure without losing control.

Mastering That Insidious Force

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

What causes the lose of control oh so often is the insidious, deeply-rooted, highly-controversial urge to cum. Yeah, we're partly kidding here. That surge of overwhelming excitement that makes you lose it and spray your seed wildly about feels pretty damn good. But what if you could have those good feelings without tensing up and then losing control? Right, you would cum without cumming, or more accurately orgasm without ejaculating.

So we call the second critical skill in learning to make climax after climax record-setting is to master the urge to cum. You'll find a series of exercises each with step by step instructions to do this in "Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery." When you find an orgasm master who knows how to do this, all he'll be able to tell you is that he relaxes instead of squeezes, lets go instead of tenses up, goes with the flow instead of fights the incoming tide. Try it. We bet you'll like it.

Now do these two skills -- relaxing and overcoming the urge to cum – have any relevance to female orgasms? Yes, baby, they're critical as we'll get into in our next newsletter. But even more so for both genders are the next two of the four vital orgasm skills which deal with sexual energy.

Learning The Most Vital Of Moving Skills

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

More than anything, Supreme Bliss Tantra is about learning to feel, generate, and enjoy the subtle sexual life force that the ancients called kundalini.

Scientists today would probably see it as an electromagnetic power indistinguishable from the spiritual power that animates your flesh. Us regular folks just perceive it as tingling skin, hot flashes, and quivering muscles that feel wonderful. What causes being ticklish, getting goosebumps, or exploding in orgasmic ecstasy? Right, kundalini energy.

So the third vital technique for guys to employ to master their orgasms is to learn to move this sexual energy away from their jewels. It's like an electrical charge building up inside your little, uh sorry, huge pleasure stick. When there's more energy than your love tool can contain, it gives off thunder and lightning and a quick pulse of rain otherwise known as ejaculating. When you learn to spread the kundalini around your body away from your woody, your urge to cum decreases. Plus everything else feels so great. 

More than anything, spreading kundalini takes more instruction and practice for the average lover so we can't give you complete details here. But we can suggest that one of the best ways to practice is with the fourth garden variety of male orgasms, namely that of the G-Spot. Our ebook, "Tantric Male Multiple G-Spot Orgasm," explains this in detail with pictures, practices, and gobs of pleasure. Click here for our free Online Guided Tour:

You Can Deal With Those Energy Lapses

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

As we mentioned in our last article, newcomers to the arts of Supreme Bliss Tantra often feel an energy lapse when they experience dry orgasms. This is where the fourth tip comes in handy. 

Learn to keep your sexual energy high no matter what you're doing. Does ejaculating too often deplete you? Does pushing for the Big O drain you? Does focusing too much on yourself or too much on your honey distract you from relaxing into the delicious stream of kundalini that's always flowing through you? 

We can't give you an exact formula for keeping your energy high all the time because it's different for everyone at different times. Many guys have problems understanding women who more often embrace this life truism. This explains a vital part of the path of mastering Supreme Bliss Tantra: experiment, learn what turns you on a different times, and accept that kundalini often follows no clear rhyme or reason. Just go with the flow and let whatever turns you on in each moment turn you on in each moment.

That's why we're so high on the male G-Spot stimulator, the Aneros. This amazing little plastic device allows you to experiment with yourself or with your partner keeping your energy high. Go to this page for complete details:

Spiritual As Much As Sexual Guidelines

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Maybe you can see how these are spiritual dynamics as much as sexual play guidelines. And why they apply to women as much as men which we'll go into more deeply next time. 

For now, we've given you lots to practice with. Relax, let the urge to cum subside, spread kundalini away from your pleasure stick, and keep your sexual energy high. Sure, this is way different than non-stop fast humping like the typical porno flick. Which is the good news about how Tantric Sex yields such different orgasmic results.

Enjoy yourself and let us know how it feels,

             Love, Somraj and Jeffre


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Juicy Joke


             - Psalm 129 -

A priest was driving along and saw nun on the side of the road. He stopped and offered her a lift which she accepted.

She got in and crossed her legs, forcing the habit to open and reveal a leg. The priest looks and nearly has an accident, and after changing gear lets his hand slide up her leg.

She immediately says, "Father, remember Psalm 129".

The priest says sorry and removes his hand but is unable to remove his eyes from her leg. Further on when he changes gear and has ogled at her leg for the zillionth time he lets the hand slide up the leg again.

The Nun once again says, "Father remember Psalm 129."

Arriving at the convent the nun gets out and the priest goes on his way. Once he arrives at his church he rushes to the bible and looks up Psalm 129 and it said, "GO FORTH AND SEEK, FURTHER UP YOU WILL FIND GLORY."


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Tantric Quote


           - Have As Much Fun As You Can

"Be playful. Know that it's going to be alright no matter what. Have as much fun as you can. Be as easy as you can. Don't take anything very seriously, because everything blows over, good and bad. You can't stand still. So nothing lasts very long." - ABRAHAM


Friend's Feedback re: "Ultimate Ejaculation Mastery"


      - Completely Different Way –

"I have started practicing what you advise to do in chapters 3 and 4. It is a completely different way of looking at where the pleasure is coming from, that is in the energy being allowed to flow through my whole body, the feelings and wonderful sensations this gives to me." – J.F. from West Midlands, U.K.




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