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Your Tantra Newsletter: Work Your Tantric Muscles To Supercharge Your Love Life: How Maintaining Strong Sexual Muscles Maximizes Pleasure, Performance, And Orgasm

"Sacred Sexual Secrets" Newsletter 5/11/05


Published by Dhyan Somraj Pokras and Dhyan Jeffre TallTrees

ISSN 1540-8825 (c) Copyright 2005 by Tantra At Tahoe (530) 587-1317


This free ezine offers practical sex tips derived from the ancient wisdom of Tantra and the Kama Sutra coupled with modern sex research. We teach Supreme Bliss Tantra which is spiritual sex that helps you deepen relationship intimacy and reach astounding heights of

sexual ecstasy through long-distance learning and hands-on training.

-- Our Motto: Deeper Into The Heart Of Sex


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Dear Tantra Friend:


We're continuing to give you every opportunity to make your sex life a spiritual experience by creating all sorts of deals and incentives to jump on our Tantric Sex Muscle Ecourse. Which do you choose: 25% off, 50%, or absolutely FREE? You be the judge.

This issue contains these features and special discount offers:

* Tantric Quote: Passionate Virtuosity

* Juicy Joke: Wonder Bras

* Featured Ecourse: Save 50% On Tantric Sex Muscle Ecourse

* Featured Article: Your Tantric Muscles Supercharge Your Love Life

* Free Stuff: You Could Be Our Next Winner Like James

* Pubic Interest: Monday Was Orgasm Day In Part Of Brazil

* Featured Service: FREE Ecourse With Library and Intro Programs

* Tantric Quote: The Thousand-Stringed Instrument

* Friend's Feedback: Spreading Needed Divine Knowledge

* Erotic Toy Specials: 25% Off Sex Toy Mayhem Month-Long Sale

* DVD/Video Specials: Homegrown DVDs With $19.95 Free

* How To Save $25 On Our Ebooks

Love from Tantra At Tahoe who is Somraj and Jeffre


Tantric Quote


- Passionate Virtuosity -

“My feeling about technique in art is that it has about the same value as technique in lovemaking. Heartfelt ineptitude has its appeal and so does heartless skill; but what you want is passionate virtuosity.”

-- SANDY DIAMOND in “Bliss, Danger And Gods”


Juicy Joke


- Wonder Bras -

John was standing in the lingerie store staring at a collection of Wonder Bras.

The clerk noticed he had been there for some time and that he appeared to be having trouble picking one out. She walked over and asked him if she could be of assistance.

John answered, "Well... if it's a Wonder Bra, am I supposed to pick the size she is, or the size I want her to be?"


Featured Ecourse


- Tantric Sex Requires Strong Sexual Muscles -

Energize Your Sex Life & Free Your Orgasms By Building Your

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Nowhere is physical fitness more crucial than in the bedroom. Tantric Sex can give you incredible ecstasy when your sexual body is in great shape. The more you exercise the critical parts of your sexual body...

• the more you'll want sex,

• the more you'll like it, and

• the more orgasmic you'll be.

Fortunately, it's easy for you to train the muscles responsible for boosting your sexual energy, performance, and enjoyment.

Tantra At Tahoe's "Tantric Sex Muscle Ecourse" shows you how to strengthen and tone your sexual muscles in just a few minutes a day whether you're young or old. Then, as you age, you'll stay vital, virile, and interested in sex. Plus your lovemaking will last longer and feel better.

Our new ecourse consists of six lessons you'll receive by email over nine weeks. It teaches a series of quick, simple, different exercises that you can -- and should -- do regularly to expand your sexual pleasure. Versions of what we'll show you are basic, essential, and powerful in every sexual enhancement program we've ever encountered.

This may be a course, but don't let that worry you. There are no grades, no tests, no academic hoops to jump through. But there is a lot of homework. We just prefer to call it homeplay since it's going to be fun.

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Featured Article


- Work Your Tantric Muscles To Supercharge Your Love Life -

Strong Sexual Muscles Maximize Pleasure, Performance, And Orgasm

Studies have shown that the more you exercise and keep your body fit, the more you'll want sex, the more you'll like it, and the more orgasmic you'll be. Plus, whether you're male or female, you'll be in shape to make it last so you can enjoy longer lovemaking.

Does a more ecstatic sex life interest you?

Fortunately, it's easy for you to train the sexual muscles responsible for extended enhanced pleasure in just a few minutes a day with some simple exercises. Exercises, we might add, whose origins are the ancient metaphysics of love, sex, and intimacy from India thousands of years ago. They are even more critical in our system of personal, spiritual, and sexual development called Supreme Bliss Tantra.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Meet Your Sexual Muscles

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Our research has been long and arduous (and fun). At sex shows in Bangkok we've seen women open beer bottles, smoke cigarettes, and even shoot darts with their yoni muscles. (Yoni is the Tantric word for vagina.) We've seen pictures of men who bounce huge weights with their erect vajras (Tantric for penis) and suspend them from their scrotums.

Exciting, yes. But duplicating these exploits isn't our aim nor should it be yours.

No, maintaining strong sexual muscles at the base of your pelvis helps you maximize your sexual health, sexual performance, and sexual pleasure. Doesn't that sound worth a few minutes of surreptitious squeezing every day?

Fortunately, the exercises are easy and inexpensive to do. Like any other muscle, you strengthen your sexual muscles through regular exercise. In addition, physical exercise improves tone and gives you better muscle control.

