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Your Tantra Newsletter: Living & Playing Full-Out 2
A Tantric Prescription For Living A Full Life

In our last newsletter we explained how Tantric can help you live life full out. In this article we’ll go further into uncharted territory of discovering yourself and your total zest for life.

What holds so many of us back from experimenting is what other people might think. Take swinging for example. I'm talking about going to a sex party or meeting people online in order to make love with someone other than your partner. Knowingly. You know, wife swapping. Or in our modern world of gender equality, husband swapping.

Tantra doesn't have a stand on whether swapping or swinging or any other kinky or open or nonconforming practices are good and bad. It's all about honoring agreements with your beloved and in the end how it makes you feel.


"Sacred Sexual Secrets" Newsletter 2/25/13
Published by Somraj Pokras & Jeffre TallTrees
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This free ezine (scroll to the end if you want to stop them) offers practical sex tips derived from modern sex research and the ancient wisdom of Tantra and the Kama Sutra. We teach Supreme Bliss Tantra to help you deepen relationship intimacy and reach astounding heights of sexual ecstasy through long-distance learning and hands-on training. Our Motto: Deeper Into The Heart Of Sex

That's why committed relationship can be such a powerful teacher. It's a glorious thing to fall in love and enjoy hot passionate sex for a while. We call this surge of life-force NRE which stands for new relationship energy. It's invigorating and inspiring and juicy. It makes you warm and energetic and excited because it reminds you who you are at your core and how lovable you truly are.

But without Tantric practice NRE infatuation has a limited life span. When it expires, you’re both left with awareness of huge differences in its wake. Like he forgets to put up the toilet seat or put his dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Like she wants to talk over things in bed before going to sleep or insisting he take his vitamins instead of daily french fries.

Though often creating outbursts and negative emotions, these disagreements are awfully trivial compared to the love of a soulmate. But they sure get in the way unless you replace the NRE with other energy. Fortunately, Supreme Bliss Tantra teaches you how to cultivate and circulate energy. That's where All-Chakra Tantric Sex can come to the rescue.

Your chakras are seven energy centers inside the body from the root of the pelvis to the crown of the head. Each governs different life functions. For example, the base chakra presides over reproduction, the heart chakra over love and, and the crown chakra connection to higher spirit.

Now it’s unlikely that Carrie and her high-school BFFs naturally know how to make love at all chakras yet. Well, they probably don’t know too much about the pure physical mechanics yet. But when you learn to fully exchange energy at all seven chakras, both beloveds are connecting body, mind, and spirit for a truly spiritual experience. All Chakra-Tantric Sex can keep the NRE fresh and growing indefinitely. Just ask Jeffre and me after 16 years.

If you consciously keep the love and sexual energy flow going, it will be that much easier to remain a fused passionate problem-solving and life-affirming unit.

All-Chakra Sex doesn’t require any particular jewel (genital) contact or sex positions. But the fantastic appeal of a cosmic earthquake full-body orgasm does explain why so many of us are willing to practice and try new things and experiment. Take anal sex which is another way to open up dormant energy pathways. Sure, taking it in the back door is way hot because it’s so taboo. And, of course, it’s tighter more direct route to her g-spot and his g-spot (prostate). But most of us are so conditioned that it’s sinful or dirty or evil that we’re too tight-assed to enjoy even the slightest test runs (a well-lubed pinky?). Using Tantric sexual healing practices to awaken sleeping erogenous tissues is a wonderful way to empower your root chakra to join the All-Chakra party. Along the way, undoubtedly you’ll discover lots of dark inner beliefs and emotions to explore and either embrace or discard.

For some, the pressures of the real world and the strains of button-pushing relationships are too much to maintain a clear enough head to look inside and do the personal work you need. But that’s the essential journey to living life full-out, not hiding behind your old judgments or running from your old traumas.

Like the other night when were trying to make love. I just couldn't keep it up with all the distractions handling our rambunctious puppy or changing the music or extraneous chatting. Now the old me would have blamed my partner but it was less her doing and more my resistance that got in the way. So my buttons got pushed and the only way forward was for me to take responsibility for my stuff.

Which is why I developed Somraj's Relationship Rule:

If you look at your partner's issues, things get worse. If you look at your own issues, things get better.

This is all about realizing that when you get upset, it’s your button that got pushed. Without old baggage, you wouldn't have any charge to get restimulated.

So the only way to love full out is to look at tensions, hassles, and upheavals completely truthfully and take responsibility for your side alone. Then inner peace can return so no matter how bad you think your lover has been, you can let it be and get past it. Only then can you focus on what you want, what feels good, and who you really are -- a being of light who can love without limit and enjoy all the passions of life without hesitation or guilt or hang up.

So trying new things -- oral, anal, new positions, new partners -- can be way exciting and provocative, if you approach it openly and consciously and learn from the experience.

That’s why we’ve found that one of the most powerful learnings can come from bring other lovers into our bed. It can be great fun if you can past all that comes up. From a Tantric point of view, looking at and resolving all that comes up is a good enough reason to engage with other lovers even temporarily.

Threesomes have their own unique challenges -- jealousy, competition, abandonment -- but also a long menu of exotic dishes. Getting into a space of total balanced sharing can be glorious, as long as you can manage the geometry of three bodies engaging. But isn’t something that usually works out well if it’s a drunken or stoned unconscious orgy. Three close people can co-create great fun and new pleasures if they deal with the issues that come up.

Whether it’s a one-on-one or a threesome or a foursome or more, what’s most important is do you know who you are and what you want. When you make progress on knowing yourself, your heart is so much more available to love and pleasure.

You can't live life full out when you're walking around with all sorts of old baggage. If you're accumulating charge instead of enjoying, then you'll be contracting instead of what a fun-filled life feels like: expanding.

The tantric prescription for living a life full-out is jumping in and learning from the waves you create so that eventually you can cannonball into life without a splash. We’re not urging to dash headlong out of your comfort zone until you’re ready. But we are suggesting that there’s more to explore, more to enjoy, more to live if you can get past yourself.

Remember why Star Trek’s Enterprise was on the prowl: “To explore new worlds where YOU haven’t gone before.” Above all, whatever galaxy you find yourself in, enjoy the ride.

Love, Somraj and Jeffre


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