Kama Sutra Tantra is just one aspect of Tantra At Tahoe's approach to helping you create Supreme Bliss in every touch, every sexual encounter, every moment of life.

As you might have already read, the depiction of sexual customs in the Kama Sutra Sex Positive wasn't in the least a set of spiritual guidelines. Tantra, the ancient Eastern art and science of sacred sexuality, is much broader, richer, and older. Secret Tantric writings began some 7000 years ago and dealt with all energies -- body, mind, emotion, spirit -- as a path to liberation and enlightenment.

Tantra is definitely a spiritual practice. Yet, it's not a religion in the organized sense of the word. Tantra has no rules, no right and wrong, no mandatory ceremonies. More than anything, Tantra is a way to live fully, openly, and joyously.

Unlike modern religions, Tantra is a spiritual practice that celebrates and employs sex as a divine force. Tantrikas learn to harness the innate power of the sex drive and transform the energy into health, pleasure, and higher awareness.

We call our amalgamation of the two bodies of knowledge Kama Sutra Tantra. Kama Sutra Tantra is a practical, sex-positive, exploratory approach to improving sexual pleasure. It employs the sexual techniques and refreshingly sex-positive approach of Vatsyayana's book which advocates the pursuit of pleasure regardless of ignorance, embarrassment, or taboos. Kama Sutra Tantra uses the forthright pleasure-positive attitude of the ancient erotic love manual and much of its pragmatic advice about lovemaking.

Like the Kama Sutra, Tantra guides us to live untouched by any sense of guilt, shame, or sin about this essential part of life. Tantrikas, students and adepts of Tantric practice, share the philosophy of the well-rounded person from the 64 Arts as explained in our Kamasutra Sex Education page. Knowledge about sexual relations only helps Tantrikas generate more life force to cleanse, heal, and expand their consciousness.

What actually was covered in the Kama Sutra? Click continue to view the Kama Sutra Contents.

Learn Kama Sutra Tantra to improve your sex life
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