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Your Tantra Newsletter: Fire In The Beginning, Not Embers In The End
Osho’s Commentaries On The Ancient Sutra About Making Lovemaking Last And Last

In the previous Sacred Sexual Secrets newsletter, we introduced you to Osho’s commentaries on the 112 meditation techniques in his Book Of Secrets. You can find this article at the top of our archives page here…

Here we’re going to begin sharing these sutras, explaining how Tantric Sex can change your life, not to mention bring you closer to yourself, your beloved, and your innate source of supreme bliss. We begin with sutra 48 in Chapter 33, which is entitled “The Spirituality Of The Tantric Sex Act.”

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This free ezine (scroll to the end if you want to stop them) offers practical sex tips derived from modern sex research and the ancient wisdom of Tantra and the Kama Sutra. We teach Supreme Bliss Tantra to help you deepen relationship intimacy and reach astounding heights of sexual ecstasy through long-distance learning and hands-on training. Our Motto: Deeper Into The Heart Of Sex

SUTRA 48 “At the start of sexual union keep attentive on the fire in the beginning, and so continuing, avoid the embers in the end.”

Osho’s shorthand for this sutra is “In the sex act, do not seek the release.” If your mind is on controlling the sex act, you will seek the release. Here we see the impact of the basic split, the neurosis, between thinking and feeling, mind and body as we discussed in the previous article.

If your mind is in the driver’s seat, then you will do what we are taught to do in the western world. You set a goal, make a plan, and work the plan. Of course, with sex, orgasm is the goal. That could be your own, or as is so often the case for men, it could be your partner’s. So you have an agenda to reach your goal and focus your energy on getting there. And if you’re the least bit alive, sexual play, even foreplay, creates a lot of energy. What you do with all this overflowing energy is what the sutra is addressing. Keep feeling the fire of the initial turn-on in the beginning. Otherwise the fire will burn down to embers much sooner than necessary.

If one partner pushes for a fast orgasm, likely the other will fall short and be dissatisfied. His ejaculation releases not only semen but the build up of energy. For those with long recovery times like us, this pretty much ends the exciting loveplay for hours or sometimes days. Women complain their guy falls asleep instead of snuggling and enjoying the intimate connection. This is another symptom of rushing towards the end goal and spilling that sexual life-force.

As Osho says about the embers, “You just want a release. Overflowing energy will be released; you will feel at ease. This at-easeness is just a sort of weakness. When the energy is released, you feel weak. You may take this weakness as relaxation. But this relaxation is a negative relaxation. If you can relax just by throwing energy, it is at a very great cost. And this relaxation can only be physical. It cannot go deeper and cannot become spiritual.”

Rushing towards orgasm or trying to make your lover come too often results in wasting all that delightful life-giving sexual energy. Learn instead to savor it and stay awake, vibrant, virile, turned-on, connected, and in-love for hours.

Sometimes newcomers get the idea false idea that Supreme Bliss Tantra advocates avoiding orgasm. No way! Nothing could be further from the truth. But it is true that we advise not making orgasm your goal. Instead, feel everything intensely and let orgasm come to you. Yes, we strongly encourage long slow sex while you enjoy lots of delicious sensations that grow and expand and morph. And after so many peaks of pleasure and plateaus of ecstasy, the inevitable explosion will be so much more incredible.

Otherwise you’ll be rushing past the sweetest most delightful surges of pleasure. That could be from touching, kissing, licking, or even deep heartfelt eye-contact long before you even consider jewel (Tantric for genital) penetration.

The rushing thing is a sad part of many young lovers’ sexual exploration. Since our elders condemn the whole idea of teenagers having sex, we start our sex lives having to scrounge unsafe uncomfortable venues (back seats, closets, couches with the folks upstairs, etc.). We better hurry up before the cops shine a flashlight on your exposed body parts or your parents come home or downstairs unexpectedly.

Even with sex by ourselves, we’re conditioned to rush though self-pleasuring hoping we don’t get caught. So we program ourselves to target the release as quickly as possible.

Don’t treat sex as a means to the end. Approach it as reveling in the diverse tastes of a sumptuous smorgasbord. Don’t think of the future, only the present, what you’re feeling now.

To help me change my lovemaking style to savoring the now, I developed a practice technique I call “The Last Stroke.” It comes from the idea that if you knew your next moments on earth were your last, you’d want to make the most of them, right? So when I’m practicing this, I treat each stroke, whether it’s the movement of a fingertip, tongue, or vajra (Tantric for penis), as if it were the last.

I concentrate on feeling as much sensation as I can right now. I absorb as much pleasure from this one little gesture as I possibly can. And then if there’s another stroke, I have so much gratitude that I can enjoy one more stroke. And so on. It helps me appreciate each experience deeply and uniquely, focus without distractions, and stay in the present.

Osho comments about this sutra, “Enjoy the meeting of two bodies, two souls, and merge into each other, melt into each other. Forget that you are going anywhere. Remain in the moment going nowhere, and melt. Warmth, love, should be made a situation for two persons to melt into each other.”

Otherwise you are exploiting each other, using the other’s body to get off. Definitely not Tantric Sex. But by letting love consume you in the moment, letting the energy engulf you, you feel more and more sensation, stronger and stronger passion without needing the release.

He continues, “If you are not in a hurry to finish the act, the act, by and by, becomes less and less sexual and more and more spiritual. Sex organs also melt into each other. A deep, silent communion happens between two body energies, and then you can remain for hours together. This togetherness moves deeper and deeper as time passes. But don’t think. Remain with the moment, deeply merged. It becomes an ecstasy, a samadhi, a cosmic consciousness.”

Samadhi is a Sanskrit word meaning “a state of intense concentration achieved through meditation.” If you haven’t grasped if before, this explains why we often call Tantric Sex a sexual meditation. Empty the mind, sink into the feelings, and surrender to the experience. Don’t let your goals or your thoughts or your elders’ negative messages about sex distract you.

Keep attentive on the fire in the beginning and the fire will consume your distractions and catapult you to a higher state of being. Have you ever found yourself floating about the stratosphere in a timeless circle of delight with your beloved? Where what he feels makes her vibrate and her vibrations make him shudder with passion and back and forth. That’s what I call the floating in the O-Zone together, a continuous state of orgasmic energy pulsing through your bodies.

If you or your man have trouble putting this approach to Tantric Sex into action, download a copy of Somraj’s best-selling ebook, Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery ( for an easy-to-follow step-by-step program.

That’s it for Sutra 48 for now. Look for #49 next month.

Love, Somraj & Jeffre

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