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Your Tantra Newsletter: Learning To Ride Erotica
Jake & Diedre’s First Tantric Play Date

Our last couple issues detailed the how-tos and potential delights of anal sex. The key is learning to run orgasmic energy, even before you orgasm.

So how do you do that? As a wanton departure from earlier articles, we’re going to show you how in a hot erotic story. The first part follows here with the rest on our blog here... .

Since this is the first of what we hope is a new trend -- erotic stories that teach -- we’d love your feedback. Turn you on? Hold your interest? Believable? Realistic? Whatever your reaction, please post it at the end of the story by hitting the “View comments” button.

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"Sacred Sexual Secrets" Newsletter 5/20/13
Published by Somraj Pokras & Jeffre TallTrees
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This free ezine (scroll to the end if you want to stop them) offers practical sex tips derived from modern sex research and the ancient wisdom of Tantra and the Kama Sutra. We teach Supreme Bliss Tantra to help you deepen relationship intimacy and reach astounding heights of sexual ecstasy through long-distance learning and hands-on training. Our Motto: Deeper Into The Heart Of Sex


By Sandy Dale

1. The Bar

My eyes were immediately drawn to her long hair and long legs as I walked into the bar in my favorite New Orleans's hotel, the Westin Canal Place. Sliding onto the stool next to her, I said “Hi, my name’s Jacob but most people call me Jake,” and flashed my warmest smile. At least that’s what my exes dubbed it.

The redhead in dark business suit and red satin blouse barely turned from her drink when she softly said, “Hello, Jake.” But it was enough to see her startling green eyes and tracks of tears. I recognized her, the keynote speaker from the web marketing conference that me and partner attended. Good thing I threw on my suit pants and jacket before coming downstairs, I thought.

After a long pause and a breathy sigh, she slurred, “Are you trying to pick me up?”

“Tell me your name, ma’am, and I’ll answer your question... as honestly as I can,” I retorted smoothly with a wry smile. My exes claim I can never keep a straight face.

She raised an eyebrow at my honesty crack like a cynical corporate power-broker. Or maybe it was me calling her ma’am. Anyway, she replied, “I’m Diedre.” Jeez, her pixie-like face was so damned expressive. Just like mine they said. I waited until she looked at me with slightly crossed eyes and asked “Well...”

“Pleased to meet you, Diedre. And, no, I didn’t choose the best stool in the house just to pick you up. My head, which has been up the backside of my website for too long, desperately needs a drink. Some friendly human contact wouldn’t hurt either, if you’ve got any to spare.”

She snickered. “Sorry, fresh out of friendly at the moment.”

I ordered my single malt Scotch, neat the way I liked it, and offered to buy her one. Overhearing, the young Tom-Cruisean bartender shook his head “No” and raised four fingers. Oh, she’s already had too much, I thought.

At first it seemed like she was ignoring me. But something was going on inside that pretty little head that I could sense but not clearly fathom. Diedre looked me in eyes, then, clearly checking out whether I was the sincere sort or a macho predator. My heart fluttered.

Apparently, in a flash, she decided I wasn’t Jack The Ripper and chuckled deep in her throat. So deep that it made my cock swell a tad, seeking release from his silk prison.

Looking down at her drink again she sighed and muttered, “I think you’ve noticed that this isn’t my greatest hour. What makes you think I’d be interested in some friendly human contact right now?”

“Come on, Diedre, you’re sitting in a hotel bar dressed like you own the place. I read in Wikipedia that glass and chrome dives like this were invented for pickups.” Not even a smile at my catchy phrasing. “Come on, you must know how gorgeous you are.”

She nodded appreciatively, “Thank you, kind sir.”

“Plus,” I added, “I used to be a sex and relationship counselor. As brilliant as you were at the podium today, right now you look like someone who needs a shoulder to cry on. Without any strings, I promise.”

2. Quiet Booth

Gracefully she rotated towards me on her bar stool, swinging one of her dancer’s legs towards me. Facing me directly for the first time, her short skirt hiked up her shapely thighs. I thought, Does she look more like a deer in the headlights, a teenager posing for her first girlie mag shoot, or a wild cat about to pounce? A jaguar, definitely a jaguar. Though I was getting harder, I tried hard not to look between her legs.

That was a good thing because Diedre suddenly burst into tears, her chest heaving, straining the buttons of her silk blouse. She instinctively leaned towards me. When all of my six foot one frame stood she grabbed my shoulder, sobbing.

At first I thought, She’s rewarding my kindness by her pressing her ample breasts against me. Actually, they were large enough that it couldn’t be avoided. Must be unconscious on her part. Maybe.

“Let’s find a quiet booth and you can tell me about it, OK?” I said.

She murmured her assent as I led her to a dark corner, carrying both of our drinks. She was only a couple inches shorter than me. Fortunately, I make it a practice to carry a clean linen handkerchief and handed it to her. She dabbed her eyes and blew her nose and started to hand it back when I said “Keep it. No rush.”

