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Your Tantra Newsletter: How To Give Yoni Astounding Pleasure With Your Hands
A Beautiful Touch - My Massage With Jonti Searll

Giving pleasure is such a pleasure. In Supreme Bliss Tantra, we teach that all kinds of sex is sacred and can be a spiritual event. As a hot unreachable woman at a nude party once told Somraj before he understood this, it’s all about energy. Undoubtedly your jewels (genitals) are supercharged, but don’t require jewel penetration to reach astounding heights of ecstasy if you understand how to run energy.

Which is why we’re reprinting a beautiful article about Yoni Massage. It was written by Jonti Searll, a wonderful man we’ve just met online who teaches Tantra is South Africa. You can find him under his name at FaceBook or at his website .

He doesn’t identify the woman who is narrating the experience of receiving what you might call touching your honey’s vagina, or pussy, or whatever name you’re comfortable with. But regardless she so eloquently explains how you can use touching too generate huge cascades of kundalini, or sexual energy.


"Sacred Sexual Secrets" Newsletter 01/28/16
Published by Somraj Pokras & Jeffre TallTrees
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It started with a touch, there is no way to explain the beauty that arose inside me except for the fact that I felt it in every part of me, A deep tingling sensation, a warmth that spread without my conscious mind putting a stop to it. I knew I was reaching a different world, a different state of mind, another time frame, another era. I wanted his fingers to caress me, I wanted his body to slowly cover me and take away all my fear, I had no way of opening up and telling him what I wanted yet he felt it and covered me with his safety.
His touch is soft, his caress is warm, I feel my fear melting away, I feel my body opening up to each breathe that he takes. Slowly he arouses me, my energies are awakened, and my soul becomes free.

My mind opens to the endless pleasures that his hands are giving me. The oil is warm, smooth, softening as he spreads it gently all over my body. I lay back and close my eyes; I allow my mind to drift and my body to receive his touch. I know I am in capable hands, hands belonging to a man that cares, hands that belonging to a man that knows the excitement of pleasure, hands that caress me while his body worships me. His breathing becomes rhythmatic, I found myself matching each breathe he inhales and exhales. A slow, relaxing and indulging allowance of letting go. Each breathe that I take puts me in a deeper state of relaxation as his hands continue up and down my back, spreading warmth and energies all over my now very humbled body.

My mind drifts off once again; I feel his chest slowly glide on my buttocks, up along my back until he covers my being with his oiled and naked body. His warmth relaxes me, his touch arouses me. As he slowly moves his chest along my spine and his hands down my back I feel my pelvis rising towards him. Nothing I was doing physically, my body just naturally lifts to get more pleasure from him. My breathing changes as it deepens, shorter, harder breathe. I need his touch on my yoni. I need his finger to caress me and arouse me even further. I lift my pelvis as his hands glides over my buttocks and he massages my perineum. I so want his fingers on my clitoris, his warmth to guide me into oblivion, his touch to take me to new heights but he chooses not to touch my sacred place just yet. The anticipation of his touch becomes so immense, I lift my pelvis up once again and he knows I am ready and wanting more.

Slowly he lifts my buttocks to allow his hand to glide between my thighs, the warm oil allowing a smooth and perfect sensation. My mind is floating, I am aware of his warmth and the energies flowing, I feel his fingers circle slowly around my lips. Up, down slowly and in between. A little to the left, a little to the right as he plays with his finger tips on places I never knew could be so aroused. I feel my body gently moving to his rhythm, my back arching towards his touch and dropping again towards his fingers. I leave this world, only aware of him surrounding me as I want so much more, I need more. He turns me over in a quick and guided move. Immediately my yoni is ready and wanting his touch, wet, warm, excited and aroused I lift as he places a pillow under me for easier access to my ever ready beauty

I grant him permission for his fingers to enter me, softly he circles my vagina, not a deep thrust, just the tip of his oiled finger slowly around my opening, He holds back from entering me until he feels me drawing him in, gently I swallow him as he leads his finger tip to my g spot. Erotic, excited, emotionless and aroused my hips lift towards him, his caress becomes harder and harder on my spot that sends me to heaven and back. I so want to pee, every part of me comes to a standstill as his fingers do their magic. He knows the spots to touch, to massage, to arouse. He knows the pressure I like as he listens to my breathing, so in tune with my body he allows me to ride the wave and just before I peak he gently pulled out, a slow process as I feel my body melt away. He knows what he is doing, he knows the pleasures that he awakens in me, he knows how to touch and arouse me to take me to different worlds. I know deep within me and my body knows too that I want more. More pleasure, more touch, more enjoyment, more arousal.

I arch my back and draw his fingers once again onto my temple, I watch his face as he delights in every move we make together. My breathing is uncontrolled, soft moans emitting from deep within me. I so want to peak again as I allow him to find my g spot once again. His fingers master my vagina walls; he touched me in a way I feel like I have never been touched before. He takes me to levels of ecstasy that drive me insane and yet my body just wants more. My mind cries out for the enjoyment and my soul joins with his soul.

Once again he allows me to ride the wave, an expanded orgasm that takes me to the edge. I know how badly my body wants to explode and so want to feel my juices squirting all over. My body arches and falls as he expertly explores and caresses my very warm and wet pussy. Every movement from him is amazing, his touch taking me over to the edge of new worlds. New feelings, new emotions. I need to explode. I need to shoot out the pleasures that he has awoken in me. My moans became louder; my body wriggles under his touch. So much of me wants so much more of him. I am ready to feel like a woman, orgasmic and beautiful. His fingers curl harder on my g spot, it doesn't matter which way I move or which way he moves, every move is mind blowing. The gentle breeze over my body brings goose bumps to my oiled flesh as I feel his breathe close to my moist yoni.

Then nothing....punishment to my entire body as he stops everything. His breathing, his touch, his bliss as he brings me to relaxation for a second or two. I feel my breathing slow down, I feel my body as the energies spread all over, I know my mind is slowly coming back to reality. He worships me as he brings me back to an orgasmic state of mind, body and soul. I once again float away; every nerve within me has been awakened. My entire being has been aroused. His fingers take my g spot to a sensation of release. My mind is fading, my body is erupting, my soul is entwining with his. Our breathing increases steadily together, faster and deeper. My arching of my back forces his fingers deeper into my vagina and the pleasure is unbearable. His touch deepens and hardens. He knows just the spot that I love. I feel my body reacting to every move of his. I feel my mind drifting once again and suddenly I cannot stand it anymore. I explode with a deep, unbelievable and absolute pleasure. My moans are pleasing, coming from my pussy as I feel my juices squirt all over.

Enjoyment from us both as our breathing begins to calm down. Fully aroused I feel my lips throbbing to the absolute pleasure of the orgasm. He spreads his entire hand over my yoni. Holding it there, warmth, energized, orgasmic as he places another hand on my heart and connects me back to our world. My mind returns to me as my body starts to relax once again. I feel our sweat and our warmth start to fade. He takes me ever so gently in his fold and listens to my heartbeat. Our two worlds have become one. Our breathing becomes normal again, our hearts warmed and filled with love and emotion. He releases his hold on me. I return from the other side as I feel the pulsating of my lips subside. My sacred temple flows back to normal. My heart beating to the rhythm of his heart. He lies me down and covers me, allowing me my space to recover and fully enjoy the pleasures that he has just given me.

Love, Somraj and Jeffre


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