Kama Sutra Sexual Problems were addressed throughout the Kama Sutra, but primarily in its final chapter, entitled "Arousing A Weakened Sexual Power." Actually, the text strays to an amazing and interesting variety of unusual sexual aids.

For example, "Some men make a rosary of small wooden balls, about the size of an amalaka fruit, to wind around the penis in order to practice copulation." Sounds like a cock ring to us. Could be a size enhancer too. But we're fresh out of amalaka.

Quite a few sutras are dedicated to penis piercing. Although Vatsyayana doesn't explain why certain tribes enjoy this practice, he tells us in greater detail than you we really need to know about how to open the wound, clean it, heal it, and insert any number of strange objects. If this knowledge and its benefits were better known, maybe more men would sport a bone sticking out of their bone.

The Kama Sutra provides an amazing array of details about all sorts of dildos, their sizes, and harnesses. Guess they were more accepted and commonplace in those days. Vatsyayana discusses the advantages and disadvantages of manufactured penises made of wood, gold, silver, copper, iron, ivory, horn, tin, or lead, pumpkin, bamboo. And, of course, there are instructions about how to use them.

We have to give credit to Vatsyayana in that he presents all manner of strange solutions and sexual practices without condemnation. For example, he suggests ways to...

  • increase penis size
  • narrow a woman's vulva
  • cure impotence
  • overcome lack of desire

just to name a few. Kama Sutra Tantra certainly applauds any attempts, simple or outlandish, to improve sexual pleasure.

Well, that completes your introduction to the Kama Sutra, compliments of Tantra At Tahoe. Before you move on, we might recommend you visit our other sections about Tantra, orgasm, ejaculation, the G-Spot, or spirituality, among others.

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