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Your Tantra Newsletter: Living & Playing Full-Out
A Tantric Prescription For Living A Full Life

Being past 60, it's been refreshing to watch the sexual awakening of one our heroines, namely Carrie Bradshaw of “Sex And The City” fame. In her new cable TV show “The Carrie Diaries” we get to experience her and her BFFs as high school virgins having their first sex.

When you're that age (and for many of us at any age), there are so many life challenges fueled by hormones. There are so many human stresses like fears, doubts, emotional upheavals, uncertainties, embarrassment, and guilt about things like authority, conformity, and finding the big L --- love.

When you start opening to love and sex especially -- before you know who you are and what you want -- so many questions besiege you that it’s difficult to live life full-out. Does he love me? Will he still love me tomorrow? Will he tell his buds I’m a slut if we do it?

Such an inner kaleidoscope! And while you're trying figure all this out  your life-force continues to pump energy into your body. And a lot of it is lust at that age. Well now that you mention it, a lot of it is lust at my age, too (in my sixties).


"Sacred Sexual Secrets" Newsletter 1/31/13
Published by Somraj Pokras & Jeffre TallTrees
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Carrie is helping us remember what it felt like when we started playing the love game. Plus we're getting to see how much of this is fresh and new in us adults when we’re interacting with other attractive people.

When you're a teenager, going all the way is both glorious and risky. Before you've actually done it, you may not realize that the pleasure is worth the risks. Or how to handle everything. Or how to care for the one you’re with. Or how to be responsible for who you are and want you need.

Some say that before intercourse many young lovers are dallying more with oral sex. That may be thanks to Bill Clinton teaching us that a blow job isn’t really sex (???). Though Carrie and her friends haven’t talked that specifically yet, I hope they go there. What a wonderful and safer way to get to know your body and your lover’s body and what it enjoys and how to create pleasure.

Still, there are many adult lovers who don’t go there. Are they still laboring under the cultural conditioning of generations ago that it’s dirty or obscene? Playing full-out to us means enjoying all the avenues of giving and receiving pleasure. As far as we can tell and Tantra teaches us, nothing that feels good is bad for you. Sometimes we even get urges in the midst of making love to stop what we’re doing and use our mouths to better feel and taste and enjoy.

Variety is the spice of life, right?

Do teenagers actually talk about oral sex or penetration before they embark on a physical relationship? Or do adults, for that matter? Tantric adepts do so they can play full out.

Love and sex are challenging at any time, but especially when you're being jerked around by the chemical geysers of puberty and the emotional assaults of sexual awakening. Now if you learn how to ride the waves and surf the crests, you can live life full-out.

For example, when we’re young and inexperienced and so turned on by our sweetie’s body, why don’t we take our time and enjoy exploring? A great Tantric practice is called “Honoring The Body” and it’s great for lovers new and young and old and together a long time. Stand in front of your honey and slowly and sensuously take off one piece of clothing at a time. As you do, touch yourself and explain how it feels and what you love about it. Once you’re naked, your partner does the same. Now that’s how you get to connect and love full-out.

With any luck, when you've been through the young love roller-coaster mill a few times, your inner being guides you to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and find out what you really want and who your really are. Are you a hopeless romantic or a user of others or a slave to love or an independent player or a man or woman hater who turns to your own gender or an unconscious slut or a mature fun loving ethical one or a celibate nun or monk?

Now, Supreme Bliss Tantra doesn’t judge any of these choices, as long as they’re consensual and don’t hurt anybody. It's not what you do that's important. It’s being aware about what’s good for your heart, mind, body, and soul.

Tantra is a great way to find out by experimenting with what you want to do. Then focusing your consciousness on how it feels or what's preventing you from letting yourself experience it fully.

Now here’s another powerful way to really connect deeply. Play with yourself in front of your lover, explaining what you’re doing, what you like, and how it feels. We prefer to call it self-pleasuring. Imagine how much better lovers young adults would become if they did Tantric practices like this with each other. Mutual self-pleasuring is great foreplay at any age.

We wouldn’t urge kids to be wildly or even singly promiscuous without serious consideration about birth control, STDs, and emotional consequences any more than we’d advise adults. But Tantra does suggest that acting wisely to fully experience life can be a great teacher.

Tantra is more about knowing yourself and finding out what internal blockages are in your way way. By bringing the light of consciousness through Tantric practice to these doubts, confusions, and limitations, understanding dawns.

All too often what holds you back is other people's ideas of what's wrong. Our Western society is pretty judgmental when it comes to lifestyle choices. Though Tantra is a spiritual practice, it's unlike religions that preach right and wrong.

The personal transformation that results from Tantric practice comes about by expanding your soul’s horizons and surpassing your demons. Sometimes that turns into being kinky and walking on the wild side or confronting your shadow side. But since the essence of Tantra is using pleasure as a healing and uplifting force, we find it works better in the long run to find a path forward that feels good.

Make love not war.

Same sex play is a prime example. Though our society has made great strides in really being a “free country” where people can do what they want, there are still huge negative reactions to hearing about a friend or family member’s homosexual fantasies or affairs or lifestyle.

Again, Tantra doesn’t advocate being gay or lesbian, but neither does it condemn it if it’s your conscious choice. I bet even the thought of sex with someone of your sex conjures up strong emotions. If so, Tantra says you’ve got life energy trapped in this uncharted territory. Exploration -- by thought, talk, or action -- can only shine light on the inner shadows and release dormant life-force energy.

I remember my first five-minute experience touching a man sensuously in a new-age workshop. I thought I was free and accepting and totally non-homophobic until I was invited to touch his vajra (penis) and he mine. After processing all the reactions I realized, damn, it felt good. Sometimes, the kinkier the fantasy, the more energy it generates.

So why not play on the wild side while you keep your wits about you?

We’ve got more to say about living life fully but it will have to wait for our next newsletter. Until then, enjoy the journey.

Love, Somraj and Jeffre


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