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Your Tantra Newsletter: Yes, Sex Toys Can Be Spiritual - Part 2
So Many New Ways To Amplify Your Sexual Energy While Saving 43%

Last month we explained how using sex toys can be a fun, intimate bonding, and even sacred way to connect with your beloved. Here are even more suggestions you may want to play with.

"Sacred Sexual Secrets" Newsletter 4/25/16
Published by Somraj Pokras & Jeffre TallTrees
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This free ezine (scroll to the end if you want to stop them) offers practical sex tips derived from modern sex research and the ancient wisdom of Tantra and the Kama Sutra. We teach Supreme Bliss Tantra to help you deepen relationship intimacy and reach astounding heights of sexual ecstasy through long-distance learning and hands-on training. Our Motto: Deeper Into The Heart Of Sex

You can use sex toys to boost your waning energy after a long day or a long session of lovemaking. You can also use the right kind of vibe or ring or dildo to supercharge your play time. Somraj has a couple female lovers who enjoy long sessions of in-and-out where they reach multiple high peaks of pleasure and flow huge currents of kundalini. But sometimes they want to push themselves over the top with a huge volcanic explosion. At little thick-pencil shaped vibe like a Pocket Rocket applied to clio’s sweet spot can really do the trick. (

Sex toys can make your orgasmic energy boil by adding that unexpected surge or kinky jolt. Sometimes Somraj likes to penetrate his lover with a dildo or vibe while his finger or mouth is on her clio. Sometimes just for fun he alternates his vajra with a vibrating dong. Whatever your unfulfilled fantasies are, using a sex toy can be an easy way to explore without going too far out on a limb.

The Safe And Easy Way To Enjoy A Three-Way
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Are you craving a threesome but your baby is balking? Have you given up or been too intimidating to wade into the weird world of online sex hookups? Instead, add another cock or pussy from our store and use your imagination to make it as hot as you’ve dreamed up. That’s a lot safer than propositioning your friends or even strangers to join you in a three-way or more.

A basic element of Tantric practice is taking responsibility for your own pleasure while you’re giving everything you can to your partner. As a result, we study and experiment with different power dynamics. Let the woman who’s usually submissive get on top and take charge. And the same for guys dating or living with dominating women. Stretching your limits by switching roles or role-playing fantasies can be fun and way exciting. Adding a blindfold plus wrist or ankle restraints can be a inspiring educational and kinky way to explore who’s in charge.

Until you’ve been tied up and toyed with, don’t knock it. Ever wonder why the book Fifty Shades Of Grey sold so many millions of copies and became a major motion picture? Bondage and domination can release huge stores of dormant kundalini and empower you both to be more playful, loving, and creative thereafter. (

Ever Tried The Back Door?
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We know that not everything we’ve suggested will float your cork. At least not at this stage in your sex life. But we wouldn’t be doing justice to the titillating realm of adult toy play if we didn’t advocate a back door approach. If that’s too subtle a reference, then let’s call it what it is: anal sex.

Surveys prove that more than half of lovers have tried it and more than you’d realize enjoy it regularly. We do. Lots of our friends do as well. Why? Well, it’s way kinky for many folks which is a real turn-on. Even more, it’s a highly sensitive area that doesn’t get enough love. After lots of screaming during a recent encounter with his favorite vibe inside his rosetta (we prefer the image of the rose-shaped orifice instead of writing asshole over and over), Somraj remarked that anal sex is like color TV after years of watching black and white. Yes, he’s old enough to remember the early days of only three channels without color.

Or you could describe regular sex as having fun in two dimensions. But when his rosetta is penetrated it suddenly seems like his pleasure expands to three dimensions or more.

Please don’t rush off and shove your way into your honey’s rosetta. The Tantric path to anal pleasure is a measured process of learning about anatomy, loosening up armored tissues, and finding your own unique sweet spots. And of course there’s the hygiene issue. That’s why we don’t recommend that rosetta play be impulsive and needs precautions to keep the bacteria in your butt from spreading elsewhere where it’s not healthy.

Anal toys ( can make exploring and enjoying backdoor pleasure so much cleaner and safer. Especially at the beginning you might be much more comfortable inserting a dildo or vibe in your sweetie’s rosetta than your fingers or tongue. A great technique is to cover the toy with a condom while you’re using it. When you pull it off, it automatically turns inside out so you’re instantly clean.

Men, Women, And Double
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Does anal play release more kundalini in men or women? After careful consideration, our response is YES! In other words, both. Penetration for most women can be ecstatic all by itself. For some it’s the ideal way to stimulate her G-Spot. And for all men, it’s the perfect way to stimulate his G-Spot. Right, we’re referring to his prostate gland, male orgasm central. That’s why we’ve been enjoying and recommending the Aneros brand of anal toys for years. Check them out here…

Inserting a dildo, vibrator, or Aneros in your playmate’s rosetta can give you both an exciting flood of kundalini all by itself. But if you haven’t tried it, just imagine sliding something inside back there while his vajra is thrusting in and out of her yoni. Yes, it takes some practice and dexterity but much less than DP itself.

If you don’t watch enough porn, you may not have much experience with DP which stands for Double Penetration. In its classic sense, DP means one vajra in her yoni and another in her rosetta. Truly a demanding arrangement physically but one that’s well worth the pay-off if you can pull it off. It’s about the most vulnerable a woman can be. Which is using a dildo or vibe in her rosetta while his vajra is pumping in and out of her yoni is a great way to experiment.

By the way, videos also can add some spice to your love life and get your kundalini flowing big time. Our new store offers thousands of steamy scenes here…

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Love, Somraj & Jeffre

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