Kamasutra Sex Techniques focuses on what the Indian sex guide calls "Amorous Advances" to which it completely dedicates its Part Two. Now if you want to lean about foreplay, sorry, we mean loveplay, this where you'll want to concentrate.

Of course, the language and references are awfully obscure. You'll probably learn much more and much faster from the two dedicated Kama Sutra chapters of our new ebook,Tantric G-Spot Orgasm & Female Ejaculation: Awakening The Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss. You can get further information and your private copy by clicking here.

The amorous advances of Kama Sutra Sex Techniques begin with all manner of embraces. How to brush, hug, and entwine are just a few. They continue with an elaborate treatise on petting and caressing. If you want to know what part of your body to press where, Vatsyayana doesn't pull any punches.

The Kama Sutra includes one of the best primers on the fine art of kissing that so many women luxuriate in. Men would be well advised to take heed. This chapter includes some references to Kama Sutra Oral Sex as well.

Biting, sucking, licking, squeezing, and scratching were specific kinds of loveplay activities carefully detailed in the Kamasutra. In fact, men as well as women in ancient India grew one or several nails long specifically for the purpose of scratching their lover.

When reviewing ways of sucking, squeezing, scratching, and bruising, the Kama Sutra goes on at great length about how to leave different shaped marks as a sign of your sexual connection or prowess. If you've ever enjoyed giving or brandishing a hickey, you'll probably understand.

It's true that, in general terms, the Kama Sutra did advise against inflicting pain on your lover. We just think they carried leaving love marks as trophies of virility or badges of desirability a bit too far for our tastes.

Before we address the ancient text's pre-occupation with Kama Sutra Genital Sizes, Kama Sutra Intercourse, and Kama Sutra Sex Positions, let's take short detour to look more deeply into gender differences in Kama Sutra Men and Kama Sutra Women.

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