Kama Sutra Women shows that, despite the male-dominated culture of ancient India, females still benefited from the sex positive approach and sex techniques of the Kamasutra. As you may have read, Vatsyayana states, "Because they belong to the same species, man and woman seek the same pleasure in sexual relations." The Hindu sex guide did its part to provide equal opportunity for sexual satisfaction.

As we've discussed, it urged more skilled and longer loveplay. It taught men to appreciate the different disposition and temperament of women towards sex. It guided the uninitiated male lover into the kinds of intimacy and subtlety that so many women crave. All in all, the average couple who practiced the Kama Sutra's sex advice experienced much greater pleasure and sexual satisfaction that today's often ignorant and untrained lovers.

Further, the Indian love manual encouraged "Virile Behavior in Women" which, as you saw in Kama Sutra Contents, has chapter named and devoted to it. Woman were initiated and trained to welcome the joys of sexual pleasure. And, as you will learn in Kama Sutra Sex Positions, the woman-on-top position was featured as well.

Because it allows the woman to control the angle and speed of sexual intercourse, we pay special attention to the range of variations of this sexual posture in Tantric G-Spot Orgasm & Female Ejaculation: Awakening The Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss. Women who've learned about their G-Spot from this ebook or in other ways take great pleasure from directing the thrusting of the penis towards their inner orgasmic trigger in this sexual position.

In Kama Sutra Tantra, we guide modern lovers to embrace the spirit of the ancient text's celebration of sex, but without any dominance by either sex. We teach that both need to give and receive pleasure for maximum energy exchange. Sexual ecstasy in Tantra becomes a divine co-creation. If you want to learn Kama Sutra Tantra from the experts, click here.

Now let's get into one of the most fascinating and unique aspects of our journey here with the next few pages that address sexual intercourse. Press continue to begin with Kama Sutra Genital Size.

Learn Kama Sutra Tantra to improve your sex life
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