When a muscle is weak, it feels like mush even after a few contractions. A weak pelvic floor inhibits the flow of pleasure and shortens orgasm. When your pelvic muscles are strong, you can not only extend your orgasms, but you can feel sensations that you probably can't even imagine.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Look & Feel Of Infinity

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

These muscles at the floor of your pelvis are called your PC, short for pubococcygeus. That medical term may be a mouthful, but this part of your body is easy to identify.

Put one of your hands on your pubic bone, the one that's around your pubic hair at the bottom of your tummy and just above your jewels (Tantric for genitals). That's the P for pubo.

Now reach around behind. Put your other hand between your cheeks at the very bottom of your spine. Right, it's near the top of your butt crack. That's the C, your coccyx or tailbone.

The PC muscles snake down around your jewels and anus in a figure-eight arrangement, outlining a woman's two openings and a man's package and backdoor. They connect these two bones plus your leg and sitting bones. They're arranged in an infinity shape, appropriate for surrounding the apparatus that's so essential in helping you ascend to the high reaches of supreme sexual bliss.

What's more important than finding the two ends of your PC OUTSIDE is to be able to identify them from the INSIDE. They're the ones you tighten when you're in the middle of peeing and want to stop your stream of urine. You know, the ones you squeeze when you want to empty out the last few drops.

Try squeezing your PC now. Did you feel it?

In fact, that's your first PC exercise. See how simple it is? There are faster, better, and more sophisticated ways to practice. Which is the purpose of our new email training course entitled "Tantric Sex Muscle Ecourse."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Why Is The PC So Important For Men & Women?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Why is your PC so important? As you know, it's vital to maintain strength and tone of your entire body all throughout your life. If you're not having sex as often as horny young rabbits, then this vital part of your body may not be getting enough exercise to stay healthy.

Don't you want to keep your reproductive, urinary, and pleasure systems functioning optimally? Women want to make their periods and childbirth as easy as possible. Men want to keep their prostate glands vital and virile late into life. Even if you don't use your jewels to make babies anymore, you do want your plumbing to stay healthy.

You don't want to leak unnecessarily as you get older, do you?

So PC exercises keep you fit down there. And the pay-off in bed is tremendous. The PC is a central tool in the Supreme Bliss Tantra practice of pumping orgasmic energy upward and around your whole body. That's how modern lovers can learn the advanced crafts of extended multiple full-body orgasm, mastering female ejaculation, and overcoming premature ejaculation.

Do you have any of those things on your private wish list?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Look At The Goodies Awaiting Dedicated Lovers

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Here's a summary of why we recommend that you dedicate yourself to building your sexual muscles.

Women, if you develop strong PC muscles, you can:

- expand your sensations during lovemaking,

- spread the pleasure throughout your body,

- reach orgasm more easily when you want and enjoy sex more when you don't,

- have more powerful orgasms,

- learn to milk your lover's vajra with the ancient art of pompoir,

- have better control over your bladder function, and

- more easily learn to ejaculate.

Additionally, your entire pelvic area will benefit from increased circulation, higher sensitivity to stimulation, and improved overall yoni health. Many women report how vital this is for easier childbirth and faster recovery afterwards.

Men, if you develop strong PC muscles, you can:

- maintain stronger erections,

- enjoy more powerful orgasms,

- gain greater control over vajra and your sexuality,

- increase your sexual confidence and give you a feeling of power,

- consciously slow your pelvic contractions to avoid premature ejaculation, and

- better stimulate a woman's G-spot.

Finally, some believe that PC practice massages a man's prostate and keeps that vital organ healthier and disease free -- a great side benefit.

Strong PC muscles also prevent or stop leaky bladders in both men and women.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Embracing The Tantric Attitude For Cosmic Pleasure

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

In our next issue, we'll explain in more detail how a woman's sexual muscles can give exquisite pleasure by milking vajra. And how a man's sexual muscles can help him last forever and give her G-Spot an incredible massage.

But why wait? Register for our 9-week email "Tantric Sex Muscle Ecourse" right now. Did you notice the special Half-Price offer preceding this article?

Guys, we wish you PCs of steel that prevent premature ejaculation.

Gals, we wish you the world's most powerful milking machine.

Love, Somraj and Jeffre


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Pubic Interest


- Monday Was Orgasm Day In Part Of Brazil -

Sex rarely makes the news in Brazil's conservative Northeast — until a small town declared an official Orgasm Day on Monday.

Espertantina Mayor Felipe Santolia endorsed the May 9 holiday, which he said was intended to improve relationships between married couples.

"We're celebrating orgasm in all its senses. There's even a panel discussion on premature ejaculation. But from what I've seen, women have more trouble achieving orgasm than men, especially in marriage," Santolia said by telephone from Esperantina, 1,300 miles north of Rio de Janeiro.

Santolia said the remote town of 38,000 people has been unofficially celebrating orgasm day for years, but that the town's former mayor had vetoed a bill making it an official municipal holiday.

The city council passed a law Saturday creating the holiday. Santolia, who took office earlier this year, said he would sign the bill later Monday.

Orgasm Day celebrations include a series of panel discussions by sexologists from across Brazil and a presentation of Eve Ensler's play "The Vagina Monologues."

Santolia said the idea of celebrating Orgasm Day at first created a scandal in this poor region, known for its religious fervor. But he said residents gradually residents warmed to the idea.

"I've seen scientific studies that show when a woman is unloved, when her husband can bring her to orgasm, it affects all aspects of her life, her relationships with her children, at home, with the city and at work," Santolia said.


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Tantric Quote


- The Thousand-Stringed Instrument -

“The heart is the thousand-stringed instrument that can only be tuned with love.” -- HAFIZ


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Friend's Feedback


- Spreading Needed Divine Knowledge -

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"Thank you very much." -- Kisses from Jan-Erik Knudsen, Bergen, Norway




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