“Oh, right,” said. “We hardly know each other and already I’ve soiled your hanky with my unladylike fluids. Sorry.”

“No worries, Diedre. I love all kinds of fluids. In my humble opinion, feminine ones are the most desirable. Happens to all of us,” I added, thinking, If we’re lucky.

She cocked her head with curiosity. Her long bangs swished across her forehead mesmerizing me. She noticed. Some blond and some red make her strawberry, I mused. Quite a contrast to my medium-length curly brown hair.

Diedre reacted, “That’s quite suggestive, almost kinky, Jake. I thought you weren’t trying to get me up to your room?”

“Not originally. I guess I’m a sucker for someone in need. My nerdy partner/roommate insists on working the night away on what we learned at the web workshops. I don’t think he cares if I get any sleep tonight. So the only room possible would be someone else’s.” I waited, showing my most innocent expression, the one my exes unanimously hate.

Diedre sniffed once and appraised me as if she held my fate in her burgundy-nailed hands. She looked like a green-eyed raptor, maybe a falcon, deciding whether to attack my face with her claws. It was way sexy. “So why would you be interested in my troubles if not to get me in the sack?”

3. Venting

“It’s who I am. I’ve got this passion to understand things, especially people, especially women and love. Try me.” Her face darkened like a winter storm billowing over the crest of the Sierra Nevadas. It reminded me of the snow-clouds I can watch from my bedroom window. They thrill me. Like her long-lashed eyes which started tearing again.

“Business or personal?” I gently queried.

“Personal, dammit. How ordinary, huh? Still, my heart is broken,” she cried. Diedre babbled about how bad she felt on and off and how it was ruining her otherwise glorious life. She pounded the table when she explained how much she needed a clear head, especially now. Her new company had just launched a big marketing push aimed at displacing Facebook.

I took one of the brightly-nailed hands she was wringing on the table. She let me soothe her this way for a moment. “What was his name?” I whispered.

“Charlie, goddammit!” she spewed. What amazing mood swings she had, I marveled. That kind of passion erupts inside me sometimes. When it sweeps through others I feel it all over.

“I thought a lesbian would be easier to deal with in and out of bed.” She spewed and ranted and raved until the wind seemed to leave her sails. “Shit, that was some of the roughest fucking sex I ever imagined. Well, not exactly fucking,” she chuckled.

All of a sudden she seemed to realize how she was behaving, and continued calmly, “Excuse my language, Jake. It’s not your fault I picked an angry dyke to try to cure my men troubles.”

As she talked, her anger spiraled upwards, and she shot me a challenging glance. Ah, the jaguar is back and wants to spit at me. I hope.

Using my patented sympathetic glance, I stared right back without flinching.“I applaud you, Diedre. Finding what pleases us is a demanding lifelong journey. I know I struggle with what I want and who I am. At least you can cross bull dyke off your bucket list.”

4. LOL

Then she laughed out loud for real. A deep escalating throaty bellow that made her eyes shine and tear again. It almost sounded like she was cumming. Even to this day I remember that moment crystal clear, when I decided I wanted to be there the next time she did.

Her penetrating look nailed me to the chair. Can she see right through me? I wondered.

“You’re right, Jake. No more bull dykes for the likes of me. But it’s still a long list,” she guffawed. “You don’t seem put off by me consorting with women.” She was smiling like she was having a little fun at last. Something inside my belly applauded, maybe I was going to get lucky after all.

Her eyes unfocused with a dreamy look and then riveted on mine. “Oh, no, I can see you’re not,” she added. “Have you ever tried it, you know, being with another man?”

“Sure, a couple times in college. When you love that special something hanging between your legs, it’s only natural for a wild child like me to want to taste some others.”

“Are you uncomfortable, calling a cock a cock, Jake?” she challenged, making mine twitch.

“Actually, no, Diedre. My cock and I are on a first-name basis. I was doing my best impersonation of a SNAG,” I answered. Not the time to introduce my pleasure stick, I decided.


“A Sensitive New Age Guy,” I explained.

She laughed again. I loved it when she opened her mouth and bellowed. It made her lips glisten and her eyes shine. Shivers ran up and down my spine.

Her eyes glazed over again, focused somewhere else. I could almost hear the churning of her mental gears. Dammit, it sure seems like I can read what she’s thinking, I thought. She’s deciding if she can really trust me.

All at once Diedre perked up and said, “You want me, don’t you? I must be your type.” Her attitude shifted again like another storm blowing past my window leaving a refreshing wind in its wake.

“You can tell, huh? Yes, I want you. You’re real and vulnerable and alive. That’s my type. I can feel your energy in my body and it’s turning me on.” I glanced down at my crotch with raised eyebrows and her flashing eyes followed, as if caressing the forming bulge. “But I’d rather listen to you rant than do something you don’t want.”

She giggled lasciviously, “I don’t think your cock is that selective.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Section 5, Studying, of the story continues on our blog here... .

And remember we’d love your feedback. Please post at the end of the story by hitting the “View comments” button.

Love, Somraj and Jeffre


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