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Your Tantra Newsletter: Wild Shaking Frees Your Spirit And Your Sex
Let Yourself Pass Through The Doorway To Sexual Fulfillment And Reach An Amazing Spiritual State Of Being

The previous two Sacred Sexual Secrets newsletter focused on the 112 spiritual sexual meditation techniques in Osho’s Book Of Secrets. The last article focused on sutra 48 which dealt with keeping your attention focused on the fire in the beginning so you don’t burn out before reveling in all the yummy sexual energy you’ve ever wanted.

You can find those two articles at the top of our archives page here… Here we go into the next sutra about shaking, and you won’t believe where we’ll end up.

"Sacred Sexual Secrets" Newsletter 5/28/14
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SUTRA 49 “When in such embrace, your senses are shaken as leaves, enter this shaking.”

Osho starts commenting on this sutra with “If your bodies are allowed to move, the sex act spreads all over your body. You can control it when it is localized at the sex center. The mind can remain in control. When it spreads all over your body, you cannot control it. You may start shaking, you may start screaming, and you will not be able to control your body once the body takes over.”

How scary! She suddenly finds herself unable to suppress her frenzied gyrations and explosive sounds. And for him, too. He’s making love to a woman who suddenly becomes possessed like a wild animal, a crazed creature. Has she gone totally crazy or become bewitched? What is he to do with this berserk beast?

Do either of them realize this is the doorway to her sexual freedom, her spiritual awakening? Her innate capability to enjoy a chain of earth-shattering orgasms is becoming a reality. Yes, it’s frightening because it’s misunderstood, but it is a blessing from the Goddess if appreciated and handled properly.

Before the sexual revolution, too many wives only spread their legs as a duty while their ignorant husbands used them briefly to get off. He understood his sexual rights and her submission. Her satisfaction, though completely misunderstood, was never at issue. Part of the social pressure against Tantric Sex is the result of women whose sexuality becomes liberated and multiply orgasmic.

Who wouldn’t doubt they could keep up much less full satisfy this sexual slave gone totally primal. If her lover hasn’t mastered the previous sutra, learned to pace himself, and developed his sexual skills and stamina, she will probably be left unsatisfied. Does he have any clue about the lovemaking style that can give her a chain of multiple orgasms?

What is a woman who is stepping into her power to do? Add another husband to the mix? Find outside lovers? Go to orgies at group sex parties? Become lesbian or bisexual? Though more people are choosing some of these options today, they are still for the most part taboo, far from the mainstream.

So the woman who is reaching for her sexual and consequent spiritual potential and yet doesn’t want to rebel against family and culture is left with a difficult choice. Go renegade or cheat, or instead settle for less than an orgasmic sex life.

What Osho is pointing out through the shaking sutra is that letting go into ecstasy requires change and growth. A man who wants to make love to a woman has to develop his orgasm mastery just as she’s expanding into hers.

Osho says, “We seem to feel that it is better to suppress the woman. So, really, eighty to ninety percent of women never know what orgasm is… they themselves are never satisfied. So if you see such bitterness in women all over the world — sadness, bitterness, frustration — it is natural. Their basic need is not fulfilled.”

We strongly urge you both to seek total fulfillment. A doorway into fulfilled sex and full body orgasm is simply letting yourself shake. When you let your body go, energy starts expanding, flowing throughout your physical body, filling your luminous energy field. You start tingling everywhere as the vibrations spread, engulfing you. It feels like every cell is having sex and coming alive in a new and powerful way.

Osho continues “The second sutra says, When in such an embrace your senses are shaken as leaves… A great wind is blowing and a tree is shaking. Even the roots are shaking, every leaf is shaking. Just be like a tree. A great wind is blowing, and sex is a great wind — a great energy blowing through you. Shake! Vibrate! Allow every cell of your body to dance, and this should be for both. The beloved is also dancing, every cell vibrating. Only then can you both meet, and then that meeting is not mental. It is a meeting of your bioenergies.”

Earlier we discussed the fundamental split between mind and body that keeps so many of us from being happy and satisfied both in and out of bed. Here is a solution to letting the mind control your sexual play. Surrender to the sensations that vibrate your nerves, your tissues, your breath, your voice. When you let go, the wind shakes you throughout leaving no place to think. Just let your body flow with the intense forces streaming through it.

From a shamanic perspective, we’re each just vessels connecting Mother Earth and Father Sky. When you get out of your own way and allow the shaking to consume you, it feels like earth and sky making love through your body. God and Goddess are streaming pure delight through you and if you let it happen, you can feel all of the ecstasy. An unlimited source of euphoric electromagnetism flows into your head and down your chakras to the ground while the reverse is happening at the same time up through your root chakra filling your loins, your heart, your whole body.

Osho goes on, “Don’t stand aloof! Be the shaking, become the shaking. Forget everything and become the shaking. It is not that your body is shaking; it is you, your whole being. You become the shaking itself. Then there are not two bodies, two minds. In the beginning there are two shaking energies, and in the end just a circle — not two.”

If you embraced the shaking while your beloved was just going through the motions — in other words, not letting the shaking take over — your experience would be limited. But if your lover was also an open ecstatic vessel connected to you, imagine what would happen when you’re shaking together. You feel their passion and it excites you. They feel your pulsing and it turns you on more. You can bootstrap each other up to inconceivable levels of pleasure.

One arena of advanced Tantric practice is creating energy circuits between the two of you. You can send sexual energy to your partner’s heart while your bodies are coupled. They can open their heart space and welcome you within, or they can flood you with their love. Or both.

You can do this at any chakra (your seven energy centers arrayed along the spine from head to pelvis) as you develop your energy mastery. As you progress and learn to channel higher levels of sexual energy, you can exchange at several chakras at once. This kind of mastery results in energy circles between your physical and your luminous bodies. The more gates and portals you open between you, cycling such exciting electricity back and forth, the higher you go.

You can read more about this in our article about All Chakra Sex here… .

When the shaking makes you feel super high everywhere, who wants to stop it? Who wants to release all that delicious sensation? Who really needs a quick orgasm to feel fulfilled? As so many gurus intone, it’s the journey not the destination.

Of course, this is fantastic when vajra (Tantric for penis) is slowing stroking or even still inside yoni (Tantric for vagina). But even penetration isn't necessary when you can immerse yourself in shaking. I’ve made love for hours this way just holding a new clothed lover close. And believe me, it was way good.

Osho says, “What will happen in this circle? One, you will be a part of an existential force — not a societal mind, but an existential force. You will be part of he whole cosmos. You are dissolved as solid bodies. You have become liquid — flowing into each other. The mind is lost, the vision is lost, you have a oneness.”

If you’ve made any kind of love, undoubtedly you’ve been in that place where you lost yourself even if just for a moment and became one with All That Is. Probably the urge to cry out “Oh God!” as we’re coming stems from this. It’s even better, though, when you can float in that ecstatic fusion for as long as you want.

Isn’t that what we all crave in love? Isn’t that what those on the spiritual path seek, complete union with all of the universe? Can you see why we call this unique style of lovemaking Spiritual Sex? You enter into the physical sensations fully and ascend to cosmic heights the mind can’t even conceive of. This oneness is what mystics talk about, what gurus guide you to prepare for. But it’s not something you can teach, only experience.

We hope we’ve convinced you even a little to surrender yourself into the inner and outer shaking that sex can spark. Don’t fight it, just let it flow. And let the sexual life-force energy carry you where it will. You’ll like where you end up and the journey getting there.

Love, Somraj & Jeffre

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