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Your Tantra Newsletter: Long Passionate Tantric LoveMaking 2
Great Lover Secrets Of Divine Coupling With The Kaleidoscope Rhythm Of Sex Stroking

In our last issue we introduced our new ebook in-progress entitled Long Passionate Tantric LoveMaking which will describe to in detail about everything you ever wanted to know about intercourse. You can win a free copy by taking our survey to enter a drawing here…

Maithuna (Tantric for intercourse) is best when composed like a spontaneous symphony in response to each other’s changing desire, response, and excitement. Because Tantric lovers are relaxed, open, and conscious, they sense each other’s energy flows, shifts, and surges. They both guide vajra’s thrusts in and out of yoni in response to what they want and how they feel in each moment.

To get more skillful at lovemaking, we suggest you learn lots of strokes plus when and how to use them. In the bedroom, options are good. Knowledge, technique, and experience will assist you in becoming a great lover whether you’re giving or receiving the thrusts. But without communication, sensitivity, and the flexibility to allow your partner’s needs and preferences to guide you, you’ll rarely find true sexual satisfaction. And you’ll never reach the holistic spiritual fulfillment that Supreme Bliss Tantra offers.


"Sacred Sexual Secrets" Newsletter 4/27/15
Published by Somraj Pokras & Jeffre TallTrees
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This free ezine (scroll to the end if you want to stop them) offers practical sex tips derived from modern sex research and the ancient wisdom of Tantra and the Kama Sutra. We teach Supreme Bliss Tantra to help you deepen relationship intimacy and reach astounding heights of sexual ecstasy through long-distance learning and hands-on training. Our Motto: Deeper Into The Heart Of Sex

Play With The Beginner’s Mind
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No matter how much experience and great feedback you’ve had, we suggest you start by dropping the delusion that you’re already a great lover. You may well be. But if you don’t approach each time you couple as another learning opportunity, you won’t be applauded for being in the elite class. I’m not saying you’re necessarily bad at it. I’m saying that doing what you’re good at — what got your lover off the last time you did it — not be the best formula this time.

In other words, start with what Zen masters call the Beginner’s Mind. You may never really know what’s going on inside your partner’s body, mind, and soul. When you approach lovemaking as a fun co-creation where you need to be sensitive, listen, watch, learn, respond, and then follow, then you’ll be on the road to satisfying any partner who’ll play with you as a team player.

To start with, great lovers get each other turned on before even considering penetration. Sure, thrusting is easier when he has a hard-on (but not absolutely essential). But did you realize that she needs an erection, too? Unfortunately, a woman’s erection is harder to read being an innie instead of an outie. Stated simply, you both need to read when your playmate is turned on enough for vajra’s entry. And definitely, even with longtime partners, ask permission before proceeding.

We’re not just talking to guys here, by the way. Women, please insist on sufficient foreplay until your yoni is crying out to be filled. Don’t let him put it in before then.

Great lovers also heed the age-old wisdom about relative jewel (Tantric for genital) sizes. The Kama Sutra, rightfully so, made a big deal about which sex postures to use for the easiest comfort and the maximum pleasure at different points throughout lovemaking. The choice of sex positions and strokes are based on their classification of small, medium, and big yonis and vajras as did the Native American sexuality practice called Quodoshka. Big yonis are happier with big vajras. Medium prefers medium. Small loves small. If you’re uptight about your organ size, don’t worry about it. The ancient love guides make it clear what to do even if he’s much smaller than she wants.

What To Do When Vajra Is Inside Yoni
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If a vajra is blessed to enter a yoni, what you do next is even more important. Great lovers proceed cautiously until they’re sure their partner is turned on enough for faster or deeper pumping. They adjust to her mood, his hardness, her wetness, and how close they are to orgasm. A great male lover needs to sense which part of her yoni likes which kind of stroke and rhythm at different times. And with her breathing, sounds, and movements, or words if necessary, a great female lover needs to send him clear signals about what she wants more and less of.

Great lovers re-invent a spontaneous Kaleidoscope Rhythm in each and every encounter. They do this by following their intuition of what might suit their partners in every moment, and as they test and experiment, watch carefully what produces what reaction. They follow the obvious guideline: do more of what’s working. They learn to flow with their kundalini or sexual energy, sensing each other’s ebbs and currents, and circulating that energy to take each other higher.

Most guys come to the party conditioned to do the exact wrong thing when their incessant banging isn’t getting the woman off: pound even harder. Great lovers, on the contrary, learn how to do the most counter-intuitive thing, namely slowing and stopping with the right inner pressure to make both overflow with excitement.

Then she won’t have to be so bored that she’s waiting for him to finish and get it over with. Then he won’t have to ask “did you come yet?” because it will be so obvious.

Great lovers know when each other needs something more or different to get more excited. They both need to read how close their partner is to orgasm and react accordingly. Great Tantric lovers like to extend lovemaking as long as possible so they can fly higher and higher.

But when the time is right, all great lovers know when they want to come. And they know how to enlist their partner in helping them explode over the top.

That’s all for now, though we may publish more excerpts in this newsletter before Long Passionate Tantric LoveMaking is completed. In the meantime, give us some feedback to qualify for winning a free copy of our new ebook. So don’t forget to enter our drawing by taking our survey…

Love, Somraj and Jeffre

P.S. We can guarantee you a copy of our new ebook if you’re willing to be more involved. We’d love to get more detailed input about what works and what needs work in the sack from several valiant research participants. This could be as simple as a answering some specific questions about your lovemaking patterns and practices. Or actually experimenting with techniques in our upcoming ebook. Let us know if you’re interested here…


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